Oh dear! Times are getting hard for Godawfulming.

No Civic Dinner this year for the beleaguered Godalming Town Council – just a bag of crisps and a drink- no doubt purchased at Aldi or Lidl?

We know times are hard in Local Government Circles – just across the road at ‘Your Waverley’ it has revealed it only made £800,000 on its investments this year! So no doubt the champagne is flowing there! You would have thought they might have lobbed a few bob across the road to their Tory mates for the town’s annual bun fight? 

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.06.55.pngBut then of course – the new Mayor Anne Bott has had more than her share of little local difficulties this year, taking over half-way through former councillor Simon Thornton’s Mayoral Year and joining Surrey’s chain gang!

Former Godalming Town Mayor charged with sex offences.

Oh! and didn’t Councillor Bott have another little spat with the Clerk of Godalming Town Council, who was secretly “dealt with” at some considerable cost to Godalming ratepayers? And, we have heard from a few other parish clerks in Surrey that Mayor Anne has upset quite a few of them by sending out an e-mail in her role as the Assistant Cheif Executive Officer of the Association of Parish and Town Councils. A Consultation on non-other than The Ethical Standards / Code of Conduct!

Is the Mayor of Godalming, former Waverley employee, Godalming Town Councillor and assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Surrey Association of Local Councils telling everyone how they should behave, but not following her own advice?

Maybe, she should take a leaf out of the book she is asking everyone to read? 

This, and several other messages too strong to print was sent to us by several clerks of Surrey Parish Councils who were too “fuming” to respond. Safer…safer to respond to us! Do we hear bullying tactics being used here?Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 18.03.01.png

(we are withholding his/her/their names for fear of reprisals.)Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 19.34.08.pngPC05-18 Local Government Ethical Standards

Not much to even raise a glass too really is there?


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