As time goes by…Cranleigh Village employment site R.I.P!

Bemoaning the past is considered unhealthy by some, but where exactly will those small start-up businesses operate from in the future?

Brian Steel’s facebook comment has a point – where will all those new home occupiers work, rest and play? In Horsham/Crawley – Guildford – Farnham-London? Or… maybe Dunsfold?

Waverley Borough Council – prompted by a local councillor, proposed building a replacement Hewitts Industrial Estate in woodland adjacent to the Mansfield Park Estate in Guildford Road at Rowly. But of course, WBC has sent £1m aside for the development it would part-own!  So no problem getting planning permission there then?

Coming soon to a green field near you!

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.02.16.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.07.39.png

Then, of course, we have heard from our followers that the site which was spearheaded by a local farmer to give locals a purpose-built business unit. It also boasted such tenants as P & P Glass, Muriel Short Designs; Mike Short Wallpaper; (He papered the walls of Royal Palaces); Decorex; and more…

Perhaps the locals over there can tell us more at

2 thoughts on “As time goes by…Cranleigh Village employment site R.I.P!”

  1. Those must have been the days when farmers/landowners had consideration for the community and not simply stuffing their pockets with cash.

  2. You are so right- local farmers, schoolmasters, shopkeepers and like-minded people who just wanted to make the borough a better place. Many of them never revealed their political leanings and even those who did didn’t ram their politics down everyone’s throats. Some of us here at the WaverleyWeb are proud to have known those times and those fine characters – now long gone!

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