Godawfulming’s Town Council forced into action by its residents.

Feelings are running so high over the threatened closure of Green Oak School, that the Town Council was forced into calling an EXTRAORDINARY TOWN MEETING – the first in its history.

But the Tory-controlled council – that has more than just a few skeletons in its council cupboards – was at pains to point out to its  Surrey County Council masters that pressure from residents forced into such an unprecedented step.

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Hark! Is that criticism of their fellow Tory colleagues that we hear… no surely not! 

In the second par – in Godalming Town Council’s letter, an extract of which appears above and the full text in the attachment below – it speaks of the electors’ frustration!

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Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 15.08.32.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-16 at 15.08.51.png

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2 thoughts on “Godawfulming’s Town Council forced into action by its residents.”

  1. I just want to say to Waverley Web (obviously love your work) that the parents have been amazing in this process and have run a really smart campaign to get their message out. I really strongly believe that the recent letters from GTC, the release from Waverley and the softening of the tone even from Mr Hunt on this subject has been very much due to the work and publicity generated by the parents and opposition councillors.

    Finally – it’s great to see Tories on Facebook because you get to challenge things in real time. That’s what I will do in any comment I see. I urge Waverley residents to do the same and challenge the claims being made. Always happy to jump in too – so feel free to give me a shout 🙂

  2. It is so refreshing to watch your progress Councillor Follows and let us hope that more independent-minded residents will follow your lead. When people power gets going, with a little help from its friends, it is a joy to witness. The word CONSULTATION is all too often just a box to be ticked and having been ticked moves on! Perhaps the campaign now being staged by so many Godalming parents will bear fruit. One thing is certain Surrey County Council has been pulled up by its bootlaces and may think more carefully in future before riding roughshod over its electorate.
    All we ask of our followers is please contact us – in private at contact@waverleyweb.org so we can help to further whatever your cause.

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