We believe Surrey County Council has encouraged fly tipping!

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This is a letter we received recently from one disenchanted resident.

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This is just one of many such fly-tipping sites in and around the borough of Waverley!  The WW doesn’t condone such filthy habits, but… wasn’t this the excuse some people just needed after finding the CLOSED  signs up outside recycling centres?

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Surprise, surprise!

This is taken from Waverley’s New Boy’s Facebook Page because he says he is genuinely surprised by the lack of scrutiny and opposition at ‘Your Waverley!’

Watch out sunshine! Councillors are not allowed to access the Waverley Web, at least, not from the council’s internal system! And… the people of Farnham will think they have died and gone to heaven if councillors, particularly from other parts of the borough,  actually start asking what the ‘viability, benefits and current status’ of the Blightwells project actually are?

Go boy go, a bit more of this and democracy WILL rear its ugly head within that hallowed halls of  ‘Our Waverley.’


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Tales of the River Bank.

Hammy the Hamster and Roderick the Rat were amazed when Magna Riverside popped up alongside their riverbank home just under the River Wey bridge in Godalming. The old offices behind Bridge House are being converted into 17 Luxury Apartments with Juliette Balconies overlooking the swirling depths of the River Wey – “ooh that’s nice” they thought. “Maybe we will have somewhere to hide if the river floods our bankside homes.”
Hammy and Roderick say they will enjoy watching the new residents looking out over the Lammas Lands. Riverside it certainly is, unbelievably close to the riverbank. Still, what’s a little water among friends? The week of January 23rd this year saw a deluge of rain. No flooding yet but the site is in Flood zone 2. The building itself is a conversion from the old office block behind Bridge House. Granted in April last year.
Hammy and Roderick think you will enjoy seeing the pictures they took this week.

Magna Riverside - 17 luxury apartments.JPGRiverside - on the river bank rear view - with balconies which will overlook the River Wey.JPGRiverside development Godalming alongside River Wey.JPGGodalming - River Wey under Bridge Street.JPG

At the front of the development is a sign saying the development is being sold through Savills – and then the line ‘Help to Buy available’!
Something NEVER associated with Savills!!

And here are links to the planning consent letter and report:

Planning consent granted letter 20 April 2017
Grant report

Let’s give our MP his very own pain in the arras!

Oh dear!  we almost feel sorry for our MP poor Jeremy SHunt.

The Chancellor has just announced he has given him another £6 billion more to play with but he faces an uphill struggle according to the front page of the Daily Mail. 
Will he have time to keep all those promises made to his constituents …or will he be hiding out, rather than facing an angry mob of patients armed with crutches, awaiting their hip operations?
In fact, reading these headlines, do we actually WANT to live longer by eating black beans and other really healthy stuff to avoid various diseases, if only to face hobbling around in agony should we fall foul of a dodgy hip? … probably not!

And.. how do you measure “enough pain?” Do we have to lie on Jeremy’s doorstep in Markwick Lane, Hascombe  yelling, ‘help me help me I’m in terrible pain?’

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The old order changeth yielding place to new?

‘Sunny Jim’ the garrulous portfolio holder for Environment who has possibly presided over one of the most damaging chapters in Waverley’s recent history has been rewarded for his failure by the Tory Executive. 

Following the recent reshuffle, Councillor Andrew Bolton will now manage the extremely hot, Air … (something we heard a lot of from Sunny Jim)…  Quality scandal, which ‘SJ’ has presided over for the last couple of years!

Could  Waverley earn the Private Eye award in 2018 for …

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Councillor Bolton, the man colleagues describe as, the most boring accountant councillor they’ve  ever met.. and who achieved almost nothing whilst holding the economic development portfolio… now hands the role over into the safe hands of Councillor ‘Sunny, Jim Edwards’ the man who has failed to manage the Farnham Air Quality issue now under the ‘independent’ microscope of a neighbouring local authority!  A scandal which has already seen three senior staff members leaving Waverley, including the Air Quality Monitoring Officer and the man nicknamed ‘The Omen” one Damien Roberts who, together with Paul Wen-am-I-leaving jointly presided over the botched 2016 Air Quality Status Report. Mr Roberts has now taken himself off for pastures new having, ‘thoroughly enjoyed his time at Waverley,’ and Wen-am-I-leaving has retired!

17.10.12 – Council chief quits shortly before the outcome of air quality report copy


Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 10.09.26So – when is that ‘imminent’  air quality report going to arrive?