Will our Annie be in for a good drubbing when she holds her next flood forum in Cranleigh on Friday.

There are some pretty pi**ed off people living in the East of the borough –  so we are led to believe.

It may be quite a relief for MP Anne Milton to be well-out of the Tory Whips Office, where she once  presided, but she might find herself in a hot seat when she chairs a Public Flood Forum in Cranleigh on Friday.

And… you can’t blame the residents because here is just one of the ‘greenfield’ sites soon to be developed!

WHY? Because Mistress Milton called in the brownfield application and halted  building on Dunsfold aerodrome and now homes are spreading like wildfire in Waverley’s  countryside. Including on flood plains!


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 Here’s a message from the Cranleigh Civic Society which is doing everything it can.  
But of course, the meeting will be held at a time when most of us are working!


 The venue is The Band Room  in Village Way, Cranleigh, and the meeting starts at 10:30 am

This is the second  meeting of Cranleigh Flood Forum chaired by Anne Milton MP.  The issues Cranleigh Civic Society wishes to discuss include:

  • Thakeham Homes, Elmbridge Road Planning Permission
  • Illegal river dredging
  • Water Quality (Cranleigh Waters)
  • Asbestos Cement drinking water pipes
  • Flood Risk in general

Please attend this meeting if you can. It is open to all Cranleigh residents, not just Cranleigh Civic Society members!

Please speak to your friends and neighbours as the more people who attend the more we can demonstrate the serious concerns we have in Cranleigh about the over development of our village and problems that lie ahead.



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