Here’s a comment on one we made earlier.


‘Oh Patsy’ – you are awful… but I like you!







And here’s a comment from one of our Farnham followers…

Who is … ‘The Controller’ of our borough, town and parish councils?

I feel with Christmas all too close, there is room for a black pantomime. It stars Prince Jeremy Hunt who is becoming unpopular with his serfs because his long promised pedestrianisation scheme has not materialised. In comes Fat Fairy Frost to announce that their have been a number of nasty accidents in a far flung corner of his Kingdom called Wrecclesham. The Yokels are calling for a bypass. A group of yokels, the Wrecclesham Residents Association, have worked with the local barons, chancellors and SCC to develop plans, costings etc for forty years and to get it to the top of Farnham’s road list and Prince Jeremy has ignored them since he took over the kingdom. So Fat Fairy Frost and Prince Jeremy scheme together, in secret, to set up a meeting of the Wrecclesham Residents not realising that there was one already. They do not contact the yokels to find out what has already been done. It is a big meeting with Fairy Frost, Prince Jeremy and several of their henchmen taking the lead but the yokels are restricted to short questions and no statements. Suddenly a name change, their group becomes Wrecclesham Village Voices. Could someone have told them that Wrecclesham Residents already exists.
Now Wrecclesham needs a bypass and doesn’t much care how they get it, but we will have to wait patiently for the outcome. Can Prince Jeremy and Fat Fairy Frost do it or will it meet the same fate as the pedestrianisation scheme?



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  1. Farnham might wish to learn from Ljubljana and its visionary Mayor Zoran Jankovic. Ljubljana has progressively since 2006 pedestrianised the old cities streets, squares, laneways, riverbanks, and bridges delivering fully integrated upgrade of the paving, fixtures, furniture, a public art strategy, public transport network, waste management, and bike strategy including bike paths, amenity and a rent-a-bike system for improved accessibility.

    However this would require Farnham Town receiving a fair share of its local and national taxes. Something that is unlikely to happen.

    1. Fascinating – perhaps we should all club together and sent sHunt and Patsy off to Ljubljana to learn a little from Mayor Zoran Jankovic on how to pedestrianise our town of Farnham. Oops, probably would go – because they know it all – don’t they?

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