The man who called in the Dunsfold Park Scheme is now promoting even more housing in the leafy home counties.

Guildford is already quaking in its boots – believing it will be in the Communities Secretaries firing line for a shed load more homes than its town plan currently proposes – will the same apply to ‘Your Waverley’.

If you read the link below you could be forgiven for thinking we are on the planet Zonk where housing is concerned. Governments/local authorities say one thing,  and then do another.

A government White Paper, Planning for the right homes in the right places, could mean that a much higher housing target is imposed.

Under the proposals, unveiled this month,  by Sajid Javid the Communities Secretary, the housing target could be increased by a further 40% in some areas, mainly in the South East  where average homes cost more than four times average salaries.

According to Guildford Borough Council leader, Paul Spooner’s email, circulated to all GBC councillors, the White Paper: “…is only a proposal for consultation … but the steer from senior ministers is that they expect this to be successfully implemented.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 23.27.33.png

MP Jeremy Hunt stands up in a public meeting in Waverley and says he will not  oppose redevelopment at Dunsfold, and weeks later  tells a fellow commuter  on the platform at Godalming station, (we have her name and details) says  ‘I am opposing homes at DP, and of course I live very near there’. Well that’s a better boyjeremyreason for asking Sajid Javid to call in an application which was democratically approved by YW’ to build on the largest brown field site in the borough… than Anne Milton.

She claims,  ‘a couple of hundred homes in Cranleigh  would be quite sufficient  for the whole of the Eastern area, (what! 1,800 are already approved and 2,000 are on their way.

Beam her up Scottie.

Having used  her whip to  persuade Javid to call in DP  allowing  another few million pounds to be  squandered and which is now  trickling down  the boroughs drains. And let’s not forget the extra homes that Javid so badly wants, and which, are now delayed or perhaps scotched altogether, or of course, built on Jeremy’s patch here in Farnham.

Wow – only Monty Python could do better.


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Oh Carole – every picture tells a story!



I will ignore anything you have to say Mr Hyman – because nothing you have to say either interests me, or has any bearing on my opinion on anything – and I mean anything.  The fact that I took exactly the same stand when you kept banging on about the non-production of the Farnham Air Quality Report that has sat in the Waverley swamp for almost two years, and has now proved to be wrong, has absolutely nothing to do with it. You just keep on, keeping on, and all my Tory Tosser friends ignore you too – except of course Wyatt Ramsdale,  John Williamson and John Ward your fellow Farnham councillors who you obviously managed to stir up. 


Now you have gone too far this time Sir Jerry – I shall close my eyes and  shut my ears to anything you may have to say.

Because I am here to speak up for Farnham – yes me, not you.  I have been here a long time, some may believe too long – but all the time I am here in the Chairman’s hot seat – YOU WILL BE IGNORED! GOT IT… I SAID – I G N O R E D.

OH! And, just in case you believe  I have broken the Council’s respect policy, I have no respect for you, or anyone else for that matter, who disagrees with me.

Can we believe anything ‘Your Waverley’ tells us?


Should we all follow the Leader?


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 18.44.38.png

Here’s a Press Release posted to-day! Looks bland and insignificant enough, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s what ‘YW’  hopes we will all think.

Except, here at the Waverley Web, we dug a little deeper and have discovered the sh*t is hitting ‘YW’s fan with a vengeance because it has duped its own unsuspecting councillors, it’s residents and possibly even some of it’s officers with information contained in its air quality monitoring procedure.

No problem there then, unless you happen to have asthma, respiratory problems, or any other health  problems that are acerbated by filthy and polluted air!

What you may ask is the latest little cover-up all about?

Suffice to say the council has been burying/concealing it’s Air Quality Report for Farnham for around 18 months – and there we were dopey old Farnham residents believing our air quality issues were not as bad as we first thought. Because that’s what we were told. Waverley have AQR reports up until 2015 only.

It doesn’t say anything in the Press Release that the council held an Emergency Meeting, because of course it either wasn’t webcast, or if it was, the webcast wasn’t working.  Even if it was working, we wouldn’t have heard anything, because they don’t intend us too. Because we’re  the voting fodder, and secrecy is endemic at ‘YW’.

It also begs the question? Can we believe anything we hear, like the flood risk assessments, highway assessments, noise and pollution assessments that are carried out in our borough?

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 09.53.03.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 18.05.03.png
The Bias Factor is a technically term for extrapolating the results from these monitoring stations and tubes accounting for temperature and how that affects to NO2 calculation.

Watch this space…. to be continued…

Do our votes count for anything – that is the question?

Judging by the shockingly poor performance of the new webcast system that dropped off the back of a lorry near The Burys, and the inability of ‘Your Waverley’ to allow the public open and  transparent access to its dealings,  the letter below sums up both WW, and many other residents, feelings.

But this doesn’t apply to just Farnham people – below the news cutting is what an Alfold follower had to say about our failing local democratic process.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 20.22.59.png

This letter appeared in the Farnham Herald.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.34.54.png

‘Your Waverley’ makes a site visit to Thakeham Homes proposed new development on a floodplain in Cranleigh.


Members of Waverley Borough Council’s Joint Planning Committee are pictured below just after  they took off their waders on  a site visit to a notorious village flood plain.   Thakeham Homes will undoubtedly be given planning consent to build another shedload of homes in Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh.

The application which was deferred in July will be consented by the Joint Planning Committee, no doubt under the Chairmanship of Peter – never turn an application down if you possibly can (‘unless it has a fence around it’)  Isherwood (Conservative) Hindhead  on September 25.  

The landowner, who once  owned strings of Polo ponies was reported to the RSPCA as horses were up to their knees in mud and water. The site, adjacent to the Cranleigh Waters and the Wey and Arun Canal,  is under water most of the winter months.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt!

As you can see they were all issued with special gear to  get them home and dry and all  set to stick their mitts in the air to ensure  yet another development is shoved through by council planning officers over there in the East of the borough.

Sadly as you can see from the picture here a few went missing – swept away on a tide of their  enthusiasm for the scheme no doubt… anyone who wants to buy a set of waders – should  apply to Your Waverley at the Burys, Godalming.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.16.20

Liz the Biz hangs on for dear life in case the tide turns!





Dare we say it? Yes we do!

Waverley’s new Managing Director looks like our GP’s our policemen  and even the postman …

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 21.01.05.png


Which has delighted the young and the older members our Waverley Web team – because he might just face up to some of the serious issues the council faces. He  might even start listening to the residents  he is here to serve. Or will he kowtow to the old guard like the last chief executive?


Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 21.03.30.png

Tom Horwood has already impressed residents over there in the East of the borough by arranging to meet with the Cranleigh Civic Society, which has more than a few concerns about the way things are going over there.

Perhaps if he starts talking to all the societies and organisations speaking up for the people of Waverley, he might just inspire a little confidence in the council he has taken under his wing.

Tom Horwood is also Executive Director of East Hants Council and Havant Council.

We wish him well.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 09.55.54.png

Here is an important announcement.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 21.18.41



The important topics which were discussed at the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee – under the Chairmanship of Jerry Hyman – included –  Blightwells in Farnham; the Local Plan and  air quality issues within the borough, non of which can be communicated.

WHY? Because the new webcast equipment which was quite obviously bought off E-Bay packed up again…

So if you want to watch democracy at work – log onto : 

The People’s Republic of China or The Democratic People’s Public of Korea, where you may have more luck!

Don’t open the champagne just yet Waverley Council – the Cranleigh Civic Society is still in business.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.08.55

So frustrated by rules, regulations, bureaucracy, politics and delays in getting anything done, residents  opted out of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan three years ago and formed the Cranleigh Civic Society.

BuScreen Shot 2017-08-12 at 21.47.22.pngt since its formation – the Society that prides itself on ‘Speaking up for Cranleigh’ has met one brick wall after another in its dealings with Waverley Borough Council, and moral among its members has suffered as a result.

So, at an EGM on Tuesday its’ members heard that highly valued committee members would leave,  but would continue to work to achieve the society’s aims and objectives in the future. In his address, (notes of which were sent to the Waverley Web), Richard Bryant said everyone involved had endeavoured to keep Cranleigh special:
“You only have to look at our website to appreciate all the hard work put in by those nine people”.

  • He paid tribute to: Chris Budgen (CPRE).
  • Liz Townsend – who was pressured by WBC to resign. Who, he said, had resisted pressure from Waverley to resign when she became a parish councillor, but had no option but to resign as chairman, when she becoming  a Waverley borough councillor.

Why WW wonders? Is it a rule among Waverley councillors that none of its members can belong to Civic Groups? 

He went on to thank…

  • Phill and Jane Price and Steve Jeacock.
  • Although he had resigned the committee, everyone was delighted Adrian Clarke would continue as the society’s technical advisor.

He said: ‘The fact is that CCS is a thorn in the side of WBC, and the three remaining committee members are not prepared to give up and give them an excuse to uncork the champagne bottles’.

Because of failing infrastructure, including inadequate roads, lack of employment, or a railway,  the society had scrutinised and opposed the vast majority of housing development. It had taken the four minutes allotted to public speakers – and its objections were both accurate and factual. Site visits were held with statutory authorities, including Thames Water, identifying serious concerns with the Cranleigh Waters and the Sewage Treatment Works. It had also appeared at all major public inquiries including those in Alfold and Dunsfold. 

ClientEarth (CE) had taken the Government to Court in December, due to its failure to deal with rising air pollution, and won! The society had sought its’ help, sending  a dossier outlining  the deteriorating state of Cranleigh Waters.

We received good and bad news – (CE) is only involved in air quality matters, the good news, so impressed was it by the extensive report it was passed on to the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF), which specialises in breaches of environmental law. ‘ELF has not only agreed to assist us, but we now have the pro bono services of a leading environmental barrister’.

The barrister was  of the opinion that case-law could be used by us to stop further development until Cranleigh Waters and the sewage works  are fit for purpose. This is now – work in progress’.

Further issues raised at the meeting will be featured in future posts. But suffice to say the Cranleigh Civic Society has gathered in new blood, and is fit for whatever is thrown at it. A full list of the new committee members is available on the Cranleigh Civic Society website. 

NB. Waverley’s new Managing Director responded immediately to an invitation to meet the society – and the meeting is to be held this week.

Are we all about to play the Waverley lottery?

One way or another they’re gonna getcha.

peter_vickers_waverleyWho is this grinning man? Why is he so happy? What crazy ideas does he have to help our local services? Well he is Peter Vickers – Waverley Borough Council’s Head of Finance no less.  This accountant-in-chief has come up with a thumping good idea of how to reduce the burden of the voluntary services in the borough of Waverley.

How? A WAVERLEY LOTTERY of course!

The Head of Finance can be heard in the clip below revealing his cunning plan to save the council £750,000 by ending funding to voluntary organisations such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Meals on Wheels, and old people’s day centres, and instead throwing the burden onto – yes you guessed US!

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 07.36.44

Click Play above to listen to Peter Vickers bright idea. Notice he never uses the words “Cut their pesky grants” but a rather accountant like “switch out their funding”. Such an elegant choice of words. Clearly the man is in a hole, and needs any suggestions you can make to balance the budget, without which Waverley will be bankrupt in 3 years time. If you do have a cost cutting idea, please help a man out and phone him on 01483 523539.