Is our Jeremy’s flushed with his own success of running down our health services?

Poor Old Jeremy, he can’t do right for doing wrong … or do we mean he can’t do wrong for doing right …

‘nuf said!

PS. Splatter Hazard Warning: Don’t read this article from today’s Daily Mail whilst drinking hot coffee or eating your cornflakes!

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 10.37.48.png

Oh!  don’t forget to hoot your horn when you are on your way to the Witley Recycling Depot with your rubbish!  Over there in the east of Waverley Surrey County Council is closing  the Nanhurst tip in Cranleigh because it is so strapped for cash! Hunt lives in Markwick Lane in Hascombe near Dunsfold en route to the Witley dump!

Read the article more clearly here:

20170814081730248 copy

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