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We’re intrigued – OK, we’re not, we’re actually BURSTING – to know what “serious personal and professional allegation”’ has been made against Councillor Foryszewski!

Here she is in action:  Making a statement on why she is absenting herself from the meeting of the joint Planning Committee of  Waverley Borough Council.

So, if anyone out there has any information relating to Waverley’s answer to The Forsyth Saga, we’re all ears. Older readers may recall The Forsyth Saga and the way the nation shut down each Sunday night for the transmission of the most rivetting series on TV during the days before video recorders, DVD players and iplayer … Pubs closed and the streets were deserted … the Church rescheduled Evensong so worshippers could be in front of their TVs for the next installment!

OK, we know we’re getting a bit carried away but it’s helped to enliven a rather dull Mondy  morning here at the Waverley Web’s HQ, now that all the shouting over two Public Inquiries at once has died down!



Information leading to the inside story on The Foryszewski Saga!


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7 thoughts on “THE FORYSZEWSKI SAGA.”

  1. I don’t have any info but any person making a complaint against a Councillor should be prepared to have their name published unless of course they are just mischief making. If they believe a Councillor has done something wrong they should be shouting it from the roof tops (as Brian and I do). Put up or shut up, simples!

  2. Have you heard the one about the hypocritical caring Farnham councillor who has suddenly started writing to the Herald as an anti-traffic pollution campaigner when he is also trying to re-develop his estate with several new “homes” (not necessarily affordable) and twice as many cars at the top of Castle Hill, thus adding to the traffic flow through the town?

    1. Apparently all the money for the work has been with Surrey County Council’s Highway Department for some considerable time. Better ask them why there isn’t a pavement. Perhaps if and when they do respond – ou would kindly let us know. WW thinks it is highly likely they are waiting for the result of the Springbok Inquiry and then Alfold will get a motorway between Care Ashore and The Crossways!

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