…. OR is it just doing what it does best – everything in its power to protect its own arse? … and bugger the rest of the borough?

Here is a letter that has been circulated to Waverley Borough Council, the borough’s Town and Civic Societies, parish councils  and – would you Adam and Eve it – to the Waverley Web! This scurrilous little blog that is much derided and sneered at by the worried-well-to-do supporters of Protect Our Little Corner (POLCOW) because it doesn’t support their naked ambition to protect their own little enclaves and has made no bones about its support for BROWN FIELDS FIRST.

Open Letter from POW regarding OAN (pdf)


Having spent around £270,000 of Waverley taxpayers’ money fighting the Dunsfold Park planning application for 1,800 homes – and opposing another 600 which have been included in the Local Plan on a brownfield site – (POLCOW)  – now wants the Secretary of State to rule on the Local Plan – and reassess the Objectively Assessed Need the (OAN) and deflate, what it claims are, the inflated housing numbers now proposed.

Despite weak and very vapid claims to the contrary, (POLCOW) rose from the ashes of Stop Dunsfold Park New Town. Its supporters – many of whom had supported its earlier incarnation, (SDPNT) or was it (SPENT) – were acutely conscious of the criticism it received for being a one-trick-pony – It’s all about Dunsfold, stupid! – so it cobbled together the caring, sharing nom de plume, PROTECT OUR WAVERLEY – in a half-hearted attempt to deflect criticism from the wider borough and persuade (for which read FOOL) residents over here in the centre and West of the Borough that they cared, really, really cared about us!

And now they’re having a fit of the vapours and trying to lock the bedroom door after the bride has bolted!

Or do we detect just a smidgen of guilt creeping into the psyche of the Cash & Clout brigade that persuaded their duplicitous MPs, Mistress Milton and Jeremy SHunt, to twist the arm of Sajid Javid, the Communities Secretary, to call in the airfield application? Pity they didn’t exercise their caring, sharing principles a little more widely – as their name aims to suggest – and persuade them to get the Knowle Park Initiative development called in whilst they were at it! (Lots of brown envelopes passed hands there of course)  Silly us! They didn’t because they don’t care about Cranleigh. It’s all about Dunsfold, stupid!

But we digress! Is (POLCOW) now more than a little fearful that its tactics may have backfired spectacularly and its  determined efforts to stop brownfield development may now result in plastering the remainder of the borough – even their own precious little corner of it (Heavens to Betsy! Wash your mouth with soap and water at the very idea!) – in a carpet of concrete?

We don’t like to say we told you so but … – oh, go on, then we will! What have we been telling the worried-well-to-do of Awfold/Kerchingfold/Duncefold/and Where-has-all-the-traffic-come-from?

(Forget Bramley – the Bramley Babes are going to be on the receiving end of increased traffic regardless of where the homes go over there in the East.)

We told them, time and time and time … and time again! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!
Along with MPs Mistress Milton and Jeremy SHunt, the Cash & Clout brigade may just have dealt the biggest disservice to the entire borough of Waverley in its long and chequered history.

And, you know what, future generations of Waverley residents – our children and our grandchildren – may well point to the members of Protect our Waverley and ask them what they actually did to prevent the concreting over of the borough and all just because they were determined – whatever it took, no matter what the cost to the rest of the borough – to stop the largest brownfield site in the borough from being developed?

Of course, when the battle is over and they are vanquished, they will up sticks and move away to greener pastures. Leaving the not-so-well-to-do to make the best of the carpet of concrete they left in their wake!

What a load of rubbish!

What an utterly depressing picture featured below – and it could be coming to the country lanes near you! Thanks to these guys.


…come up with half baked ideas that will result in scenes like this one below.


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.36.50.png

England’s green and pleasant land – including ours here in the borough of Waverley – could become anything but if the dummies at Surrey County Council continue unabated with their plans to close our recycling centres!

Charging residents for tipping their household rubbish is one thing, reducing opening hours is another – but closing sites down altogether is ridiculous, particularly as the towns and villages have been told by Government that just like Topsy – they must grow and grow!

Fly tipping is harming the rural environs, harming animals and wildlife and the ugly heaps  of mouldy bedspreads are growing faster than fungus.

The clearing up operation has been passed more neatly to local borough and district councils than Conor Murray  can pass the ball to Jonathan Sexton. Not only are they forced to collect the stuff of other people’s lives but they have to put up CCTV cameras at the flipping tipping black spots to catch the perpetrators. Of course  once the word get around that Big Brother is watching them they move to pastures new.  A perfect example of that is the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at Winterfold near Shere where the landowners were forced clear up the mess!

Clearing up the waste is now reputed to be costing councils nationwide £49 million a year.

So, Surrey County Council is short of cash?  RUBBISH – it has decided under the helpful guise of none other than South West Surrey Conservative Association now Ex Chairman Councillor Denise Le Gal’s good housekeeping to invest £57m of ‘our money’ in the Blightwells East Street retail and housing scheme. In a town where shops are closing due to  rapidly rising business rates forcing them out of a high street  where shoppers choke on exhaust fumes!

So whilst Dumb and even Dumber   Pictured above  continue on their reckless way – let’s all march on County Towers and dump the rubbish on our  doorsteps onto their doorsteps – and then perhaps… just perhaps … they might THINK AGAIN!



Why are we still waiting – for that ‘cultural change’ Commander Potts?

So why did you web cast only part of the meeting of the Special Executive on Tuesday evening? Why didn’t you allow your OWN Overview & Scrutiny Committee – to at least have a view and a say, on the IMPORTANT modifications to the LOCAL PLAN? AND… WHY aren’t relationship and attitudes between Waverley borough councillors and officers improving?


We have heard from a number of your members Commander Potts, particularly some of those within your own ruling party,  that they feel ignored, marginalised and are no longer confident enough to answer to their electors for the role they are not allowed to play in the democratic process and its decision-making. The EXECUTIVE  you command is not listening! Do you hear that – not listening!

As Waverley Towers becomes more remote every day from those we elected to represent us, what are you actually afraid of? If you have nothing to hide – why not allow your scrutineers to do their jobs and scrutinise? What’s the rush? Why are you allowing a Government `Inspector to give the bums rush to a Local Plan that has been 13 years in the making?

You are quoted as saying you want to ’embrace change,’ for the ‘ good of the residents you are here to serve.’ Just words Commander Potts – or a genuine pledge? We know you have made huge strides since the vice-like grip of Robert Know-less, was released – and we know you have tried to open the gates after they were Shut by Richard. But it’s not enough! We want sandwiches not blinis! Actions not reactions!

Farnham people took a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in your Council and just a few months ago. Angry of Farnham became Angry of…

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17

 Cranleigh!   It’s residents  did the same and others will surely follow!  You have had more Judicial Reviews that you have the cash to throw at  and Appeal Inspectors are over-ruling your decisions on a daily basis. Your residents are becoming more and more angry each day that goes by – so what ARE you going to do about it?

Because shortly even Dunsfold’s Wings may  have Wheels! Where do you go then? Tell us all the truth – what is your Plan B – where do you intend scattering those 2,600 homes in the borough of Waverley? – Cranleigh another thousand or so, Farnham another thousand – or, how about 400 in Elstead or 500 in Witley – or 600 in Hascombe or even 500 in Munsted?

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 09.24.27.png

This article from the Haslemere Herald was written earlier this year. And if you missed the webcast of the Special Executive – you can catch a bit of it here! But sadly you won’t find it on the council’s Website! Why? Ah! we now know why – and that will be the subject of another post!

 The die is cast – and ‘Your Waverley’ goes out to public consultation on the Local Plan – including higher housing numbers to satisfy Woking’s unmet need.

Criminals cashing in on our bank accounts in Surrey!


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.31.50

Mass closures: Villages and towns up and down the country are waking up to the fact that their communities will no longer be served by a bank and that includes parts of Waverley.


Data now shows that already this year, some 423 bank and building society branches have either been axed or put on notice of closure.

The current rate of closures means that 2017 is on course to be a record. Over the past two years, 1,046 branches have been shut by the country’s major high street banks, many of them in Surrey.

From figures released recently the mass closures are leaving customers vulnerable and exposed to cyber crime by forcing them to go online.

It now emerges that 500 identity frauds are reported in the UK every day. Of these four fifths are perpetrated on the internet, whilst more than half target banks and credit cards.

Surely Banks and Building Societies must reconsider whether to continue the ongoing march of closures – before the criminals out there force them too!

Although HSBC continues to shut more branches than rivals, the closure ‘bug’ has now spread to some building societies which have been reluctant to withdraw services from the communities they serve.

Last week, Yorkshire Building Society announced it would be axing 48 branches over the next 18 months as part of a major restructuring which will see the Norwich & Peterborough brand it owns disappear.

It has also put 100,000 current account customers on notice that come August the society will no longer offer such a banking facility as it concentrates on its traditional savings and mortgage markets.

Once a champion of branches, the society now admits that falling usage has forced it to trim its network.

It claims that last year an average seven customers a day used over the counter services at the branches it is shedding.


Oh Carole!

singalong with Carole.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 18.37.54

Well! Now we all know WHY the first twenty minutes or so of the Special Executive Meeting either wasn’t webcast – or was deleted and went A.W.O.L!

Because Farnham’s Carole Cockburn threw her toys out of the pram – all over Committee Room 1 claiming Your Waverley has ‘put two fingers up to Farnham’ by  sabotaging its Neighbourhood Plan.

Now it’s not like us at the Waverley Web to accuse anyone – let alone a borough councillor, of looking a bit like the kitten below. But wasn’t it our Carole that told those poor souls over in the East of the borough just a month ago that, “whether they liked it or not – it is a different World now in Waverley etc.. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.06.45
I’m not too faced – meow.

She was speaking at the Joint Planning Committee  Meeting when Councillor Kevin Deanus opposed a development on his little Alfold patch, a village with 200 homes in the settlement, not a town with a population of  39,000! This is her quote – you can click on the link below and read the full post. But take our word for it – she was angry, very angry, and had a face like a summons every time Alfold’s bobby opened his mouth.

Now of course she is moaning that Farnham has to take an extra 450 homes on top of  2,330 = 2,800 – and the borough council on which she sits – has Sabotaged her Neighbourhood Plan. Two faced or what? Because you know what – It’s a different World now in Waverley and that includes Farnham too!

Here’s the full quote from a meeting just a month ago!

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 20.05.05.png

Read in full here: Has the Alfold Bobby’s tirade stopped the creation of Alfold New Town?

You can read her complete rant  here: Taken from the amazing Farnham Herald

17.08.24- Waverley accused of sabotage copy