‘Wen-am-I-leaving?’ … Has Gone!

The Waverley Web  wishes Paul Wenham a fond farewell and we bet the next CEO won’t provide  us with half so much fun.  What does anyone do with a name like Tom Horwood, the name of the new CEO?


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‘Farewell my friend “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”
― William Shakespeare,

SHE SAID:  Leader Julia Potts: – ‘I would like to think Paul for his work and commitment to Waverley over the past 16 years. Despite the significant achievements of the council over this period  we still face some very big challenges and we both agree  that a fresh perspective is needed to take the council forward.’

HE SAID: CEO Paul Wenham:“With the proposed budget and transformation plans highlighted in the Strategic Review we feel that it is now time to “pass on the baton” something I have mutually agreed with the Leader.”

WWeb Said:   ‘Don’t mention the Fraud.’ Don’t mention not mentioning the fraud – before the last borough election.’ Don’t mention East Street/Blightwells or asset grabbing: – Farnham’s Memorial Hall and recreation grounds, dumping the Gostrey Centre and other valuable assets into developer’s hands. Don’t mention a series of  Daft Local Plans, the Votes of No Confidence on his watch from Farnham and Cranleigh! The demise of ‘Age Concern,’ and other charities, or the mounting lack of trust between councillors and staff. But … more  important a diminution of democracy! – Allowing councillors and officers  to MEET AND MAKE DECISIONS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS SHUTTING OUT THE VERY PEOPLE – WHO PAY YOUR WAGES/PENSION!

Has Wen-Am-I-Leaving… Gone. Or just gone missing? It’s official – he’s GONE!

Aunty Elsie has been seen running around Waverley Towers bonnet in hand collecting the dosh for ‘Wen-Am-I-Leaving’s’ –  present. Perhaps, a cruise that his friends and colleagues have bought him to Busan where a new Korea awaits him. 

The Executive Director and Head of Paid Services Paul Wenham has finally, yes finally, achieved his heart’s desire – to spend more time…. with his final salary pension pot and his golden goodbye?




Is there a little local difficulty finding anything – cheap, cheap!


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Here’s a comment we received from a Farnham follower of the Waverley Web and he certainly struck a chord with our team!

We continuously  hear the mantra ‘build more affordable homes,’ however, experience shows most homes under construction are anything but affordable for your average punter.

One of our followers over there in the East of the borough tells us that the first 50 odd properties  built in Cranleigh by Linden Homes were up for sale for up to  £1.7m, with a just handful of homes to rent. Prices have yet to be announced by Cala Homes (which has just gone back to the parish council to say it is ditching 5 bed homes and building more 3 bed homes) but Crest Nicholson’s cheapest start at £419,000 and then the next ‘cheap’ property is  £499,000!  However, it is offering to do part exchange deals  – but going by a recent post you may need a boat!

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Copy re- produced by WW from the amazing Farnham Herald!

AN annual household income of around £115,000 per year is now needed to buy the average home in Waverley, the borough council  revealed as part of its support for Rural Housing Week (July 3 to 7).

Led by the National Housing Federation, the aim of Rural Housing Week is to show how ‘affordable’ housing is vital to enable young households to stay in rural areas and sustain local services like schools, post offices and pubs.

Rural prices are typically around 26 per cent higher than their urban-equivalents – making home ownership even more difficult for many and threatening the very fabric of rural communities.

Responding, Waverley Borough Council has backed calls for more affordable housing to be built in the borough, and has pledged to increase the current level of housing supply in rural communities by six per cent per year for each of the next five years. WOW, let’s all hope some of them end up in Bramley, Shamley Green, Wonersh, Chiddingfold etc – and not just ‘poor old Alfold and Dunsfold.’

It claims most ‘affordable’ homes are either rented or shared ownership, where the customer can part-buy and part-rent. New affordable homes in rural areas are usually reserved for people with a genuine connection to the local community. Not any more they won’t be!

What a load of bunkum – homes now being provided on our green and pleasant fields can be disposed of to anyone, in the surrounding borough’s including Guildford, Woking and London. So stop kidding us Waverley Borough Council. Local homes for ‘local’ people.

 When an Inspector agreed to over-turned Waverley’s refusal to allow 425 Berkeley Homes to be built in the East, with 40% affordable – he stipulated all should be constructed at the same time.

Berkeley went back to Waverley and asked for the 55 high-end executive homes to be built first as  Phase 1,  pledging the others would follow ‘later.’ ‘YW’ agreed to Berkeley’s request, so Waverley residents’ could be in for a long wait for their ‘affordable homes!’

The controversial public inquiry to more than double the size of Alfold was forced to close early to allow another show to go on!

We heard from an attendee that business was suspended early at the Springbok Inquiry recently because a planned  Punch & Judy Show required the Cranleigh Art Centre stage.

Where did Punch and Judy come from? Why did they become popular at the seaside? Well,  Jonathan Cann, a local entertainer and friends could have learned a lot if they had attended the  Arts Centre just a bit earlier.  They would have found they had much in common with  barristers  – Robin Green and QC David Elvin who held  the stage earlier that day.

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‘Oh no you can’t build on a green field in the middle of the countryside’, said ‘Your Waverley’s lawyers and planning experts – ‘Oh yes, we can’ claimed Thakeham Homes’ avuncular barrister who nearly busted his braces in his attempt to persuade Government Inspector Richard Clegg that Alfold would benefit …there would be more buses, people, children, old folks and most important – seafarers from around the globe making their way to: …

 A 60 unit independent living care facility, with 20 associated bungalow following demolition of the existing care home. Erection of 125 dwellings including shop and cafe; all with community facilities including sports pitches, public open space and associated works with the provision of two new accesses – one onto Dunsfold Road and one on to Loxwood Road. Also an outline application for another275 dwellings, a care home, and a primary school with associated open space. 

All in a small rural village whose actual settlement comprises just 200 properties! Where sewage overflows, and which  experiences regular flooding, power cuts, has few facilities, no school, public transport or health services.

Fortunately for ‘Your Waverley’ the outcome of Thakeham’s appeal had already been pre-determined by Sunny Jim – Councillor Jim Edwards – who, before the hearing even started,  piped up and claimed – the Appellant ‘doesn’t have a leg to stand on’ and asked the council for £100,000 to fund the legal team’s fight,  because there wasn’t any money in the council coffers! Dumb or what!Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.10.22.png

Thank God it was left to Councillor Kevin Deanus to speak up for villagers rather than the Welsh fart from Haslemere, Critchmere & Shottermill, who bears  a remarkable resemblance to Judy!  We heard from a Springbok resident that he, DeAnus that is  – ‘did Alfold proud.’ Despite the fact that he is also opposing development a brownfield site just a spit away at Dunsfold Park! WW can’t help wondering where he does want the mounting number of ‘Your Waverley’s’ share of homes to go … probably like Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley – in the Green Belt!

Old Incy Wincy’s  been busy dealing with the stuff of other people’s lives around the borough so has been grateful for the locals view of the 8 -day inquiry.

Oh boy has life been busy for ‘Your Waverley’ this week. Legal eagles lined up at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry.   Hopping off to get Court injunctions to throw off a train of  travellers who rocked up all over Farnham including its  Park and the  Dogflud  Car Park to name but a few. Talk about the ‘Silly Season’ – it gets sillier by the minute!

Yesterday at the Dunsfold Inquiry… as opposed to ‘Yesterday in Parliament.’

There was a brief moment of drama at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry on Thursday morning when the Inspector took the three QCs aside for a chat but the excitement quickly dissipated when it became apparent he simply wanted to discuss the timetable for the next few days. No breaking news there then!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 14.15.00

All because the Dunsfold Developer has positively skipped through their witnesses this week, with their final expert, Michael Derbyshire, concluding his stint by lunch time, which meant an unexpectedly long week-end for all concerned, as PoW & the Parishes claimed they weren’t ready to commence the discussion on planning conditions early.

It was the same old, same old faces in the stalls – do these people not have anything better to do with their time? No jobs to go to? Of course not! Silly us! They’re mainly pensioners living off their final salary gold-plates!

We’re still hanging from numerous webs – sack the cleaners we say!

Elsewhere in the Chamber, Councillor John Gray was busy glad-handing all parties on all sides, in a bid to appear impartial, after other councillors complained, earlier in the week, they’d been scolded by PoW for passing the time of day with what PoW termed ‘the opposition’! ‘It’s like being back in the school playground,’ muttered one, clearly irritated, member!

Not content with scolding their parish and borough councillors, PoW had also accused a member of the Dunsfold Developer’s team of sneaking into the public gallery to spy on their supporters. The looks of surprise and astonishment on the faces of their protagonists made it far clearer than any words could just what they thought of the suggestion that they were remotely interested in anything the motley PoW cabal had to say.

And why would they be? There can be little doubt that whilst the Dunsfold Developer may not win this battle – what with the Secretary of State having the final say on the proposals and him having already shown himself to be in thrall to Mistress Milton and Jeremy Let’s-Shunt-All-the-Housing-onto-Farnham, who are, in turn, completely in thrall to PoW’s Cash & Clout Brigade, who fund their campaigns and Conservative Party Coffers – but there is no doubt in the minds of those who have observed this Inquiry that Dunsfold Park have made a fine case.

On behalf of PoW & the Parishes, The Stench (damn this prescriptive text again)  has struggled – really struggled – to mount an effective argument against the application. OK, it might not be the perfect solution and, in an ideal world, no one wants housing on their doorstep but, in our less than perfect world, surely it’s better to build on brownfields before green fields …
Whoa!! Hold your horses there, Cowboy! Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ), Up-to-his-Columbier (AKA Nik ‘The Dick’  Pidgeon) and Michael Sutcliffe’s friend, Waitrose Man, all disagree! Because they all have green fields they now want to develop in the villages. Of course they have! And they’re going to be renaming them Aw-Kerching-fold, Ckerchingfold and Has-Kerching!


A bottle of Champagne to the first reader to spot OJ’s concrete mixers arriving in the borough, on low loaders, from some other poor sod’s back yard! Here at the Waverley Web, we’re taking bets they’ll be arriving in the dead of night, when there’s a black moon! Cos, OJ’s been noticeably absent from the Public Inquiry since we revealed his dirty little, muddy secret! Maybe the man does have some shame after all! We wouldn’t want you to miss it – so here it is again!

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Another of those pesky civic societies giving our decision-makers a hard time?

The Cranleigh Civic Society has been poking ‘Your Waverley’ in the ribs for months, and the Farnham Society – ‘speaking up for us’ – has been at it for years! Glad to see residents over there in the East have woken up … at last … to the dodgy dealings which have been going on in the borough for years! 


Perish the thought that we would boast – but it was us, here at the Waverley Web, who last year exposed  the fact that Surrey County Council intended investing £50 million in Farnham’s Blightwells fiasco. The very same authority that has made the huge investment losses listed below. The same outfit that is turning the street lights out, shutting recycling centres, in an attempt to save face for another authority (YW) that is closing public toilets – services for the elderly and more. 


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