Inspector Bore made his views very clear at the end of the first week of his Inquiry into Waverley Borough Council’s now, not-quite-so-daft looking, Draft Local Plan. And he left no room for equivocation in that, given a choice between having a home and being stuck for a few more minutes in traffic on the A3, he knows what his choice – and the Government’s choice – will be!

Cue deeply indrawn breaths from all those present in the Waverley Council Chamber who are opposed to more development!

Inspector Bore also made it very clear that Waverley’s housing numbers will need to increase!


Cue another collective intake of breath from the anti-development-brigade, spear-headed by Protect Our Waverley (who else?!) and the Man from CPRE (well he would, wouldn’t he?!).

Inspector Bore  indicated that Waverley does not have a five-year housing supply and concurred with the view of a ‘housing forum’, made up of interested developers, that the Council simply cannot rely on a 100% achievement rate because, not only is that undeliverable but unreasonable.

Q: Why?

A: Because no one ever gets a score of 100 / 100. Ergo, Waverley’s housing numbers will have to go up.

Graham Parrott – looking as sick as one – gamely tabled a plan designed to demonstrate how constrained the borough of Waverley is in development terms but Inspector Bore was having none of it. He told the Chamber that Waverley was not nearly as constrained as either Guildford or Woking … Oh, and by the way, Waverley’s going to have to take 50% of Woking’s unmet need!

Forget indrawn breaths, at this point the POW collective nearly choked on theirs! Had they really heard that right? 50%? They thought they had enough to worry over where Waverley was planning to put its existing numbers and now they’re expected to take 50% of another borough’s unmet need! This was beyond their worst nightmares!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 19.24.28.png

But Inspector Bore was in a benevolent mood; he assured those assembled in the Council Chamber that he wasn’t there to hinder them but to help them get their plan adopted. And, in order to help him to help them, the planners needed to go away and think about how and where they might accommodate their – and Woking’s – increased housing need.

Our spider, nearly strangled itself in its own web hanging from the public gallery as it frantically tried to do the animated-spider-image-0157 arithmetic on the back of an envelope, as the day progressed, and reckoned, by the end of it, the numbers are going to be not far south of 600 per annum!

Had they been on hand this was the point that the stretchers would have been rushed into the Council Chamber … but Inspector Bore hadn’t finished. He had some hints, some helpful suggestions, as to how Waverley might go about opening their door to the developers and rolling out the red carpet. Elsewhere, he offered, planners had adopted a policy whereby they decided, all other things being equal, development would be acceptable if it was proposed adjacent to existing development …

It took a few moments for the import of his words to sink in but when they did the blood drained from the faces of those representing the Parish Councils and Protect Our Little Corner …

Was he really suggesting …? Did he honestly think …? Surely not …? He could not possibly mean …

Yep, they got there … eventually! The Inspector was giving Waverley Planners a prod in the ribs – and the Parish Councils and Protect Our Little Corner a massive punch in the gut!

He was actually daring to propose the previously unimaginable: that the villages – and, yes, that’s all of the villages (even the oh, so precious, we are an isolated rural idyll and therefore an exceptional case, villages of Alfold and Dunsfold, Shamley Green, Wonersh, Ewhurst, Elstead, Milford and on it goes around Farnham ) – will  have to take more houses!

Yes, that means every last damn one of them – even the oh-so-precious, we are an isolated rural idyll and therefore an exceptional case villages of Alfold and Dunsfold! It means Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Chiddingfold, Compton, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Enton, Ewhurst, Godalming, Hambledon, Hascombe, Hydestile, Milford, Munstead, Shalford, Witley, Wonersh and everywhere in between.

Not one of them is going to escape unscathed, untouched and any protestations about congestion on the A281 are, we have no doubt, going to be met with the same brisk rebuttal that was delivered with regard to congestion on the A3: both Inspector Bore and the Government consider delivering homes more important than a couple of minutes additional delay on the daily commute!

So, there you have it folks, unless someone, somewhere can pinpoint a large, empty, brownfield site that’s going begging – and, let’s face it, there aren’t too many of those around, are there? – all of the villages are going to have to take a far greater number of houses than they previously imagined – even in their worst nightmares! So much for Protect Our Little Corner’s dastardly plan to push it all onto Cranleigh and Farnham. It would appear to be blowing up in their faces for the Inspector has them in his sights.

Stand by your beds!!! In the Second World War they dug up the cricket pitches to plant vegetables … in 2018 they might be digging them up to pour concrete!

PS Our advice to local Councillors this week-end:

Take the landline off the hook, switch off your mobile phone and ignore your email because when Wild-of-Waverley gets wind of development on their doorstep they’re not going to be pleased. But it’s not Richard Shut-the-Gates, Robert Know-less and Mary Orton-Pett and all those Cranleigh Councillors who did/didn’t attend secret meetings  – the architects of this developing disaster (no pun intended – oh, ok, maybe just a little one!) they’ll be ringing to berate. Oh no, they’re yesterday’s (wo)men. Between them that lot triumvirate have done untold damage to the Borough with their insistence that Waverley, on their watch, behave as if it were an island, a special case, a forbidden fruit where developers crossed the borough line at their peril. Now their chickens look as if they’re coming home to roost, thanks to all those Cranleigh councillors who did/didn’t attend those “secret meetings.” However,  it’s not Shut-the-Gate, Know-less and Mrs MOP the residents will be ringing, its poor old – and those are words we never thought we’d hear ourselves say – Gone-to-Potts and that Dick D’Anus!

PPS Our advice to local would-be-developers:

Pull out those old plans to develop on greenfields and gardens, dust them off and totter down to the hallowed halls of The Burys where Liz-the-Biz-Simms and her planners will greet you with open arms – unfortunately, the red carpet’s not an option due to ‘elf and safety concerns … But never mind, there’s much to celebrate if you’re a would-be-developer in Waverley, cos there’s a Concrete Fest coming to a field, in a village, near all of us!

R.I.P. Local democracy has finally choked on its own dogma and died at ‘Your Waverley.’

In future Waverley Councillors – put your hands up and shut up! You have been warned!

Chairman of the Joint Planning Committee Peter Isherwood rebuked councillors who dared question and speak up for the people they, supposedly, represent.

HE WARNED,  if they wanted to question officer, do it before the meeting.


In Private, where the public cannot hear either the questions or answers. 


“Because,” he said,  ‘we have a considerable number of applications coming before us in the coming weeks that share common ground, and  they will be dealt with together.


Just stick up your hand and approve everything. Particularly if it is in Farnham or Cranleigh and the surrounding areas in the East. 

Oh! and, the officers will be going on holiday!  But they are doing their best to provide reports.

In view of the importance of the Local Plan and numerous appeals and public inquiries, we would have thought all leave would have been cancelled – bit like the police, fire brigade and hospital services, in a crisis!

He said, it had to be borne in mind some applicants may not agree with the long consultation period, and may appeal for non-determination.

Translate:  Officers aren’t progressing applications quickly enough!

(Ah! he must mean Thakeham Homes who didn’t even wait  for its application to be considered locally – and is  going  straight to a public inquiry on July 18  for almost 500 homes in Alfold adjacent to Dunsfold airfield.

He warned councillors to “leave their hobby horses at home” and concentrate on  planning criteria.


In other words, put your hands up, follow the officers’ recommendations, shut up, put up, and tell the public who elected you – that you might as well pee into the wind for all the notice that is taken of you by the officers or the Chairman.

Oops, we forgot, peeing into the wind will be more appropriate now as ‘YW’ has shut the public lavatories in Farncombe, Godalming and Haslemere! 

He then said: Would you Adam an Eve it!

“I have no wish in any way to curtail debate.”

 Has ‘Your Waverley gone into panic mode this week due to the examination in public of its Local Plan? 

Because a Government Inspector  says  the borough  may be required to take some of Woking’s unmet housing need, and needs to  up its own housing requirements.

Fresh from his foray into Mid Sussex   where he gave a large uplift in housing numbers from 800 a year to well over 1,000, the same Inspector, Jonathan Bore, has ruled  it must accept housing for Brighton,  the South Coast and Crawley.

At the start of a six-day  Inquiry into Waverley’s Local Plan the same Inspector warned Waverley, it too,   would have to accept the unmet needs of other boroughs!

So in future – if it’s green,  doesn’t move, floods every year and the smell of sewage permeates through homes – it really doesn’t matter at all.

Below is a clip of Councillor Isherwood speaking at the Joint Planning Committee on Wednesday:

Thakeham Homes’ controversial application to build 54 homes on the flood plain in Elmbridge Road was postponed for further reports at Wednesday’s planning meeting. Mainly due passionate and hard-hitting representations made by Cranleigh Parish Council/Cranleigh Civic Society and a couple of borough councillors.

It was left to Stewart Stennett; Liz Townsend and Mary Foryszewski to slate the application and for Councillor Stephen Mulliner to call for the postponement.

 Judging by the clip  in future there won’t be much arguing within ‘Your Waverley’ because representing the public’s views  is Verboten!

A  report,  including clips of the decision to postpone will be included in future posts.


Just like democracy – the borough of Waverley has been dumped!


Yes, we agree with the correspondent below, anything anyone  in ‘Your Waverley’ and ‘Your Surrey,”  say or do in attempt to protect services or the countryside, they are currently being dumped into the local authorities’ recycling bin!


So … in addition to shutting the Dump in Cranleigh and forcing people to travel to Witley – they will only be able to do that during the week, when most are at work, not at weekends!

Sign the petition on the link below, for what it’s worth!

Who’s dumping on who this time?

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 15.03.07.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 08.38.38.png

Cranleigh’s ‘Town’ leaders have been asked by ‘Your Waverley’ to…

And, many other towns and villages have been asked to do the same!

  • Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 20.09.39.pngFind more sites for housing
  • Carry out a Town centre boundary review
  • Define the town’s shop frontages
  • And..




Review the land it owns – including its sports pitches at Snoxhall.

WHY? Because one of ‘Your Waverley’s ‘ options is  to demolish the existing Leisure Centre extend the car park and build a new leisure centre on the playing fields.

Whoops there goes another green field donated to the town, just like over here in Farnham. Why?   To make way for more money-making enterprises for whom?… You guessed… “Your Waverley.’

Who, now even the Cranleigh Parish Council Chairman, has started to defend! TT’s always stick together, don’t they?

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 21.58.00.png

And here’s what they same outfit are doing here in Farnham! And they don’t even bother with planning consents! And, of course ‘Your Waverley’ contravene restrictive planning consents on a Memorial Ground, gifted to the people of Farnham by United Breweries.  Why? Because if ‘YW’ want land on which to build and trouser  some dosh they’ll do it whether Farnham folks, or Cranleigh folks, or Haslemere’s folks, like it or not! And, they will do exactly the same in matter any other town or village they set their sights on! Won’t they?


What’s the magic number today Waverley Planners?

The number is 54! Yes 54 new houses headed for Elmbridge Road in Cranleigh. The decision will be made tonight (Wed 28th June; 6.30pm) at Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee. We urge you to attend and make your voice heard!

Cranleigh Waters flood warningN.B. The Met Office has just issued a Flood Warning for Cranleigh Waters: “For Cranleigh Waters, the areas affected include Elmbridge, Shamley Green and Bramley and the Littlemead Brook including Cranleigh.”
The map below shows the area between Elmbridge at the top and the blue Littlemead Brook stream at the bottom which is.. subject to tonight’s Planning Application (Planning Ref : WA/2016/1921recommended for Approval by Officers for 54 homes.

Our friends at the Cranleigh Society say: “This entire site was underwater in Dec 2013/Jan 2014 – the road, which was higher than the site, was impassable. In January 2015 about 30%  of the site was flooded. And then there’s the smell from the sewage works..” Thakeham Homes have stated that “odour is not considered to be a constraint to residential development at the site”.



Those three little blue SUD’s will be working overtime!

We agree with the Cranleigh Society – write to Anne Milton, Cranleigh’s MP and ask her to ‘call in’ this outrageous application. Email her on anne.milton.mp@parliament.uk with reference WA/2016/1921 Land South Of Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh – perhaps notice will be taken if lots of people request it!