Cranleigh’s fight back has begun.

A public meeting has decided Unanimously …

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Cranleigh_bannerA passionate and determined crowd turned out in force to hear Cranleigh Civic Society (CCS) spell out the reasons WHY  it had called a public meeting. . . to tell more than 500 people  how their borough council and their elected councillors were representing them!

However, despite invitations – only three councillors turned up!

Mary Foryszewski (Con); Patricia Ellis (Con West) .. of the – ‘we do no hold secret meetings, they are just meetings not open to the public’) and Liz Townsend (Con West).

It was No show from the Stennett duo – Stuart and Jeanette! (Con East) No surprise there then?

(CCS)  Chairman Phil Price said the Society was working tirelessly to protect Cranleigh, and despite repeated attempts to persuade WBC to listen to residents’ concerns it had failed.. Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 23.50.05.png

He said the Society’s remit was to  protect Cranleigh and  despite its repeated attempts to  persuade WBC to “listen to a host of residents’ genuine concerns”  it had failed..  

‘Well, that is until to-day, when we received a telephone call inviting  us to meet with them!

Waverley Councils’ message to us was “We want you to know.. We really do care’  – which brought howls of derision.

He outlined the concerns that had brought so many people to the meeting:

  • 1,300 houses already granted planning permission –  was just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The lack of infrastructure including – sewage treatment; the flood risk; asbestos in 70-year-old  water pipes.  – Is it white or is it blue?
  • Polluted waterways.
  • Traffic congestion.
  • Water pressure.
  • 40% of the borough’s housing was on its way to Cranleigh!

and more…

After ( CCS) members gave detailed explanations of the problems  Cranleigh faced now, and  in the future – due to s(WBC’s)determination  to create  Cranleigh New Town. They urged the public to sign the Asbestos Petition, (open until Sunday evening) to be sent to MP Anne Milton calling for the water supply to be tested.

“As the Surrey County Councillor is here this evening perhaps he could explain how  highway authority will deal with the extra traffic? 

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Questions from the floor came thick and fast : The Answers – not so fast!

  • Why was Cranleigh under-represented on the Joint Planning Committee?
  • Why was it being ‘dumped’ on?
  • Why was it being asked to accept the lions share of development almost half the borough’s quota?
  • How many brown envelopes were being handed over by Developers to gain permission?
  • Why couldn’t take Farnham’s example and leave the borough of Waverley?
  • Could it hold a Referendum to leave.
  • Why – are so many homes required – and who dictates the housing need?
  • Why wasn’t a Local Plan in place years ago?
  • Why were developers financial contributions under (106 agreements) so low.
  • Were  Cranleigh borough councillors satisfied with the authorities handling of the housing situation?
  • Why is over £177,000 being provided by Berkeley Homes towards a sports pitch for Cranleigh Public School?

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Villager Eddie White Summed up the Answers to most questions:

“We are in the mess we are in here in Cranleigh because Waverley Borough Council has repeatedly failed to produce a Local Plan – No Plan – No protection.”

After two hours – The Cranleigh Civic Society proposed a Vote of No Confidence in THE EXECUTIVE of Waverley Borough Council. TWO  COUNCILLORS LEFT THE ROOM – ONE REMAINED (MARY FORYSZEWSKI. who voted against) The decision by the people of Cranleigh was Unanimous.

Read more in a  post to follow: 





6 thoughts on “Cranleigh’s fight back has begun.”

  1. No confidence should only be the start of the downfall of Waverleys Bannana Republic,perhaps the campaign will escalate to the withdrawal of Council Tax,to Waverley,as the representatives on planning are in anybody’s eyes failing to represent the Village,and therefore not value for money.
    As for Dr Povey he has not yet had the rosette removed,and is not likely to,as the Matron will not see him now,what with the General Election looming.
    Only three Councillors present last night shows the utter contempt Waverleys planning department have for Cranleigh.Last nights furore sends a clear message to Waverley and to Kim Jong Potts.
    Power to the people.

  2. And yet these very angry Cranleigh “villagers” voted in Povey. When will CCS become a residents association and give a real choice to the electorate. 9.3% voted for me as a protest but had there been a RA candidate I am sure that Povey would have been shown the door.

  3. I did not vote for Povey,and had there been a viable alternative I’m sure that Cranleigh would have turned to them,as it was there was very little choice,so votes including mine were wasted.
    The UKIP candidate is right Cranleigh Civic Society,should build on the momentum started Thursday night and field Residents candidates,as per Farnham,this Village needs to be heard before its too late.
    Come on CCS get some teeth into the fight,I for one would be with you.

  4. Absolutely disgraceful, £177,000 to a private school attended by some of the most wealthy people , but yet our local Riding for the disabled cannot find and are struggling to raise the funds to replace the old building used to give therapy and pleasure to the disabled adults and children !!!!! What sort of a world are we living in … and as for the councillors … No COMMENT .

    1. We could not agree more. But then who were the Cranleigh councillors who agreed to this sum being included in the 106 Agreement?
      Perhaps everyone should turn up to the net Cranleigh parish Council meeting and ask that very question? As for what sort of world are we living in – we get the government we deserve. Change it, before Cranleigh and the surrounding villages are ruined on the alter of greed and the incompetence of Waverley Borough Council!

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