Now the Lib Dems have stepped into Matron Milton’s corner!

Matron Milton will not be pleased – that Lib Dem and MP hopeful, Zoe Franklin, is about to pee on her Cranleigh fireworks!

But fear not  Zoe – Matron Milton doesn’t have any confidence in Waverley Borough Council either – and neither does anyone else  – so sadly you have to join a very long  queue!  

But… and it’s a BIG BUT Annie … She claims you have got it wrong… very, very wrong – on DUNSFOLD … and you are turning Cranleigh into a traffic nightmare!


Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.15.40.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.16.33.png


Watch  film of the meeting here: 

Cranleigh took a unanimous – bar an abstention from Annie Milton’s Mole – vote of NO CONFIDENCE in ‘Your Waverley’s EXECUTIVE!

Middle England was out in force last week, packing  Cranleigh Village Hall at the behest of the Cranleigh Civic Society. and protested against the concreting over of “their village.” 

In the left-hand corner, three intrepid Parish Councillors – Pat Ellis, Mary Foryszewski and Liz Townsend – heard  parishioners vent their feelings all over the village hall. In the right-hand corner, three representatives of The Cranleigh Civic Society (CCS) whose anger was  directed at  Waverley Borough Council, which it claims, despises and ignores the views of the local voting fodder (except when there’s an election in the offing.)

 Our Regular readers, ( we clocked up over 1,200 yesterday,) will be pleased to know that, residents  got to the bottom of some of the questions that have baffled  them for a very long time:

Q: When is a secret meeting not a secret meeting?

A: When the public find out about it!

Oh, and we’re sure you’ll all be very relieved to know that Councillor Pat Ellis  didn’t attend one of the secret meetings that wasn’t a secret meeting because she got there just as it was finishing!!! As one gentlemen was overheard to say,

‘You couldn’t make it up.’ Really, you couldn’t!

Sadly, Cranleigh people have been slow, far too slow, to wake up and smell the coffee – or, in this case, the concrete!

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 22.32.31.png

It’s only now, with 1,328 new homes about to settle in its  green fields   and with  many more planned,  they realise that Cranleigh has become Waverley’s ‘dumping ground for 44% of the borough’s housing quota’. Oh – and the latest ‘secret meeting,’ with 14 developers, which isn’t secret – even though some of its own councillors were banned from attending –  because,  the minutes will go up on the website. Who writes the minutes … say no more. A calculated guess? Infrastructure Problems – water, sewage treatment… and a call for yet more sites?

 All this development will come to pass despite the fact that Cranleigh’s infrastructure is  groaning under the weight of  existing homes. It could  be on its knees by the time Amlets Lane, Hewitts Industrial Estate, Horsham Road, Knowle Lane and and West Cranleigh Nurseries – all consented – come out of the ground. By the time pending applications  are consented Cranleigh could  be swimming in sewage – always assuming the population hasn’t already expired from ingesting  asbestos fibres which are seeping into the drinking water supply. 

 Cranleigh Civic Society’s Adrian Clark, broke the bad news – that 29.6% of Cranleigh’s water pipes contained blue asbestos cement. They had  a 70-year life span and there was no  provision to replace them.  When  new homes come on stream,( literally,)  they must, by law, have one bar water pressure. Trouble is, the old asbestos pipes aren’t designed to take that degree of pressure, therefore, every time  people living in those lovely new developer built homes turns on the taps or flush the loo, they will send a spurt of water up the pipes that will dislodge even more blue asbestos into Cranleigh’s water supply!

Ask the people of Godalming?  One contacted us to say their water softener blew up due to increased water pressure and their home was… under water!

Stand by your beds! Matron Milton is about to be on the receiving end of a petition from very, VERY, VERY Cross of Cranleigh, demanding she does something about the upgrading of Cranleigh’s water pipes. Our advice to the (CCS)  and Cranleigh folks:

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 21.58.37.png Matron Milton has been lobbying Thames Water about the affluent’s effluent in Alfold. but two years on – or is it three?  it’s still coming up through their bathtubs and into their appliances.

So … start stockpiling bottled water as we confidently predict there’s  going to be a run on bottled water in Cranleigh once this article gets tweeted and re-tweeted! In fact, start stockpiling milk too, you may need it to bath in. If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for The Cranleigh Babes!

But, as some enlightened soul  pointed at the  end of the meeting, it’s all about politics! And, the problem in Waverley is, I know we’ve said it before –  if you stuck a blue rosette on a monkey’s arse the good people of Waverley would vote for it! The councillors, officers and  politicians don’t give a Donald Duck what Waverley’s  man in the street thinks because they are confident  he will carry on voting for them!  

This  was underlined when a UKIP man from Farnham –   said he had attended another meeting at ‘YW’  on 12 August 2014 when the majority of councillors present made it all too clear that they didn’t agree with the content of the daft Local Plan but then 38 Conservative councillors all voted for it, leaving their three Independent / UKIP colleagues to vote against.

Why? Because  Conservative councillors are whipped; the decision had been taken, by the Party, before the meeting took place.  And they call it democracy ...

As Cllr Mary Foryszewski rightly pointed out, ‘You, the people voted for us to represent you and if you don’t like it, you need to do something about it.

And there you have it folks, if you don’t like what Your Waverley is doing in your name YOU – yes, we’re talking about YOU PERSONALLY …

…need to volunteer,  get involved, become councillors, give up some of your spare time and walk the walk, not just talk the talk! And, yes, it is far easier said than done because as we all know, your busy people, you’ve got lives to lead, children to feed, jobs to go to and, at the end of the day, it’s much easier to leave it to someone else to do and then just have a moan about it when you don’t like what they do.

A lot of hot air was vented at that meeting but, in reality, it’s all over bar the shouting. How do we work that out? Because none of the vested interests, that turned up for the last public meeting, bothered to turn up. Why? JOB DONE!

No Berkeley Bunnies, Lettuce or Leafy’s – No Thakeham Thugs – or Crest’s Cowboys. They are all celebrating having successfully secured a planning permission to build many hundreds of homes on recognised flood plains  – trousering millions.

 A middle aged woman who was overheard to say, when asked  what she thought of the meeting – ‘Unfortunately, whilst they all mean well, I’m very much afraid they’re shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted …”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Is the milk about to go sour in POW’s Brown Cow?

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 11.17.04.png


So determined is  Protect our Little Corner to stop the development of Dunsfold airfield – the borough’s largest brown field site, in case you and they’ve forgotten! – that they’ve now dragged tax-payer funded Historic England into their increasingly bitter battle against the Dunsfold developers.

In yet another attempt to deter development at the old airfield the duplicitous diehards called in Historic England in order to try to persuade the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to list the entire airfield as a best preserved example of a World War II asset or, failing that, to list individual structures – such as the Control Tower and Bomb Stores – on the aerodrome. Did the forget the WW II lavatory?

Make no mistake, Protect Our Little Corner are throwing your Waverley Council Tax Payer money about like Smarties in their endeavours to save their own patch of the borough from development. In addition to trying to turn the aerodrome into a National treasure (AKA a Heritage Site) complete with its very own blue plaque, they’ve also sought and gained permission for a Judicial Review – another very costly Council Tax Payer money funded exercise …

… because Your Super-Efficient Waverley forgot – yes, that’s right, FORGOT! – to add a decision made by The Executive plonkers, on 2nd of December 2014 into its Constitution!

Who were the Plonkers present: On 2nd December 2014?

Councillor Robert Knowless (Chairman); Cllr Tom House-Martin (Vice Chairman); Cllr Julia Gone-to-Potts; Cllr Brain You-wouldn’t-Adams-and-Eve-it; Cllr Donal O’Neill Cllr Adam-I’m-On-my-way-to-make-squillions-Taylor-Smith; Cllr Oh! Carole King; Cllr Simon Thornton.

Read the details here: Cranleigh’s voice has spotted that mistake – that might be getting… BIGGER!

At the Executive on 6th June 2017 –  having now had the benefit of obtaining even more costly Tax-Payer-Funded legal advice – the council will vote to rectify its mistake!

As a little bit of background: This is taken from the Council Minutes.

In January 2008 the Joint Planning Committee had 48 members.
To improve its efficiency it was dropped to 23.
Then it met on an ad hoc basis.
Due to poor attendance levels (Mostly only half turned up) it was decided to introduce ‘SUBSTITUTES’ – (to ensure the committee is well represented by members across the Borough when dealing with large-scale planning applications, particularly when a number of apologies have been received. It is envisaged the arrangements will maintain the political balance and the geographical spread on the JPC.)

Now listen very carefully – we will say this only once:

ALL members of the Area Planning Committees, who are not members, will be listed as Substitutes.
Upon receipt of any apology from a member of the JPC by noon on the day of the meeting, substitute members will be arranged by the Democratic Services Team;
A substitute will be called from the same Area Planning Committee as the member giving their apology from the JPC.
The member must from the same political group as the member giving an apology and in the event that no substitute is available, no substitution will be made for that member.
It was AGREED. With effect from January 2015.




All around the borough they are whacking Waverley.

We hear from our ‘WW’ readers  in Godalming,  Haslemere and Cranleigh –   they too are turning their faces against Gone to Potts and her Executive posse.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 23.09.38.png
Once Upon a time one half of Waverley didn’t know what the other half was doing! Now it does.

It is just 24 hours since Cranleigh villagers turned out in their droves to take a vote of NO CONFIDENCE  in the Executive Tory stronghold that is …

“Your Waverley.

Just two weeks since  Farnham folk kicked into touch two Tory councillors,  narrowly missed kicking out a third – and putting people before politics.

Is ‘YW’s  face about to be given a makeover?

Here’s what they did in Cranleigh: Cranleigh’s fight back has begun. And here’s this weeks Farnham Letters Page:

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 18.27.53.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 22.10.57.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 22.10.35.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 22.09.16.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 22.09.41.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 22.10.13.png

Cranleigh’s fight back has begun.

A public meeting has decided Unanimously …

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 23.53.58.png

Cranleigh_bannerA passionate and determined crowd turned out in force to hear Cranleigh Civic Society (CCS) spell out the reasons WHY  it had called a public meeting. . . to tell more than 500 people  how their borough council and their elected councillors were representing them!

However, despite invitations – only three councillors turned up!

Mary Foryszewski (Con); Patricia Ellis (Con West) .. of the – ‘we do no hold secret meetings, they are just meetings not open to the public’) and Liz Townsend (Con West).

It was No show from the Stennett duo – Stuart and Jeanette! (Con East) No surprise there then?

(CCS)  Chairman Phil Price said the Society was working tirelessly to protect Cranleigh, and despite repeated attempts to persuade WBC to listen to residents’ concerns it had failed.. Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 23.50.05.png

He said the Society’s remit was to  protect Cranleigh and  despite its repeated attempts to  persuade WBC to “listen to a host of residents’ genuine concerns”  it had failed..  

‘Well, that is until to-day, when we received a telephone call inviting  us to meet with them!

Waverley Councils’ message to us was “We want you to know.. We really do care’  – which brought howls of derision.

He outlined the concerns that had brought so many people to the meeting:

  • 1,300 houses already granted planning permission –  was just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The lack of infrastructure including – sewage treatment; the flood risk; asbestos in 70-year-old  water pipes.  – Is it white or is it blue?
  • Polluted waterways.
  • Traffic congestion.
  • Water pressure.
  • 40% of the borough’s housing was on its way to Cranleigh!

and more…

After ( CCS) members gave detailed explanations of the problems  Cranleigh faced now, and  in the future – due to s(WBC’s)determination  to create  Cranleigh New Town. They urged the public to sign the Asbestos Petition, (open until Sunday evening) to be sent to MP Anne Milton calling for the water supply to be tested.

“As the Surrey County Councillor is here this evening perhaps he could explain how  highway authority will deal with the extra traffic? 

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.12.43.png

Questions from the floor came thick and fast : The Answers – not so fast!

  • Why was Cranleigh under-represented on the Joint Planning Committee?
  • Why was it being ‘dumped’ on?
  • Why was it being asked to accept the lions share of development almost half the borough’s quota?
  • How many brown envelopes were being handed over by Developers to gain permission?
  • Why couldn’t take Farnham’s example and leave the borough of Waverley?
  • Could it hold a Referendum to leave.
  • Why – are so many homes required – and who dictates the housing need?
  • Why wasn’t a Local Plan in place years ago?
  • Why were developers financial contributions under (106 agreements) so low.
  • Were  Cranleigh borough councillors satisfied with the authorities handling of the housing situation?
  • Why is over £177,000 being provided by Berkeley Homes towards a sports pitch for Cranleigh Public School?

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.27.35.png

Villager Eddie White Summed up the Answers to most questions:

“We are in the mess we are in here in Cranleigh because Waverley Borough Council has repeatedly failed to produce a Local Plan – No Plan – No protection.”

After two hours – The Cranleigh Civic Society proposed a Vote of No Confidence in THE EXECUTIVE of Waverley Borough Council. TWO  COUNCILLORS LEFT THE ROOM – ONE REMAINED (MARY FORYSZEWSKI. who voted against) The decision by the people of Cranleigh was Unanimous.

Read more in a  post to follow: