It’s a funny old world…in Waverley…isn’t it?

Now the Tory Tossers are fighting amongst themselves about who should be the candidate to represent Ewhurst and Cranleigh in the forthcoming County Council election.


Of course we here at the Waverley Web know that the Guildford Conservative Association has “very good reasons for not re-slecting Kodak Pete aka Alan Young, despite the plaudits from some residents being awarded to him.

After all – doesn’t everyone want to hear what Councillor Jeannette Stennett has to say? Read her letter in the Surrey Ad – but we are not printing it – because the Waverley Web never wants to scare young children!

Pity she cannot be quite so vocal speaking up for Cranleigh New town which both she and her husband – together with Councillor Young have done so much to support! And, who despite repeated attempts, refuses to answer to or speak to Cranleigh Parish Council, from which she and her husband resigned.

Perhaps  Guildford Conservatives were not  too enamoured to hear of all those”secret meetings” held behind “Your Waverley`’s closed doors. Or what Councillor Young was up to when he was Chairman of the Guidford Conservative Association.

If your own political association – that knows exactly what their elected representatives are up to has lost confidence in its candidates, and the “Locals” haven’t – then who dares wins.

 Tonight’s the night the Tory Tossers will gather together and wash all their undergarments “in secret” and announce who exactly will stand in the Surrey County Council elections in May. The contenders are: Alan Young (already de-selected), Mr Andrew Povey (former county councillor and leader of SCC – who has enough baggage to fill a Jumbo jet – and newcomer Phillip Townsend – the people’s favourite.

We bet Rosaleen Egan (UKIP) – you know the lady who with dogged determination keeps on mentioning “Your Waverley’s fraud scandal – which Tories covered up theirs, and others  incompetence, before the May 2015 elections) and a few other contenders – hope and against hope that the winner is … Mr Alan Young! … and dread it may be Mr Townsend.




… Of course it may not be if MP Anne Milton (Miss Backlash) gets her Tory whip outfit on!

Does a Touch of Frost sends shivers down your spines?

Just listen to this Pompous old boot Waverley Borough Councillor Pat Frost as she attempts to give the Farnham Residents Group a good kicking.

pat frost

If you cannot bear to listen to “Your Waverley’s” webcast… and believe us, we fully understand your reasons followers – here’s just a little of the  venom and spite she spat out at the Budget Sign-off Council Meeting!

During  Pat Frost’s  rant she fired insults at the group of INDEPENDENT Farnham councillors who, in just a few short months, have pulled “Your Waverley” up by the bootlaces, questioning every recommendation and decision that it makes.

Insults were fired like shots from a machine gun… The Vermicious Knid accused (FR) Jerry Hyman of not being “constructive” in his comments and how “disappointed” she was to hear him “having a go at the council staff.” During the meeting  successive councillors “congratulated” each other and senior officers over and over again after increasing the council tax by 5% increasing charges and cutting services.  Same staff whose  pay rise takes up most of the council tax increase. 

She warned  the “Opposition” to stop knocking “A great Balanced Budget” and to stop comparing ‘Your Waverley” with East Hants which was not increasing its council tax. Read below a comment put on the Waverley Web from its communications officer.

How long has their been any OPPOSITION at Waverley – a year – how long has Councillor Frost been a Waverley Councillor? 25 YEARS!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.01.12.png

and…  how long has Jerry Hyman been a Waverley Councillor just Six short months! But watch this space because the Independents are coming!!!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.02.04.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.30.03.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.30.26.png

Pre – Election Stress Disorder hits Ewhurst and Cranleigh.



Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 10.54.53.pngApparently Jeannette Stennett ( she of the infamous and Dubious- Duo), Stephen Dennison and Peter Van den Bergh (of margarine fame)  are all suffering from a variation of PESD – a newly identified condition known as Post Election Stress Disorder. Although in this case the threesome  are suffering from

Pre-Election Stress Disorder.

The Triplets, as they shall henceforth be known,  all appear to be fully paid up members of the Councillor Alan Young Fan Club, and have written to the Surrey Advertiser to express their outrage that their darling has been deselected by the Guildford Conservative Association (GCA).

Whilst not being a torch-bearer for Councillor Young, the Waverley Web has some sympathy with their annoyance because it would seem that the local Tories, true to type, of not wanting to wash the party’s dirty linen in public, have refused to reveal their reasons for de-selecting Councillor Young.

According to The Triplets, Councillor Young is a ‘very able and popular Surrey County Councillor’, ‘a hard working councillor who listens to constituents, follows up concerns of the public and, more than most elected officials, gets things done,’ and ‘has been an outstanding councillor who has worked extremely hard and effectively on behalf of Cranleigh and Ewhurst communities.’

High praise indeed. In fact, if The Triplets are to be believed, Councillor Alan Young is an all round good egg – but they would say that wouldn’t they …

Well, one thing’s for sure, AY  has certainly demonstrated that he’s very adept at positive self PR;  pulling  off a bit of a coup getting three of his ‘groupies’ to not only write to the Surrey Advertiser to express their ‘astonishment and anger that … his name is not even on the list of potential Conservative candidates for the forthcoming County Council election’, but in getting all three letters published. No mean feat that we can tell you!

Councillor Stennett says in her letter, thatIn spite of numerous requests, the Guildford [Conservative] Association has refused to provide a reason for this decision’. Strange really that she has time to write letters, but hadn’t the good manners to answer for her actions when asked to appear before Cranleigh Parish Council, or, represent villagers views on controversial planning applications!  

Now, as alluded to earlier, the Waverley Web is not a worshipper at the alter of Saint Alan  but may be  his fan club has a point. It’s ridiculous, not to say bordering on the ludicrous in this day and age, for the GCA to refuse to give its reasons for de-selecting a Councillor other than to describe the matter as a ‘delicate situation’.

For heaven’s sake, if this website can publish a photo-shop of the Deputy Dominatrix (AKA Another-Fine-Mess AKA Matron Milton)Cranleigh’s very own Matron calls for an … Enema! wielding a whip in a pair of black stockings and frilly unmentionables, surely the Tory Party can unbutton itself and  tell its constituents, why it doesn’t think Councillor Young is a suitable candidate for the Selection List for the Cranleigh and Ewhurst Conservative Association.

Suffice to say our mole, deep within the local Tory Party, has given us the bare bones of the Party’s concerns and there are plenty of good reasons, frankly, whilst they’re not edifying they’re no worse than the mutters that have been doing the rounds in the gutters of Cranleigh and Ewhurst for some time!  The usual party disloyalty, public disloyalty, personal disloyalty, and a fair bit of brown-nosing – but after all don’t all Tory Tossers do that!!

Now, as our regular readers know, the Waverley Web does not like to over-indulge in rumour and speculation – OK, well, not without good reason! We and our correspondents value honesty, integrity and transparency – it’s our raison d’etre, you might say.

Meanwhile, the GCA appears to be indulging in a nasty dose of raison d’état!

After all, this is the man of whom the Deputy Dominatrix  Guildford’s MP Matron Milton said, in the run up to the May 2013 local elections: ‘Alan has done a fantastic job for the people of Cranleigh and Ewhurst and has achieved a huge amount in just two years. He has worked extremely hard and has a well deserved reputation for getting things done. He is a well established part of the community and I can’t recommend him highly enough.’

So what’s gone   wrong in the intervening four years, Anne? Do tell us, surely, your constituents whom you once urged to vote for him, deserve to know?

If the GCA won’t come clean and tell The Triplets and the wider Cranleigh and Ewhurst Constituency what it finds so – now, how shall we phrase this delicately so as not to offend   Councillor Y’s candidacy, in the interests of transparency someone else will reveal what’s swirling in the gutters of Cranleigh and, in doing so, raise the GCA’s Victorian  skirts to reveal not only those dirty-drawers but the unedifying underbelly of the GCA.

As for Stennett and  Young – ( they are well a truly up to their necks in   secret meetings with developers who are now swarming like bees all over the East of the borough.)  Let’s hope they don’t live to regret aligning themselves with him, and he doesn’t come to regret whipping up his Groupies into a frenzy on his behalf.  Because if there’s any whipping to be done it’s best left to the DD herself!

Oh! and one candidate for the final selection next week has already pulled out, so we are putting our money on Phillip Townsend – a man who truly cares about the Eastern villages, and unlike Andrew Povey, former disgraced leader of Surrey County Council, isn’t up to his neck in sleaze and carrying enough baggage to fill a Jumbo Jet!

So come on GCA, show us what you’re made of.

The WWeb  challenges you to demonstrate that you can treat the local electorate like grown-ups and tell them, honestly, why you think Councillor Alan Young is as unsuitable to be a Tory candidate, as we do?  The key to absolution is to be honest and if you and the D D- – have changed your minds about him, treat the voting fodder like  adults  and say  why! Go on, we dare you … spill the beans before someone else does it for you!

Because … it may very well  be us. animated-spider-image-0157

Don’t fret Mary that your best just isn’t good enough. Ten out of ten for trying!

If you need convincing that Councillor Mary Foryszewski isn’t fighting hard enough to Care for Cranleigh then watch the poor woman’s performance at a recent meeting of “Your Waverley’s” Joint Planning Committee. (At the bottom of this post.)

She said she could “cry” and  “weep” at the way the East of the borough is turning, (freudian slip,   the…  “town … I mean village of Cranleigh” into one great big building site.

Watch her below  fighting to persuade her Waverley JPC colleagues  not to allow  planning conditions imposed by a Government Inspector to be varied on Berkeley Homes’ scheme for 425 homes in Cranleigh to be  varied with their blessing.

Along with her parish council colleague Councillor Richard Bryant, who addressed the meeting from the public gallery earlier, she said they wanted to ensure that the work on the bridges over the Nuthurst  and Littlemead  streams were constructed first. This  could ensure the  site off Knowle Lane and  backing onto the high street would not flood, or the area around.  Both  also spoke of their concern that all the construction traffic for Phase 1 would  access Knowle Lane through the high street rather than via  Alfold Road into Elmbridge Road which accesses Phases 2,3, and ….

Needless to say…

… if you listen to the clip below,  Muppet  Mulliner (Con; Haslemere East and Grayshot ) has got it wrong and the planning officer points this out to him,  that actually it is not until Phases 2, 3 and 4 are built that the bridges will be constructed.

So that’s alright then. Build 55 expensive homes on fields that have flooded – sell them, because now the Berkeley Bunnies have no restrictions preventing them from doings so… and,  if and when,  the rest of the affordable homes are built they cannot actually be occupied until the bridges have been built. Oh! and let’s not worry about nearby properties and the shops in Stocklund Square!

Let’s all hope the rains don’t fall on them there plains  on “Poor Old Cranleigh,”in the meantime?

Both streams regularly  flood and Cranleigh was under water, according to  records,  in 1968,  1981, 1985, and several times since. Sorry chaps the b****rs  have removed that section of the video so now you will have to watch the whole meeting here:


Congratulations to “Your Waverley” for only increasing council tax by 5% – but … what about the hidden extra charges?

Car Parking Charges UP. No free car parking for the Disabled unless they are claiming benefits. Some public toilets to close. No green waste collection in Haslemere & Godalming. Planning application charges – UP. Building Control charges – UP. Supply of Council Agendas/committee papers UP, event charges UP– Care Line charges for the vulnerable elderly – UP, grant to parish and town councils – down,  and there’s more much more…In addition: Surrey County Council tax increase UP 5%  – Business Rates going…going…going… yes, you guessed, UP and UP!

After watching “Your Waverley” sign off the Annual Budget at the Full Council Meeting this week – we almost lost the will to live… in … “Your Waverley”… however we need 


to hang around from our tangled web awhile… yet?

In  a spin of a cobweb this is how things  went:

Councillors lined up, yes one after another in a long queue to congratulated themselves and everyone else, other than of course the council cat,  for their huge achievement.





THE OPPOSITION – AND IN PARTICULAR COUNCILLOR JERRY HYMAN, FARNHAM RESIDENTS GROUP (who has been in post for a couple of months) and has been given a verbal smack about the head ever since he dared to sit on his hard earned hot seat…

…   for not coming up with more imaginative ways of saving money… Really Councillor Hyman – you must try harder!!

Well here’s a few SAVINGS the Waverley Web came up with:

  • Cut the final salary pension scheme
  • Reduce the – number of councillors.
  • reduce attendance and special responsibility allowances
  • pay annual allowance based on attendance and representation on outside bodies.
  • explore a full merger with other councils – partivularly East Surrey and West SsussecCounty Councils.
  • and… last but not least – let poor old “Wen-am I – Leaving…leave!

Angry and frustrated Haslemere councillors are calling for thei  removal of their town from Waverley “because we get nothing from WBC and are having our car parking charges hiked again – making them  more expensive than some Guildford car parks!” It’s residents want to move into East Hampshire, which isn’t increasing its council tax or over into West Sussex – where in most cases car parking is free, gratis and for nothing and  where its Age UK, and old people’s services, are flourishing!

Where have we heard that before … didn’t Farnham petition Her Majesty The Queen to seek permission to be surgically removed from the borough of Waverley? Embarassing or what for “Our Jeremy” the Secretary of State for health!

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 22.56.05.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 22.57.41.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 23.00.08.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-15 at 23.03.17.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 23.03.25.png

Will Farnham’s Fearless, Famous Five get their days in Court?


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 18.28.18.png

Of course if “Your Waverley” hadn’t challenged the people’s right to a Judicial Review it would have probably been well under way by now…

Instead the town is in a sort of limbo… as the clock ticks awaiting the Court’s decision on the preliminary hearing to prove the claimant’s legal status. So the question on everyone’s lips is – “will  Farnham’s Famous Fearless Five” fall at the first fence – or – will they take the massive leap that will see them over the fence to stand face to face with local authority and developer giants at a Judicial Review.

Of course it could be a waste of the council taxpayers money – but “Your Waverley” couldn’t give a damn about that – after all there’s plenty more dosh  where that came from … isn’t there?

But the delay is not all bad for the angry and frustrated people of Farnham is it? Because although the perpetrators of the fight reached their target for its funding in just two months – others elsewhere in the borough are watching Farnham’s Fight – ready to pitch in with more!


Because thanks to the Farnham Herald and the Waverley Web everyone in the borough can read all about it!


 Because this is not just Farnham’s fight – it is the people of Waverley’s fight too.






Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 14.59.03.png



Here are the men and women who have had the guts to stand up for Farnham against the might of “Your Waverley” and its New Best Friend – Crest Nicholson.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.48.42.png

Going down Effluent Creek!


We received more than just a few comments following  our recent post entitled – Click here: Cranleigh’s very own Matron calls for an … Enema! 

In fact that particular post received almost 1,000 hits in just one day – from all over the world! So now The East’s Shitgate Scandal has gone viral!

A few of the same old, same old, comments from the  ‘Protect Our Waverley’ bunch who only want to protect a tiny bit of it to prevent the largest brown field site being developed in favour of the green green grass,  and the flood plains in the countryside!

Sadly some didn’t quite get our point about the urgent need to deal properly with the affluent’s effluent so perhaps they can take a few moments to  rev up their brain cells and read the post below.

Because – if something isn’t done soon – even their tiny bit of Waverley will be damaged beyond recognition.

Perhaps it would also be a wise move for Bramley’s By-Pass Byham  to take a closer look at  his patch – because… as he will read from the bottom of the Cranleigh Civic Society’s very thorough investigation in the post below that…“the only liquid flowing towards Bramley has been through Cranleigh’s toilets first.” Whoops! By-Pass Byham may need a different sort of By-Pass if he ignores this sad situation and persists in supporting and voting for planning applications in and around Cranleigh – because there are plenty more to come!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 18.40.02.png

Read the full Cranleigh Civic Society post here:

Cranleigh’s very own Matron calls for an … Enema!

or … this post could be called Annie – THAT’S ANOTHER FINE MESS YOU’VE GOTTEN US INTO!

Anne Frances Milton, MP has been aptly named: AFM – AKA: Another- Fine-Mess! Because she’s up to her elbows in Developer-led-Do-Do!

anne milton

Ms Backlash.

The MP for Guildford has clearly let her current role as the Government’s Deputy Dominatrix go to her head. For, in her capacity as Deputy Chief Government Whip for the House of Commons, Mrs Milton has spent so much time tearing around the House of Commons letting rogue MPs feel the lick of her leather thong that she thinks she can use those same tactics to bring the Dunsfold Park Developer to heel.

Thwarted in her oft repeated ambition to prevent housing development on the borough’s largest Brownfield site, the Government’s Deputy Dominatrix has donned her leather Jackboots and is stomping all over Cranleigh telling anyone who’ll listen that she’ll make Dunsfold Park pay for the new sewage treatment plant the gonna-be-town requires.

Having expended all her energy fighting Dunsfold Park and none whatsoever in ensuring that other developers – Berkeley Homes, Cala Homes, Crest Nicholson … to name but a few – dig into their own deep pockets and contribute to the provision of a new sewage treatment plant for the village they are busy turning into a town – not to mention replacement of the asbestos water pipes – the Government’s Deputy Dominatrix now wants Dunsfold Park to stump up in order to cover-up her shortcomings in the poo department!

She has fought Dunsfold Park tooth and nail and, even now, insists the application might still be scuppered by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, whom she’s been hounding to do her bidding. Rumour has it, after a trip to see Fifty Shades Darker, Mrs Milton has been seen stalking DCLG with a leather flogger and nipple clamps! If Sajid Javid isn’t quaking in his boots he should be!

But we digress! The DD has been telling anyone who will listen that she has ‘grave concerns’ over issues such as sewage and flooding …

HELLO! Is she on the planet Zonk ? – Cranleigh to Annie! …

Dunsfold Park is one of the few developers in the East of the Borough who’s not building on a flood plain and the only one, to our knowledge here at the WW, that is actually planning to circumvent Cranleigh’s sewage-saga by building its  own state of the art treatment plant.

Could the woman be more out of touch if she tried? Her own government has embraced a brownfield first policy – pledging one million more homes and to get planning permission in place on 90% of suitable brownfield sites for housing, thus ramping up their commitment to building on brownfield sites – and all the while she’s sticking two fingers up to brownfield development on her doorstep in neighbouring Dunsfold.

So what is it that’s driving the D D to such excesses? Is it, as has been hinted at, that she’s terrified donations to her constituency coffers will dry up if she doesn’t cow-tow to the supporters of PoW and their holier-than-thou-brown-cow?

If that’s the case, she needs to grow up! Take off the blinkers – or do we mean shades? All 50 of them! Her constituency is one of those remarkable pockets of the country where if they pinned a blue rosette on the arse of a monkey  the party faithful would vote for it!

The Waverley Web suspects is that there might actually be some substance to the rumours that she the has allowed personal animosity to colour her dealings with Dunsfold Park. More than one of our correspondents tells us the local MP says she can’t stand Dunsfold Park and  will do whatever it takes to stop the project in its tracks.

Instead of constantly trying to skewer Dunsfold Park, why doesn’t DD  chase the BB’s (Berkeley Homes)? Why not ask them cough the dosh  to build a new sewage works in Cranleigh to take the effluent from its  affluent 426-home  development on Knowle Lane?

Or, why not ask  Cala Homes?  They need to shift a shed-load of shit from the 125 homes they’re building on Amlets Lane.

Not forgetting  Crest Nicholson. It will soon be regurgitating a few tonnes of sewage from its shit pit holding tanks at the  149 homes development in Horsham Road into the main sewers.

And whilst we’re on this tack, what about picking up the phone to  Threadneedle Investments to ask them to dig into their very deep pockets and make a contribution to all the shit-shifting that will be required for the 120 homes they’ve just secured planning permission for on Hewitts Industrial Estate, and of course the 75 homes at Little Meadow’s?

But before she does, let’s pause a moment and do the maths for the Deputy Dominatrix, shall we?

426  homes + 125 homes + 149 homes + 120 homes + 75 = 895  new homes all in Cranleigh … and counting. There will be another 265 when the Knowle Park Initiative (when the Flying Dutchman – a strong “supporter” of the DD gets planning permission for 265 + homes in a few days time!

And then, of course, there’s all that development in the pipe-line over in Alfold where Thakeham Homes want to build 465 homes on the Springbok Estate and 120 have already been approved on Loxwood Road, not to mention the 45 homes that are proposed on land adjacent to Brockhurst Farm …

We could go on, DD but, surely, even you – bogged down in the latrines as you are – are beginning to get a glimpse of the bigger picture. Where’s all this developer do-do going? According to our sources in Alfold, Thakeham are planning to pipe theirs all the way to Cranleigh. So why don’t you give Rob Boughton, MD of Thakeham Homes, a tongue-lashing and see if you can harangue him into helping fund a new sewage treatment works in Cranleigh?

But, before you do, put us out of our misery and answer this one burning question: Why is it you’re happy for the developers of 1,429 plus homes over there in the East of the Borough to shunt their shit to Cranleigh sewage works, without contributing a penny for  a new Fart Factory, and yet Dunsfold Park – which plans to build it’s own state of the art sewage system so it doesn’t have to shovel shit onto Cranleigh – is also expected, by you, to subsidise all those other developers by paying to build Cranleigh’s new Fart Factory?

Isn’t it time Anne started talking to the affluent about their effluent rather than expecting Dunsfold Park to keep taking all the shit – and trust us there’s a hell of a lot of that flying around Waverley and, sooner or later, some of it’s going to land on you.

So there you have it folks, Anne Frances Milton your local MP really was aptly named AFM – cos that’s ANOTHER FINE MESS she’s got you into! She’s up to her elbows in do-do!

” This is what happens when people fight and win the battle to hang onto their heritage- The Beryl Harvey Memorial field.


When the villagers of Cranleigh heard that their former parish council chairman had a”cunning plan” to change a memorial conservation area into another development site – as if poor old Cranleigh hadn’t enough – they had other ideas.

Their Conservation volunteers joined allotment holders and some of the more enlightened and caring parish councillors and together, with the Cranleigh civic Society – you know the one that consistently speaks up for Cranleigh – they called a public meeting and….

Stopped the “cunning plan” in its tracks!!

Not only did the son of the late Gordon Harvey oppose another alternative use for the memorial field given in memory of his mother the late Beryl Harvey, he was joined by hundreds of others to ensure another green field did not bite the dust.

Now – thanks to a vastly different make-up in the  membership of the Cranleigh Parish council the future of the site has been protected – to ensure there will be no land grabbing here! 

So now – all is happiness and light in this little corner of Cranleigh. Whilst all around it  will be full of bulldozers and earth movers , noise and dust thanks to the determination of the good people of Craneigh – this will remain a little bit of heaven on earth.

You can read all about the latest developments here:

Well done Cranleigh  for thwarting this scurrilous attempt to undermine the wishes of a benefactor – may others follow in your footsteps – particularly in Farnham!!