Where will this madness end?

 Over there in the East  they wonder why so  many people in the rest of Waverley favour one of the largest brown field sites in the borough  being developed?

Come on Protect Our Waverley – start practising what you preach – start Protecting Our Waverley’s countryside and the character of our towns.

Because REAL green fields are going under concrete on a daily basis, and idiots, who literally cannot see the wood for the trees (some of them ancient – and about to be felled – trees that is – sadly not idiots ) are doing everything, and we mean everything, to stop development on brownfield sites.

Thankfully another Inspector has, just days ago, over-ruled a local decision and  allowed another brownfield site to be developed.

Shopkeepers have/are being threatened if they don’t put up posters, villagers/councillors/MP’s arms are regularly being twisted and untold untruths are being peddled – will 2017 see more of the same?

Since Christmas Waverley Planners have been faced with applications to “garden grab” in Hindheld, turn bungalows into five bedroom houses in Haslemere,  and turn single family homes into three separate dwellings.   Helicopters fly over the highways and byways of our towns and villages looking for development opportunities. And… almost all the applications come with an officers’ recommendation to approve – but some are being resisted by councillors.

The Waverley Web has been contacted by householders who are regularly bombarded with letters from developers wanting to buy their properties – some of whom are very old and are refusing to answer their doors to unknown callers. One such resident told the WW…

“I have lived in this old house all my life and intend to end my days here, if I can, but my twilight years are being damaged by callers/letters/telephone calls from people wanting to buy my home. The home my late husband and I bought to nest in – not invest in!”

When and where will this madness end?


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