Another kick in that Appeal decision’s tail?

Yesterday’s post revealed that a highly controversial decision affecting another of the borough’s Brownfield sites … yes you guessed… the dumb planning “experts”  refused it – then went behind closed doors…to say it should be allowed for housing  … and then… defended their decision to refuse at Appeal. – How much it cost “US” of course we shall never know… and could cost us in the future if Threadneedle’s costs are awarded to them?

WHY… All because they want to build their own industrial estate (with this man) non other than Hamish Robbie on GREEN BELT next to  Mansfield Park, Cranleigh

and … have Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 21.01.32.png set aside one  million pounds of “Your Money.” with which to do so…


Yes, your jaws should be dropping by now… but regular readers of the Waverley Web won’t be a bit surprised will they? And there we were thinking that “Your Waverley’s” duplicity only affected the town of Farnham – Welcome to Waverley’s World over there in the East of the borough! And a Happy New Year to Farnham’s Fearless Famous Five who take WBC To Judicial Review in the Courts on January 31st!

Here’s yesterday’s post but there is a sting in the tailNews at Ten?

Because… The Inspector is demanding Waverley allow for a 20% buffer due to their chronic under delivery over the last 9 years, after TWO OTHER Inspectors also suggested this approach in 2016. Yet Waverley ignored that in the eLP (emerging Local Plan.)

In particular the Inspector was critical of Waverley relying on Greenfield sites for a 5 year supply rather than allocating brownfield sites such as this!

Waverley now only has a 3.4 to 4.6 year land supply.

Back to the drawing board?! A disaster looms at the Inspection of the Plan! Relevant extracts below..

10. I recognise that market conditions for the housing sector have been difficult during at least part of the period since 2009. However, this is a sufficiently lengthy period to gain a long term view and reasonable understanding of delivery. Given its length, combined with the current scale of the shortfall that has accumulated over that period, which exceeds 874 dwellings for the period 2013-16 alone, the application of an increased buffer of 20% is warranted.

15. Since the Inquiry closed it has brought to my attention that eLP has been submitted to the Secretary of State (SoS) for independent examination. Nonetheless, the eLP is still in its early stages and given that the majority of proposed strategic housing allocations within it appear to involve at least some greenfield land and as there are likely to be objections to some and possibly all of those allocations, they cannot be considered to be deliverable in the terms of the Framework, at the very least not to the extent predicted by the Council during the five year period in question.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.05.22.pngYou can read the appeal decision here:hewitts-appeal-decision-5-jan-2017

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