No picture! Oh dear – not a good start to 2017?



Well this must be a first for poor old Alan Young the Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst? Could his star be on the wane? Could his cosy relationship with the Surrey Advertiser Picture Desk be over. Sob sob… no picture to accompany his little foray into the countryside – picking up litter.

Surely this was a first class picture opportunity  for Kodak Pete “Young”...?

So we want to publish his public spirited actions of picking up your litter you louts over there in the East… shame on you all…!!

And… as for you Dr Edward Breeveld surely you understand that cutting down mature trees and filling in ponds doesn’t come close to dropping a drink can in the countryside around Ewhurst. Silly old you!! And…surely you must understand that if you are a Surrey County Councillor you can do whatever you like? So our advice to you Dr Breeveld is… join Councillor Young  when Spring has Sprung in March 207 for  the Great British Spring Clean. 

Mind you – you may have do it with the other villages who pride themselves on the cleanliness of their immaculate environment in the Surrey Hills – because we have a strong feeling that Councillor Young may soon be looking elsewhere for other rows to hoe?  

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