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That’s right, folks, you read it here first! Threadneedle Investments has overcome opposition from Waverley Borough Council Planners, who refused their application under delegated powers, and the NIMBY’s in Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, who were so opposed they wrote letters of objection, to win a planning appeal to build 120 houses on the former Hewitts Industrial Estate in Cranleigh.

The Inspector gave it as his opinion that:

‘Overall, notwithstanding the loss of employment premises/land that would result from the appeal scheme, I have identified no conflict with the development plan and found the proposals to be sustainable development in the terms of the Framework. Consequently, the appeal is allowed subject to the identified conditions.’

One or two members of the Chamber of Commerce will, no doubt, be heaving huge sighs of relief as they read this because, despite their opposition to the housing scheme, the fear of God was put into them when they heard that the John Lewis Partnership was eyeing up the site for a new Waitrose / John Lewis should the planning appeal fail. Read here: THE LONG WAIT(rose) MAY FINALLY BE OVER?

The majority of local residents are pleased too as it means they will finally be rid of the eyesore that is an obsolete trading estate whose buildings are well past their sell-by date, fit only for demolition. Not to mention that finally, finally, yes, FINALLY, some housing will be built on a brownfield site in the UK’s biggest village rather than on yet another one of its green fields.

No doubt the Stennett duo will be gnashing their teeth and deceased former Councillor Brian Ellis (RIP) will be spinning in his grave because they were three of the Caring-Cranleigh-Councillors who were opposed to the proposal.

Councillor Stewart Stennett prefers building on his own green fields to lining the pockets of brown field developers and has previously had to declare a financial interest in other potential green field developments in Cranleigh.

His wife and cohort, Jeannette Stennett, was recently barred from voting on Dunsfold Park’s planning application because she was stupid enough (ooops! Silly us! Of course, we meant to say unwise enough!) to pre-determine the application in a letter to the Surrey Advertiser!

To rub salt into the wound, Stew-Pot – regular readers will recall – threw his toys out of the pram and resigned from Cranleigh Parish Council but hasn’t had the humility to realise that having resigned his mandate to represent the people of Cranleigh on the Parish Council he now has no moral authority with which to continue representing them at borough level. But then no one could accuse Stew-Pot of having any moral compass when it comes to development in his own back yard.

The Waverley Web is now waiting, with baited breath, to see whether Threadneedle Investments pursues Waverley Borough Council for costs – yes, that’s right, you read it correctly. We did say COSTS!

This could be yet more costs that Waverley officers don’t give a toss about because they’re not the ones picking up the bill at the end of the day. That will fall on the shoulders of and come out of the pockets of the poor old Council Tax Payers. If it came out of the Planning Team’s annual bonus pot no doubt we would see quite a sea change in relation to the Officers’ decision making processes and recommendations …

What was that noise we heard …? 

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Any minute now dogsbody I shall hit the floor with a thump!!



Oh, not to worry, only Liz ‘The Biz’ Sims falling off her perch at the thought of actually having to pick up the tab for her Officers’ mistakes!


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  1. Good that common sense has prevailed and that a suitable brown field site has been found for new housing in Cranleigh. But the planning officers at Waverley are also still intent on covering our ancient green fields with new housing estates, as Cranleigh offers them the path of least resistance for their ill-thought-out daft Local Plan.

  2. In the meantime the developers are all lining up to send in the bulldozers on every green field in the East, West, North and South of the Borough – and you may be aware some dozy residents are trying to prevent other brownfield sites being developed?

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