This wonderful world that is Waverley.

As we sweep the nutshells under the carpet, stack the empties into the recycling bins and sort through our environmentally friendly wrapping paper … it is time to reflect on the past and the future.

 We now have Guildford/Cranleigh  MP Matron Milton  not content with controlling her own ward demanding that the views of the democratically elected members of “Your Waverley” on the future of Dunsfold airfield go into the bins marked ‘TRASH’ whilst  Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt whose patch actually includes Dunsfold is eager to see homes built there. And… he actually lives in Markwick Lane, Dunsfold.

No doubt they nodded to each other at the Westminster Jivolities over Christmas – or maybe – they both agree that Waverley, just like Mrs Miton’s constituency of Guildford, needs to take their share of more homes, but Annie fears for the future of her Cranleigh support  so is covering her backside by joining campaigners to get the Secretary of State to overturn the decision. Saying  she is “On the case”

The Waverley Web overheard a member of Woking Borough Council say recently he would:  “give his eye teeth to have such a huge brownfield site as Dunsfold  aerodrome in my patch.” But, then of course Dunsfold or the villages of Alfold /Dunsfold /Hascombe and Loxwood aren’t in his patch or for that matter in Annie’s patch are they?

Now  South West Surrey’s JH has thrown a great big spanner in the works – must have been talking to our friend Bramley’s very own By-Pass Byham?    announcing he is in talks with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling about re-opening the Downlink Railway line closed more than 50 years ago,  which would relieve pressure on the A281 Horsham to Guildford route. So impressed was he by Waverley Borough Councillor Nick Holder’s concern for the road that he knocked on the door of the Transport Department and asked them to give it a go.  They said yes, and would give him an answer in the New Year.

Now isn’t that clever – and isn’t that what the Flying Scotsman suggested more than a decade ago? Now JH thinks it’s a good idea to think up “creative solutions to help people get around over the next 10/20 years when the new homes are built.” ONLY TOOK A DECADE TO COME TO THAT CONCLUSION!   and… you know what Scottie could probably have afforded to do it back then?

Will re-opening the line put a … 


smile on Annie’s face   – Definitely Not – she is already on record saying if the railway was to return Cranleigh IT would morph into a New Town. Oh, perhaps she hasn’t noticed – with 800 homes already approved … it already has!  

JUST YOU WATCH THIS SPACE – WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO COMPLAIN ABOUT RE-OPENING THE RAILWAY LINE..?  Yep… you guessed the villagers of Bramley including BPByham … because he lives in Linersh Wood which backs on the old railway line! but then BPB is an expert at looking after his own backyard and so***** up everyone elses!

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 08.17.33.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-30 at 08.18.20.png

So Transport Secretary  Chris Grayling may hold the key to The east of Waverley’s future growth?

2 thoughts on “This wonderful world that is Waverley.”

  1. JH has just sold his home in Marwick Lane apparently. He can’t bear the thought of the potential problems the new town will bring so he is getting out while the going is still good. A move towards Farnham I hear!
    And as for “Scottie”, no, he most definitely would not have had the money last time. The last fight completely emptied the coffers and a lucky sale to Trinity was the saviour.
    With £400m in reserve, Trinity can put up a good fight now if they have to and keep paying their Dev team here aplenty in the meantime.

  2. *Correction… JH just walked past me on his way back to his house so my mistake, he hasn’t gone just yet.

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