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But in the spirit of Christmas and goodwill to all men we are posting a comment:Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.16.51

In our opinion Rosaleen Egan’s comment deserves a post of its own on the Waverley Web.

Nothing much gets past this thorn in the side of “Your Waverley” who is still nibbling at the knees of that deceitful, disingenuous bunch at Waverley Towers who are determined not to “mention that fraud.”

Not satisfied with keeping her beady eye on the shenanigans of a group of Waverley officers and councillors who deserve to be severely reprimanded… for hiding the “bad news of that Fraud” shortly before the 2015 elections!

Rosalyn Egan  has turned her sights on the beleaguered town of Cranleigh  and is standing for the seat in Cranleigh West made vacant by the death of Brian Ellis. Pity that Tory Councillor Ellis, who colluded with developers for years, who called for more footfall in the high street,  sadly won’t be alive to see  the results of all his efforts? 

No surprise then that Mrs Egan  picked up on our post yesterday’s and did a bit of investigation of her own. Well done Rosaleen (a) that you have leafleted Cranleigh, (b) that you’ve dug even deeper into the festering refuse pit that is Surrey County Council. We could do with more people like you to torture from the inside,  the bearers of much of Waverley/Surrey’s misfortune.

And… don’t you go around believing you haven’t got a chance in the forthcoming Cranleigh By-election. Many of the blue brigade’s voters are pretty pissed off at present and not much impressed   with the Tory Tossers now they are slinging concrete with gay abandon all over the East/West/North/and South of Waverley.  We’ve heard that developers want to build on  the i-cloud, plenty of space up there?

In the spirit of fairness – it is that time of year – others standing for the Cranleigh West seat are: Liz Townsend (Conservative) and founder of The Cranleigh Society; and Richard Cole (Lib Dems)The election takes place on Wednesday 21 December and if you have not received a polling card you can still vote.

You can read yesterday’s post here: Oh no there isn’t… oh yes there is..

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Glad you liked the snow in WW land where secrets are revealed and “Your Waverley’s” actions are played out in  pantomime and fairytales .

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