Oh no there isn’t… oh yes there is..

Whose right about fly tipping? Because Surrey County Council claim there’s  been no increase in fly tipping. – Well we hear from our followers all over the borough of Waverley that rubbish is now frequently found in all the towns and villages.  But worry not, because  “Your Waverley” has decided to instal CCTV cameras to spot the fly tipping perishers and land them with a thumping great fine. Good for you at Waverley Towers!

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So be careful this Christmas – Big Brother is Watching you!

The  article taken from the Farnham Herald reveals how seriously Waverley’s very own Councillor “Gentleman” Jim is taking the scourge and how he intends to deal with residents who “Mess” with him!!! and mess up “Our Waverley.”

P.S. There will be people inspecting the fly tipping for evidence of exactly from whence it came – so… it may not be Father Christmas coming down chim chiminey but the boys  in blue… more likely black when they get down though!

You have been warned!

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3 thoughts on “Oh no there isn’t… oh yes there is..”

  1. Oh dear, I must be very sad. I have spent the day on the probably fruitless task of leafletting Cranleigh West and thought I deserved a glass of wine and sit down and read my favourite blog. Having read it I decided to check what it costs per tonne for landfill tax. (as I said sad!)

    Most of the £4/bag that SSC are charging is what is called rubble and can be crushed for re-use and the tax is £2.60/tonne. The soft waste, non recyclable, is charged at £82.40/tonne but as it is household waste they can’t charge us because we would just fill our bins to overflowing so it is, as I thought when I complained when the charges were introduced. a right royal rip off so they can pay themselves ludicrous amounts of money.

    I shall stand for SCC in May, probably won’t get many votes because I am afraid the average Surrey resident only sees blue, they moan about the taxes etc but the answer is in their hands. Grow a pair and kick this sorry lot out.

    Still snowing in WW land I see, reminds me of happy times – you know when you thought the people elected were honest and there for you – then I remembered T Dan Smith et al, nothing really changes.

  2. Sorry to be pedantic but please change “Whose…..” to “Who;s,,,,,” Thanks and wishing you loads of re-cycled Festive Fun and Frolics, R.Z.

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