Let’s all stand together?

This will put you in the mood: 

 We don’t wish to pee on anyone’s parade or upset all our friends at Protect Our Waverley but we’re  worried that now the Dunsfold application has been approved they may  have time on their hands. Time they and we could put to good use.

May we respectfully suggest that East meets West and we  all adopt the  Protect Our Waverley slogan and actually do what the name suggests …and join together .. Think of the force we could become? And we could then…..
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Please take the time to read through some of the schemes proposed in the West of the borough. Dozens have already been granted, some are at appeal and some awaiting decisions. Here’s one in Frensham Vale:  Just imagine POW – if we all worked together to defend the countryside how effective we could be? Just a thought. If not could we please borrow some of your placards?

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And there are too many to even mention – suffice to say – they weigh planning applications at Waverley now! 

16.02.18 - Plans in pipeline for 120-home 'hamlet'.jpg

Here’s another in Farnham: 16-10-20-crunch-time-for-protestors-copy



3 thoughts on “Let’s all stand together?”

  1. SORRY WARING – RANT – Tune out if you are Bored with the whole thing!!!!

    WW – If you go back through the emails and posts – you will know I asked you to do this – Many Many, months ago – Alas you didn’t take this on board – I am sure you are tongue in cheek anyway – But I honestly wished we could have done this – Now we have such an East/West Split – And you know why.

    It is such a shame as the only way we can ensure that WBC are kept in check is if we all stick together – But We Don’t. – And probably won’t now we know how the West feels about the East. Whether you like it or not – You have a TOWN – You have Trains, you have Schools, medical/ and Businesses. and let’s be Honest about A Roads – there is a huge difference Between the A3 the A281 They are both A Roads – Really ???? PLEEEZE Don’t put them in the same category. You know that despite the awful congestion you suffer in the west – you at least have access to the train Network – WE DON’T

    We have a Big old site that has a runway and Business Buildings – a lot of which I believe are due to lose their Licences in 2018 (I could be wrong but it is soon) In which case the land would revert back to being Green Field – Would it???????? – If I am wrong Tell me, But isn’t there something a bit Odd here????

    YOU and others have made us feel like we are a bunch of Parochial Numptys with nothing more in our minds than the view from the ends of our gardens and whether we can commute to the City – We are Not – and I am afraid you are so very wrong. From a personal Point of view – None of this affects Me Personally (Apart from the ability to commute 1.5 times per week to London) –

    It is more than that. It is about losing something that can never be regained, If you don’t think what we have in these little Villages is important then just say it. It is Not about Brownfield/Greenfield. It is about using land, that is available, WHERE IT IS NEEDED – We need Homes here in Waverley – We just don’t need a New Settlement of 1800 – 2600 Here in the Middle of no-where We need Homes for Young Families and we need care for the Elderly all of which we can provide Locally – We do NOT need the argument that just because WBC haven’t got a local Plan we have to have every Developer coming in and Stealing our Greenfields or any other piece of land – we need controlled development – Why Oh Why don’t WBC do that ?? Stop Using DP as an excuse for the lack of any sort of Gumption from WBC. it is the Easy way out – for Lazy-People – If They can’t stop it then what the hell are they doing ?? =- Planning Officials are not Gods – Say NO!

    We need to be strong enough to tell the Planning Officers that it is wrong and NO – Why are we being led by them????? I know the Lack of Local Plan is an issue – But they are NOT IN CHARGE

    I feel for Farnham and especially Cranleigh – And all of the Towns that are suffering – But I have one simple – Silly question………. Why do you have so much Green Belt in the West? Is it because when WBC have their meetings – The Majority – Say YES to more Greenbelt in the bigger Towns – and Little Villages like Alfold/Dunsfold have such a tiny voice they don’t – and have NEVER had the chance to get Green Field Status – We are just Rural Villages that don’t need it – after all we are RURAL -villages – do we need it????

    New Settlement – Hmmmmmm – It is like it is nothing to do with Alfold/Dunsfold – It is a NEW Settlement – so This development Has nothing to do with these two Tiny Villages?????? – What makes this New Settlement – NEW? – REALLY??? and why do the Officers totally disregard the Impact on these small villages and their complete Lack of infrastructure and Facilities?? If I hear one more time how irrelevant the Remoteness of the location – is NOT relevant – I will spit!

    l have to do some research into to how much Green field has been granted – and as you know I will find out the stats before I mouth off – But will keep you posted on this one!

    Until you realise that we feel totally ignored here… We were Out Voted and to be quite honest BULLIED at WBC and by the Wonderful Officers (PLEEZE) Liz – Just Rail-roads her way through Plans as if everyone else is STUPID – I find her hugely Patronising and I didn’t VOTE for her so how can she???? – They are advisory surely – Why does everyone bow to her?

    She bangs on about how she is just giving the Information – But By G – She lets it been known that to argue with her is a complete NO NO!

    I am totally P*** With this and I understand your Joy that it is not one that Agrees with POW and all they do to try and give a Voice to the little Villages that are still fighting with the Big -Boys in The West of the Borough who still have the BIGGEST VOICE in the council

    May I just say they should – Because – Yup there are more people living there – Yes that means You are BIG TOWNS not little Villages – and that WBC – Is the Problem! – We simply only have one Voice and that has been POW – and I hope they continue to Support us HERE. You have enough Voice – You don’t need them – And you are disingenuous to ask…

    I do not respect the Vote – as it was Biased and always will be – I just know whom I will vote for next time – we have a local Election – So few honest Councillors that actually questioned this from the West – I hope they feel proud of themselves – MICE Springs to mind … Be Ashamed

    That the rest sat and said nothing then voted it in – I know it is only Outline – -But as we know Liz will sort out the detail and WBC will sit again saying they hadn’t realised they had just given it all away to the Planning Officers……………………I have watched enough of these meetings to now how they are run by Planning Officers and NOT the people we voted in – Who then Weep and wail about how they hadn’t realised that this was included in the “OUTLINE PLANNING” Application – We shall see………..

    Well Done Cllr’s Hyman & Mulliner – From the East – I Would Vote for them – If only I could!!!-

    WW – Stop being so rude about Kevin Deanus – He is our Local Councillor and was passionate about the impact HERE – and deservers some respect despite your views

    As ever in Grumpy Mode

  2. You are NEVER grumpy to us – just passionate about what you believe in. Apathy is our enemy not the protestations of residents who stand up for what… they… believe is right. You pose so many questions, good questions that deserve a more detailed reply. A reply that will be mulled over by our WWebbers who come from around the borough – including those villages, including yours, in the East.
    There has been a considerable amount of misinformation banded about, almost as much as BREXIT. Our Alfold correspondent who is right behind the Dunsfold decision, will no doubt respond to your comments in more detail. However, we always agreed with your suggestion that East should meet West and work together – but sadly never the twain did/shall meet.
    Anyway Denise – who ever listened to us – we are just doing our very best to shine a light on ‘Your Waverley.” Without too much success? WW

  3. At Least you Try!!! – Just back from a Family DO where I was Designated Driver so far
    too sober for a Saturday evening – Will make up for lost time tomorrow – Have to say first time I have driven near Farnham – and can we Please have a A31 or even just the A331??? Gosh Bliss all the way to Fleet!

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