D – Day for Dunsfold?

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Next Wednesday Waverley Planners will decide whether an application for 1,800 homes will get the go ahead – and this time the Planning Officers are recommending  approval as the site has already been earmarked for 3,400 homes in the Local Plan.

 These are the people who will determine whether Dunsfold Park Limited can build a new settlement of 1,800 houses on the largest brownfield site in the borough of Waverley. Most councillors  have visited the site , but there will be  some who have never been there before.

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However protestors including 11 parish councils want the application called in by the Secretary of State.

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But many residents believe it is not nearly enough – and the huge site should be allowed to take between 6,000/ 8,000 houses if the necessary infrastructure can be provided.

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By granting the permission on Wednesday Councillors could bring a halt to further development in nearby Cranleigh – where villagers claim they are being “dumped on.” They argue  they are without the vital sewage, drainage, road transport, education and other vital services needed to serve over 800 additional  homes already approved. 

Whilst nearby Dunsfold Park is expected to provide around £27 million pounds worth of improvements to the local infrastructure  including over £3m towards new secondary education in Cranleigh most major developments already granted in Cranleigh where developers will contribute diddleysquat,  other than a few minor transport and minor road improvements and a few donations to local organisations. 

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3 thoughts on “D – Day for Dunsfold?”

  1. And where would those “Many residents” be living??????????? –

    Look at the NEW info. Posted on the Application Site on Monday – Even SCC don’t think it is viable due to the remoteness of the location. It doesn’t matter that it is partial Brownfield – it is in one of the remotest Locations in Waverley and with the best will in the world the Developers cannot provide the infrastructure needed and if they CAN’T then who can? The EA are also against due to the impact on the water quality in the area – and shunting it off to Loxwood is hardly the best option….
    It is always interesting when Councillors in Farnham request Extensions to the Greenbelt in Farnham, whilst happily concreting over Cranleigh – I am sure this will be approved next week – but that will hardly be a surprise based on the balance of power being in the West of the Borough unless it is called in and I hope it is

  2. Now widely known that they will not deal with all their waste effluent as somebody keeps believing. It seems one by one all the positives the developer keeps spouting on about are misleading at best.

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