Farnham’s last stand?

Burying Waverley’s countryside in concrete boots is about to enter a new and critical phase. 

To say that Developers are crawling all over the borough of Waverley  is a bit of an understatement.

They are not so much crawling as flying over every green field and vacant space and eyeing them up later on Google Earth and Street view. They are pushing letters through residents  doors offering them untold wealth if they allow them to demolish their homes to provide an access or allow them to replace one home with four/five or six. 

Some residents have given in – and one Waverley Web follower says he’s taking the money and running for the hills! 

There are simply dozens of Planning Appeals pending in and around Farnham – and with 2,330 homes earmarked for the town and its environs – developers say – it is not nearly enough.

Wates; Bewley Homes; Bargate Homes; Farnham Estates; CEG; Rowan Properties; to name just a few of the Wannabee Developers who  have lined up to say why they are so eager to envelop  the countryside of Waverley in concrete boots. You can read it here: If you can bear to 16-12-01-developers-argue-case-at-public-appraisal-copy

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 21.14.39.png

If you cannot… then read this missive from a Farnham Resident’ Councillor who still believes there is still a glimmer of hope?

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 17.59.09.png16-11-24-college-wins-bid-to-build-new-houses-copy14581355_10154635683986613_3569340788970455977_n

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