This will put you in the mood:


Hush, whisper it who dares, but, in the immortal words of Adele Adkins, rumour has it Waitrose and John Lewis Home might be on its way  to Cranleigh …

Yes, that’s right, the long Wait (that) a-rose when landowners played fast and loose with Waitrose some 30 years ago may finally be over.

The word on the street is,  that if the owners of Hewitts Industrial Estate’s proposal to build housing on the brownfield site fails at appeal – due to be heard in the first quarter of 2017 – Waitrose / John Lewis, flushed with the success of their recently opened Horsham store, plan to step in and make Threadneedle an offer they simply can’t refuse.

Such an exciting development will divide Cranleigh folks: the yummy mummies are, apparently, orgasmic at the prospect of having Waity’s on their door-step and their hedge-fund-husbands aren’t displeased either as the arrival of Waitrose can always be relied upon to give house prices a boost! We checked with Horsham agents and prices in the vicinity of its new store have rocketed and many  of its  customers are travelling from Cranleigh and the villages! Of course  Farnham has boasted a Waitrose  for years but would envy Cranleigh if it was to get a Home store too!

Local traders – with one or two notable exceptions – should be pleased too, as a Waitrose in Cranleigh would boost footfall in the town – always assuming pedestrians are prepared to pound the pavements into Cranleigh Central.

Of course there is one trader in particular who, encouraged by other, less straight-forward members of the Chamber of Commerce, who was persuaded to object to the prospect of housing at Hewitts Industrial Estate may well be shocked at this turn of events. As the song goes… Bless [his] soul he has had his head in the clouds and been made a fool out of and boy will [this news] bring him down.

Residents of Dunsfold, Hascombe and Hambledon should be pleased, though, because instead of turning left out of Dunsfold New Town and heading to Waitrose Godalming along the B2130, the residents of Dunsfold New Town will be more likely to turn right and head into Waitrose Cranleigh.

Only trouble is … if Waitrose Cranleigh has a John Lewis Home attached to it the good folks of Godalming, Hambledon, Hascombe and Dunsfold might themselves want to turn right and start clogging up the roads between the villages as they all head for John Lewis Home in Cranleigh …

But no, of course they won’t, they’re far too considerate to do that. After all, they know how much they hate the idea of traffic from Dunsfold New Town traversing their villages so they wouldn’t dream of inflicting themselves and their cars on poor old Cranleigh would they?! Think of the children? No one would be so selfish as to not practice what they preach … would they?

On the other hand, in the immortal if bastardised words of the great Adele, Waitrose Cranleigh could bring them down, make their hearts melt and if rumour has it, Waitrose Godalming/Horsham may not have their love any more.

We at Waverley Web would just remind them – it is, after all, New Year’s Eve – of the words of that other great bard – yes, the Scottish one:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days of Waitrose Godalming gone?
Let’s hope not!

Happy New Year to you all.


This wonderful world that is Waverley.

As we sweep the nutshells under the carpet, stack the empties into the recycling bins and sort through our environmentally friendly wrapping paper … it is time to reflect on the past and the future.

 We now have Guildford/Cranleigh  MP Matron Milton  not content with controlling her own ward demanding that the views of the democratically elected members of “Your Waverley” on the future of Dunsfold airfield go into the bins marked ‘TRASH’ whilst  Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt whose patch actually includes Dunsfold is eager to see homes built there. And… he actually lives in Markwick Lane, Dunsfold.

No doubt they nodded to each other at the Westminster Jivolities over Christmas – or maybe – they both agree that Waverley, just like Mrs Miton’s constituency of Guildford, needs to take their share of more homes, but Annie fears for the future of her Cranleigh support  so is covering her backside by joining campaigners to get the Secretary of State to overturn the decision. Saying  she is “On the case”

The Waverley Web overheard a member of Woking Borough Council say recently he would:  “give his eye teeth to have such a huge brownfield site as Dunsfold  aerodrome in my patch.” But, then of course Dunsfold or the villages of Alfold /Dunsfold /Hascombe and Loxwood aren’t in his patch or for that matter in Annie’s patch are they?

Now  South West Surrey’s JH has thrown a great big spanner in the works – must have been talking to our friend Bramley’s very own By-Pass Byham?    announcing he is in talks with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling about re-opening the Downlink Railway line closed more than 50 years ago,  which would relieve pressure on the A281 Horsham to Guildford route. So impressed was he by Waverley Borough Councillor Nick Holder’s concern for the road that he knocked on the door of the Transport Department and asked them to give it a go.  They said yes, and would give him an answer in the New Year.

Now isn’t that clever – and isn’t that what the Flying Scotsman suggested more than a decade ago? Now JH thinks it’s a good idea to think up “creative solutions to help people get around over the next 10/20 years when the new homes are built.” ONLY TOOK A DECADE TO COME TO THAT CONCLUSION!   and… you know what Scottie could probably have afforded to do it back then?

Will re-opening the line put a … 


smile on Annie’s face   – Definitely Not – she is already on record saying if the railway was to return Cranleigh IT would morph into a New Town. Oh, perhaps she hasn’t noticed – with 800 homes already approved … it already has!  

JUST YOU WATCH THIS SPACE – WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO COMPLAIN ABOUT RE-OPENING THE RAILWAY LINE..?  Yep… you guessed the villagers of Bramley including BPByham … because he lives in Linersh Wood which backs on the old railway line! but then BPB is an expert at looking after his own backyard and so***** up everyone elses!

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 08.17.33.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-30 at 08.18.20.png

So Transport Secretary  Chris Grayling may hold the key to The east of Waverley’s future growth?

How? now – POW Brown Cow!

Grazing in the Green Green Grass of Hascombe village!

Funny old world – isn’t it. Highway experts raise all sorts of objections to the dangerous things people do on or near the highway – but when it comes to distractions this has to take the cow pat . And so far the county council has ignored the hazard.

NIL Point – to the Protect Our Waverley Group for angering law abiding motorists braving the challenging fog, rain, ice  and all the difficult driving conditions that Winter  presents.

The owners of this converted shed –  gained  planning permission for its conversion into residential use for their – daughter. This was  against planning officers’ advice – but now they feel it incumbent upon them to stop development two miles down the road at Dunsfold Airfield ,  thereby preventing others from the chance of obtaining  a home of their own.

Selfish or what – and a  Merry Christmas to you too.

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 19.29.06.png

Just watch it Waverley motorists if you are travelling along the Dunsfold Road through Hascombe. But   don’t take your eyes off the road because …  cars are swerving due to motorists unable to keep their eyes off … The Protect Our Waverley – (from development) Cow which is  is grazing in the green green grass.

Shock horror – application to build… An Old Soaks Homes in “Your Waverley,”


Just a little Christmas Song to get you in the mood for a drink!

But, not too many mind because for hazardous drinking Waverley is up there with the big boys in Runnymede!

The Waverley Web is not entirely sure where in the borough developers intend to build The Old Soaks Home – but as Farnham and Cranleigh appear to be pretty popular with the hard hat brigade – it could very well be in one or other – maybe, even in both towns?


Although the planning application has not yet been registered, according to planning officer, John Collins – (because planning officers are far too busy weighing it  – along with all the others) he  believes, it could be considered “early in the New Year. Not sure which one.”  But after a Christmas break, when all the inebriates are in most need of a good home he said it could be …. A very Welcome Tonic?  

 Only outline  details are currently available but we have  heard from the applicant’s agent Calva  Dos  and Partners, on behalf of the Applicant Jim Sling   –  it will certainly be popular in  Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 13.56.59.pngthe Waverley borough which according to the rum bunch  at, boasts some of the hardest and hazardous drinkers in the country!

 Surrey County Council spokesman,  Ashley Spumente said

although our experts were concerned about the possibility of mobility scooters managed  by inebriates being driven along footways, in view of the fact that we have closed all the nursing homes  in Surrey we will would not be making a highway objection. He said:

“There are old soaks, and bold soaks, fortunately there are not too many old bold soaks.

So take it steady guys and gals – and that means all you lot at Waverley Towers – and whatever you do DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! 

All line up for ‘Your Waverley’s” Christmas pants.

When one of our Waverley Webbers wrote this piece the prescriptive text took over – but then we thought perhaps Pants was a better description.


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 15.20.35.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.48.47.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 19.39.26.png



AND We mean YOU ALL At the Waverley Web! Got it?


Oh yes they are…Oh No they’re not … and we here at the WW have been doing our homework to obtain “Your Waverley’s” Pantomime  Secret and  “behind closed doors” Cast List: 

In the Leaders Role in producing this year’s festive Pantomime is non other than


A star performance is predicted from Bramley’s very own   – By-Pass Byham as Widow Swankey Twankey; and the Ugly Sisters – ” Carol King and – a Touch of Frost!

Baron Hardup is played by Graeme Clark; Prince Charming “Sunny” Jim Edwards; Wishy Washy – Robert Knowless; and the Wicked Stepmother – “The Omen,” CinderEllis  – by Patricia and The Good Fairy:  Carole Cockburn; – Buttons- Up (Oh yes we wish you would) Gerry Hyman;  Daisy The Cow  – “Our Elsie” (Silly old MOO) Who else?   Wen-am-I-leaving this place –  as Man (It must be – Friday?)  and Simple Simon Thornton/Inchbold? 

In charge of Elf and Safety is…. non other than Alfold’s Kevin De’Anus?

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 22.20.38.png

Once a thriving pub – now the new Waverley Towers? Remember The Drinks are on us – because we always put taxpayers money to good use – don’t we – Oh! No you don’t Oh Yes We do!


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.57.11.png

Beautifully put Mr Jones – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. 

And.. with our grateful thanks to that great newspaper The Farnham Herald/Haslemere Herald  that serve the West of the Waverley Borough so well with its accurate and informative reporting . Pity really that it couldn’t spread its net wider into Trinity Mirror “we know how to get it wrong country” over there in the East?


Cranleigh Election Result!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.19.20

The  woman who founded the Cranleigh Civic Society and launched the  opportunity of 


… and which together with her colleagues  has been doing  so very effectively  – has now  been elected  to speak up for the village  on the bigger stage at Waverley Borough Council.

Liz Townsend (Conservative) also a Cranleigh Parish Councillor won the Cranleigh West seat left vacant by the death of Brian Ellis  at the end of September.

The campaigner polled  377 votes to Liberal Democrat Richard Cole 187 and UKIP Rosaleen Egan -78.

A total of 642 votes were cast. Last time there was an election in December the turnout was five percent. 


If you blinked you may have missed this… but take heart -we have our beady eyes on the local NHS changes!

Patients in West Surrey who suffer a stroke will no longer be taken to the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

Well that may be good news for some of us in the West of Waverley, who can access Frimley Park, but we just wonder if those beleaguered souls in the centre and east of the borough won’t be more than a bit miffed?

And… did we miss a round of Consultation on  major changes of service? WHICH STARTS ON 9th of January? If we did, then sorry, we must be more vigilant in future! However, if there was no consultation on such a life-changing service may we ask, WHY NOT?
Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 16.39.48.png

In just  three weeks time, patients with a suspected stroke, who would currently be taken to the Guildford hospital will instead be taken to either St Peters’ Hospital in Chertsey or the Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley.

Oh! and by the way were we told the High Dependency Unit was closing – last August. and now patients move straight from Intensive Care onto the ward, where they are “high priority.” Well – that’s alright then?

According to a RSCH spokesman stroke patients may later be transferred back to the RSCH if clinically appropriate for ongoing care or… will be discharged home.

In a joint statement from the Guidford and Waverley Commissioning Group – “These changes are necessary as the Royal Surrey will no longer be able to support a seven-day hyper acute stroke pathway from January due to a number of changes within the multi disciplinary stroke team.

The provision of seven-day acute stroke unit care is unaffected and will continue during the interim period.”

Well thanks for telling us – and  by the way did you tell us/consult us on the possible loss of the closure of the hospital’s High Dependency Unit – you know the step down from Intensive Care. WW has heard from a hospital employee that you are no longer able to afford that either.  The RSCH was kind enough to contact the Waverley Web to let us know that the Turnaround director was not getting his £60,000 salary earned in his previous job and is only earning £50,000 a month in his new role! No doubt they will contact us if this information is incorrect – because residents, particularly the olds are scared enough as it is! You can read it here: Need we say more?

Wonder why it costs so much to Park at The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford?

By golly that Turnaround Director is certainly earning is £50,000 per month salary isn’t he. No doubt he will come up with a cunning plan to do away with patients’ next?

Wonder what else he has tucked up his very expensive Armani sleeve?

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 16.29.11.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 16.30.24.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-09 at 16.28.26.png

Out goes Meals on Wheels – in comes The Community Meal Service.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.19.57.png

Once Upon a Time there was a service for the elderly called the… Meals on Wheels Service… for more than 40 years it was managed by the Womens’ Royal Voluntary Service… which did an amazing job.

Earlier this year the mingey ba*****’s at Surrey County Council withdrew their £30,000 funding  towards its share of the cost of providing meals to vulnerable old people so  the service either faced  closure … or  another way had to be found to continue providing meals. 

Now one thing you cannot accuse Surrey County Council of,  is ….of not getting its priorities right. Because every little helps in spending “our money” more wisely … that of investing £30m in Farnham’s Brightwells/East Street regeneration development?

Although we have to say even The Cabinet Member for  Adult Social Care, Wellbeing & Independence  at Surrey County Council doesn’t know who funds/contributes towards the cost of MOW’s because this is what he says:

2. Surrey Council has not funded local authorities for meals on wheels. We have however reviewed grants that were made to various local authorities as it was established that those funds were in the most cases were simply merged with other income. In view of the extreme situation with funding for the Adults services (where £0.67p in every £1 paid in Council tax goes straight to funding Adults Services) we have been diligent in reviewing grants paid and where applicable changing them to contracts with specific outcomes.

Oops – is he saying here that local authorities have been dumping money in “the big pot?”Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.05.41

So along comes a whole bunch of plumply salaried Waverley Officers to devise a cunning plan… Out goes the WRVS… in comes “Your Waverley”s Community Meals Service… providing fresh meals  through  the borough’s Day Centres… or… maybe now, …  just a few of them?

 Because  here’s the problem – most of the Day Centres didn’t want to get involved with anything that smacked of “Your Waverley” because past experience has shown  that  Waverley’s cunning plans cost money – and that money will come out of only one pocket… and it’s certainly not the council’s but theirs! …

So… After more than six months work by a variety of officers/clerks/councillors and The Omen himself – “Our Damian”(none of whose time  has been costed of course – as  all Waverley staff are free, gratis and for nothing)  councillors heard that £40,000 (from the Council’s Emergency Fund) would be provided to the Centres brave enough to deliver the service – for new equipment needed – The Gostrey Centre in Farnham – and The Cranleigh Day Centre.  They would receive part of  the £30,000 Waverley  contribute. The new service will provide meals for …

a total of 106 fresh meals/ five days a week (frozen at week-ends and on bank holidays)   – the price of which wasn’t actually mentioned but volunteers have told the WW – they are going up from £4.50p to £5.50p and possibly more if they want tea.

Just 19 meals would be provided by the Cranleigh Centre, who require two extra staff, and the remainder provided in Farnham by the Gostrey Centre and in Godalming by the council’s own staff restaurant. If volunters cannot be found to deliver in the town we respectfully suggest Wen-am-I leaving and The Omen pop around with a few – they may actually learn something about the needs of the elderly? 

 WWethinks that maybe, just maybe if someone did their sums taking into account Waverley officers’ time, extra staff needed at the couple of centres who didn’t dare refuse to  take part, –  the exorbitant cost of providing these meals may have been better spent taking around delicious  M & S  meals for one each day? 

A totally contamfambulated (Roald speak,)  bunch of councillors said they had numerous concerns including – how would  the old people  reheat their own meals, and were told – “only if they have the correct food thermometer?” – Would the service be cost-effective?  “Well we really don’t know yet.” Would the money for equipment have to be paid back – some officers said  “yes, others  said ….”no.”

How  did the WRVS feel about being given the boot?  To which “our Elsie”  responded that they “had not been very helpful” and wanted £750 to provide their customers database. (Obviously she  heard of the Data Protection Act?) ….

 So Bramley’s Brain By-Pass – Byham called  the highly respected WRVS the “Womens Royal Involuntary Service” because it wasn’t being helpful and gets a  slap on the wrist from Communities Overview & Scrutiny Chairman Jerry Hyman who said his mum was a volunteer for many years and  very proud of it she was too!

So the upshot is: the Clockhouse  at Milford will get a black mark against its name, even though Councillor Mary Foryszewski hoped they wouldn’t be penalised for not joining the scheme. Farncombe Day Centre has opted OUT, and the Orchard Club in  Haslemere  said it didn’t have premises –  so Hazelway stepped in.

You you can watch all the Swatchcollop here if you get bored with eating, drinking and being generally merry over Christmas. The Meals on Wheels presentation by Katie Webb starts round 51 mins in.

Katie Webb PowerPoint presentation (14 mins)

Damien Roberts comments

Nick Holder confused re Orchard Club

Maurice Byham confused about elms and bridges

Maurice asks, can you re-heat them ? (Yes, once, if you have a suitable thermometer, otherwise you’ll die).

Mary Foryszewski re changeover & new users

Andy Macleod queries number of only 106 across borough.

Damien comment (We expect steady growth)

Chairman says: Hesse hasn’t asked – finances? “The other Scrutiny Service, the Waverley Web website” says ‘lending’? (Told we are paying for it).

Risk in changeover: Relying on existing volunteers, report back?

£4 a meal ? (Katie hasn’t finalised, will be more. Risk.)

 Elsie blusters …noting unusual there!


Royal Involuntary Service, says Maurice (and is given a gentle slap for it)

Mary wonders whether Clockhouse will be bullied (‘No, I’m sure they’ll toe the line one day’, says Katie) – they can join in the future.

Nick Holder endorses; queries WBC staff canteen capacity

Not something we normally do … but

But in the spirit of Christmas and goodwill to all men we are posting a comment:Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.16.51

In our opinion Rosaleen Egan’s comment deserves a post of its own on the Waverley Web.

Nothing much gets past this thorn in the side of “Your Waverley” who is still nibbling at the knees of that deceitful, disingenuous bunch at Waverley Towers who are determined not to “mention that fraud.”

Not satisfied with keeping her beady eye on the shenanigans of a group of Waverley officers and councillors who deserve to be severely reprimanded… for hiding the “bad news of that Fraud” shortly before the 2015 elections!

Rosalyn Egan  has turned her sights on the beleaguered town of Cranleigh  and is standing for the seat in Cranleigh West made vacant by the death of Brian Ellis. Pity that Tory Councillor Ellis, who colluded with developers for years, who called for more footfall in the high street,  sadly won’t be alive to see  the results of all his efforts? 

No surprise then that Mrs Egan  picked up on our post yesterday’s and did a bit of investigation of her own. Well done Rosaleen (a) that you have leafleted Cranleigh, (b) that you’ve dug even deeper into the festering refuse pit that is Surrey County Council. We could do with more people like you to torture from the inside,  the bearers of much of Waverley/Surrey’s misfortune.

And… don’t you go around believing you haven’t got a chance in the forthcoming Cranleigh By-election. Many of the blue brigade’s voters are pretty pissed off at present and not much impressed   with the Tory Tossers now they are slinging concrete with gay abandon all over the East/West/North/and South of Waverley.  We’ve heard that developers want to build on  the i-cloud, plenty of space up there?

In the spirit of fairness – it is that time of year – others standing for the Cranleigh West seat are: Liz Townsend (Conservative) and founder of The Cranleigh Society; and Richard Cole (Lib Dems)The election takes place on Wednesday 21 December and if you have not received a polling card you can still vote.

You can read yesterday’s post here: Oh no there isn’t… oh yes there is..

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 19.31.46.png

Glad you liked the snow in WW land where secrets are revealed and “Your Waverley’s” actions are played out in  pantomime and fairytales .

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 20.07.37.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 20.08.46.png

Oh no there isn’t… oh yes there is..

Whose right about fly tipping? Because Surrey County Council claim there’s  been no increase in fly tipping. – Well we hear from our followers all over the borough of Waverley that rubbish is now frequently found in all the towns and villages.  But worry not, because  “Your Waverley” has decided to instal CCTV cameras to spot the fly tipping perishers and land them with a thumping great fine. Good for you at Waverley Towers!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.20.20

So be careful this Christmas – Big Brother is Watching you!

The  article taken from the Farnham Herald reveals how seriously Waverley’s very own Councillor “Gentleman” Jim is taking the scourge and how he intends to deal with residents who “Mess” with him!!! and mess up “Our Waverley.”

P.S. There will be people inspecting the fly tipping for evidence of exactly from whence it came – so… it may not be Father Christmas coming down chim chiminey but the boys  in blue… more likely black when they get down though!

You have been warned!

16.11.03 - Alarming increase in fly-tipping.jpg