Just in case you forget what a green field looks like….

Feast your eyes on this… commit it to memory… and then dream it will become reality in another life!

Because… “Your Waverley” has just this minute Passed its Local Plan in readiness for its examination by a Government Inspector!

Some of “Your Waverley” Councillors wanted to weep – some said they “had already wept” over the “unsuitable, unimaginative and “heartbreaking” developments already approved on green fields that would bring traffic chaos and damage to the towns and villages in the borough – mainly in the East.


Because its Local Plan was not in place and developers had been in control of “Your Waverley.”

Five councillors abstained from voting – and one lone voice was against – that of Farnham   Residents’ Jerry Hyman. But the remaining 40 councillors – despite their reservations – voted for the Local Plan to proceed. Because Developers had it their way long enough – and it was time for “Your Waverley” to take control!

All the Cranleigh councillors who instigated the secret meetings with developers voted for the Plan, one of whom said  “Cranleigh had been dumped on” and  not having a Plan in place had been an unmitigated disaster for the village. Hypocrisy or what? 

Councillor Mary Foryszewski said no-one could “loathe” the loss of the countryside around Cranleigh and elsewhere in the borough more than she! (765 houses granted – 500 in the pipeline) and with minimal infrastructure mitigation on the minor B roads as well as flooding and sewage issues.

But… she said the brownfield site at Dunsfold Park was contributing many millions of pounds  – (she said,  £8m – WW believes it to be over £20m ) – towards road improvements, schools and infrastructure – and was supported by 80% of the borough’s residents.

Some Farnham residents are not giving up the fight to include vital “green lungs” in Part 2 of the Plan which will examine the Green Belt.


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 21.09.38.pngThis is how it looks now..


Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 17.18.55.png
Coming soon to a green field near you? 

Not that anyone is actually interested in what we at the Waverley Web think about tonight’s decision, but we will say it anyway…

Everything that Farnham dreaded … that the traffic chaos will increase,  air quality would worsen  and  endangered species risked  … was only matched by those living in the East of the borough  dubbed by councillors – Cranleigh New Town and “Poor Old Cranleigh.” Why?

Because once all residents  feared was a new settlement at Dunsfold Park – now it would appear they will get the worst of both worlds. Two towns when if they had accepted the largest brownfield site in Waverley – they might have just had  one!


5 thoughts on “Just in case you forget what a green field looks like….”

  1. Oh well who is bothered about all the houses being built and proposed in and around Cranleigh, obviously not many as people would be talking about it or writing about it in greater numbers but it will impact on them when the local people ( and I mean local people who are born and bred here) can’t get their chldren into a LOCAL SCHOOL or an appointment with the DOCTOR or DENTIST drive through and park in the village with ease and many other things it will effect. The funny thing is all the councillors and government go on that we need housing but I would like it explained to me who for, is it the million plus housing that is needed? Is it affordable housing, if so why do all the developers put the affordable housing builds to the back of the list. Maybe I am very wrong and I would be the first to apologies but do we have a housing problem in the Cranleigh and surrounding areas,do we have homeless sleeping in the streets, I would like a councillors or council officer to explain the need for all the housing builds, to tell us where all these people are that are going to be able to afford to buy these property’s. Maybe they need to build the houses in the deprived areas, affordable houses not the million plus, but then of course the poor developers wouldn’t make the profit, the government would not get a much tax off the new builds, the councils would not be able to charge so much council tax etc, that’s the trouble they are all out to make money but hey ho they have our interests at heart!!!!!!

    1. Yes – we often wonder why Cranlegh people aren’t marching on their Town Hall carrying placards, calling their elected representatives to account? – Are they all asleep over there? No doubt everyone will wake when the bulldozers start moving in – and it won’t be long now !

  2. Just show how corrupt councillors are.
    Anybody that owns land that they do not live on should not be part of any planning committee. Anybody who is trustee of a charity that owns lots of land should not be on any planning committee and if they do not declare that they should be taken to court.

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