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As we pass our  50,000 hit milestone  of our little web  we’ve  heard  from our  spiders out there in the borough of Waverley- that  a number of individuals, organisations and bodies are being blamed/congratulated/castigated and even interrogated  for our misdemeanours/revelations/comments. 

So let us put the record straight:

This blog is not written by journalists, if it was the grammar and spelling would probably be much better, because they use sub-editors don’t they? And  there wouldn’t be a split infinitive in sight … would there?

So… no, journalists. OK!

Neither is it anything to do with:

  • The Cranleigh Civic Society – though we often filch all sorts of gems from its brilliant website –  because we believe it really is, as it claims to be, – “Speaking Up For Cranleigh.” Exactly the same applies to the highly respected Farnham Society and  all the other organisations representing Waverley  folk.

It is NOT written by:

  •  People working for  either the Farnham, or Haslemere Herald, the Surrey Advertiser, or any other newspaper  – though, we often  link into their brilliant articles.
  • It is not  written, as has been claimed, by either the Farnham Residents Group or Cranleigh Parish Council.  Neither of these groups is capable of producing blogs with our warped sense of humour or choice of musical accompaniments. Nor  are we  oldies with a jaundiced view of life, but merely residents and Waverley council officers who see it as it is, and who risk their jobs to ensure the  public know how it is.
  •  Neither are we particularly young, though one of us thinks she is! – Hence very little Justin Beiber.
  •  We take great exception to the claim that we are something to do  with the Flying Scotsman! As far as the W Web is concerned he is a developer, the only difference between him and the Flying Dutchman, Berkeley Bunny,  Thakeham Thugs or the Crest and Cala cretins or any other developer is..

That  he happens to operate the largest brownfield site in the borough and an airfield which, if it is not developed for housing,   could pose a serious threat to  the area in  the future!

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 12.21.44.png

The Waverley Web is written by a host of residents and employees of Waverley Borough Council – no names – no pack drill as they say in the Scouting movement. We have no particular political persuasion, there are among us, a few Tories, one that is slightly further right than Genghis Khan, a few disenchanted Labour supporters and one who believes that Politics in local Government stinks and party loyalties should be set aside in the interest of the electorate.  He believes those  elected by the people should just work for the people they represent, not their political masters.

Neither does the WW believe  there should be whipped votes, forcing councillors to vote against what their natural conscience dictate. We have a few Ukkipers and some good old fashioned Lib Dems – who still speak fondly of their Glory days.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 15.24.06.pngWe are just a group of people who have become increasingly concerned about the decision makers at “Your Waverley” and some of the senior – plumply salaried officers who advise and often mislead them. As we have said many times before, there are some very hardworking decent councillors among a small hard core of self seeking egotists at Waverley Towers. Some of whom are hell bent on imposing their will on us all, whilst  serving their own purposes, pockets and agenda, regardless of whether it is legal, or in our interest. 

Remember,  they are here today and gone tomorrow – but our borough could  suffer from the actions and decisions they make – for many years to come!

This is not their borough – it is our borough. And we are entitled to a  borough Council that  takes pride in being questioned, providing answers, and dealing properly with complaints, the number of which are rising rapidly. Councillors  must debate the issues that  affect our lives, our children’s lives, and the future of our borough in the open and not behind their frequently closed doors. Their dealings must be  transparent, and councillors must be allowed to scrutinise and debate  matters properly without fear of retribution, or reprisals!

We all have a right to know why they make the decisions they do – it is not good enough that  webcasts of their meetings frequently show this message, however convenient it may be for them. 

Isn’t it strange that the webcast appears to fail when the most contentious issues are Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 21.43.52being debated?

16.02.18 - Concerns over how council is run.jpg

Obviously – after you have read this letter. WW is not the only one who has concerns about “Your Waverley?”

So if you care about our borough, please continue writing to us, reading and commenting on our posts, revealing the truth, and recommending this site to all your friends and neighbours? And thank you for your messages of both moral and financial support and urging us to expand and continue… it means a great deal to us all. 

When we get it wrong – we say so, and, we  apologise. Which is more than can be said for ..Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 23.07.36.png


Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 12.14.03.png
Yellow indicates hits, red indicates where the majority come from. Seemingly parts of Africa and Greenland aren’t interested in what goes on in “Your Waverley” we wonder why?

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