Sir Michael would have been thrilled to witness this Halloween production.

Unfortunately Sir Michael Redgrave is long gone – but digging up Zombies from Waverley Borough Council and the South West Conservative Association crypts – (you know the crypts where they crept out from) may have stirred his soul at Halloween.  This special performance, for one night only is produced by Madame Spynne – who is better known to Waverley Web followers as Gone to…Pott?


Well… “Your Waverley’ has sold off almost everything  Farnham  owns – so why not take our blood?

Oh! we forgot – it already has!

Now Thames Water kick up a stink and dive in to help Cranleigh!

Every time we here at the Waverley Web say nothing will surprise us – SOMETHING DOES! NOW ITS NOSE PEGS AND SWIMMING HATS AT DAWN?

You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it: Thames Water has objected to 58 houses being built by Thakeham Homes on this lovely little lake owned by Peter Hewitt … wait for it… because of the flooding? No.!

Yes… Because of the smell that will waft over it from the nearby sewage works.

 That could apply to every development in West Cranleigh and there are hundreds

more diving in complete with nose pegs! Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.40.06.png

Another 265 proposed on the Knowle Park Initiative/West Cranleigh Nurseries site adjoining the site below – different name – same outfit!   None of which rock Elmbridge residents’ boat!

Says Thames Water “Cranleigh STW is located close to the proposed development. Our consultation response reflects our concern that the applicant has failed to demonstrate that future occupiers of the proposed development will have adequate amenity. Given the proposed development’s close proximity to the Sewage Asset we object to the planning application.”


 By clicking on the Cranleigh Society Link below you can get the full picture. Read what the people living there have to put up with… and… there’s another four or five hundred a’comin! Smells away!


Our Annie – gets her little gun!


“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Anne Milton MP could clearly learn a thing or two from Abraham Lincoln, an exceptionally astute politician!

In a  Surrey Advertiser report, read in full  on the link below all ye followers… Guildford’s MP is said to have ‘great concerns’ about  proposal to build 1,800  homes at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Her concerns about the scheme say the Surrey Ad, are ‘in relation to flooding, sewage, water supply and roads.’

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 17.21.26.png


Seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Look, Anne, we know your role as Treasurer of the Royal Household must keep you very busy in the corridors, linen cupboards and pantries of Buck House but surely even you can get your head around a few basic facts – or have you just swallowed Protect our Waverley’s (PoW) briefings hook, line and sinker? If so, shame on you! As Ab Lincoln also said:

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

FACTS! Anne, REAL FACTS! that’s what people are interested in, not the misquoted, misappropriated spin that has been shamelessly disseminated by the PoW desperadoes and the Bramley Babes.

Shame on you for swallowing their bilious bile! In doing so you bring yourself and the office you hold, as a Member of Parliament, into disrepute. In case you hadn’t noticed, as you glide down the rarefied corridors of the Crown, this country is in the midst of a national crisis – a housing crisis – and no borough or county is immune to it and it behoves our elected representatives to deal in facts not spin at a time like this! 

We know you’re a politician and we know their speciality is to try to control and influence what people think by interpreting events to their own – or their supporters’ advantage – but, frankly Anne, you – and they are in denial.

OK, we know you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and don’t want to offend the worried well-to-do who not only vote for you but swell your party’s coffers, but for better or worse we need more affordable housing in Waverley.

Your colleague, Jeremy Hunt MP, has already prepared the ground and distanced himself from PoW and maybe you should consider doing the same or, at the very least, do your homework and ensure you know what you’re objecting to!

We’re sorry to puncture your over-inflated sanctimony but torpedoing development at Dunsfold Park with ludicrous arguments about flooding and sewage just don’t hold water!

 Don’t stoop to sophistry and falsehoods, Anne, it’s very unbecoming and hard to row back from when it’s been splashed all over the front pages of the Surrey Ad. OK, enough of the water puns!

The Waverley Web doesn’t pretend to be an expert on all the planning applications  teetering, perilously, in Waverley Planner’s in-trays, but we do our best, our very best, as mere laymen and women, to get to grips with the basics of  applications and because we’ve done our homework and we don’t cheat – like some!  (PoW and the Bramley Babes) it is immediately apparent you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when you tell us you’re concerned about flooding and sewage in relation to the Dunsfold application.

Even an  eight -year -old knows that Dunsfold Park is in the lowest risk flood zone – unlike the recently consented Berkeley Homes development in Cranleigh – and will build its own sewage works to deal with its waste on site, unlike any other proposed development we’re aware of in the borough.

In fact, if you and your cohorts in Alfold, who regularly have to poop-a-scoop their baths, dishwashers and washing machines after heavy rainfall, were to ask them nicely Dunsfold Park might even offer to take the effluents from the affluent in Alfold. After all, as we’ve said before, Dunsfold Park has taken so much S**T from Alfold and Dunsfold over the past ten years why not ask them nicely to take a bit more??? But no, the affluent would probably rather eat their own S**T than admit that development at Dunsfold Park could actually bring some benefits to their village.

As for  traffic, concerns  Anne.Where the hell do you think all the traffic from development in Cranleigh is going to go? If Bramley’s lucky it might, just might, take the scenic route through Rowley, Shamley Green, Wonersh and Chilworth but much more likely it’s going to go straight down Elmbridge Road onto the A281 and through Bramley!

If you’d done your homework, Anne, instead of just reading  signs posted on the A281 by the Bramley Babes – you know the Boden-wearing yummy-mummies, who set such good examples to the children they are so terribly worried about, by  playing in the rush-hour traffic, claiming that development at Dunsfold Park would add 41 minutes to the A281 commuteyou’d know that the  1,800 home development at Dunsfold Park’s   accompanying traffic mitigation measures will actually reduce those predicted delays to 2 MINUTES! Yup, 2 MINUTES  BUT …

 There will be a 25 minutes delay if nothing is built at Dunsfold Park!

PoW didn’t put that little fact in your big red box, did it  Anne? It’s one of those very inconvenient truths they’d rather not acknowledge and have spun into a disreputable sophistry which has led to a significant spike in objections to Dunsfold Park’s planning application from people who have been deliberately misled by PoW and the BB’s !

Bob Lees, PoW’s leader, has  boasted objections ‘Clearly illustrate the strength of feeling within the communities directly affected by the possible development and shows how effective the recent leafleting and poster activity has been in drumming up support.’ But omits to mention that before PoW’s  master spinning exercise there were only 1,937 objections. Furthermore, Waverley Planners think that many of the new wave of objections could  be duplicates of original objections, casting doubt on Mr Lees’ claims. 

  Q:  How many people would have written supporting development at Dunsfold Park if PoW and the BB’s  had not distorted the facts  – and instead told them development at Dunsfold  would actually REDUCE delays on the A281 from 25 minutes to 2 minutes?
Strikes us, Anne,  would have been better for all if you’d done your homework, got your facts straight and looked carefully and intelligently at what  Dunsfold Park has to offer the community rather than sounding off on a topic you clearly know very little about!

We started with a quote from Ab Lincoln and we’ll leave you with another,  Anne:

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”


Every picture tells a story – this one tells of Farnham’s nightmare.

A picture worth 10,000 words

“Your Waverley” has now compulsorily purchased a popular Farnham Pub (the Marlborough Head) with “Your Money” just the latest in a whole line of acquisitions.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 21.04.43.png
Pictured here Councillor Julia “Gone To” Potts!  Or you can send in your own picture caption to: mailto:

It has appropriated land, ignored covenants on a “Memorial Recreation Ground and a Memorial Hall,” and sold off Farnham’s silver by disposing of many of the town’s most treasured assets and possessions.

It has ignored the well-tried and tested planning rules and  regulations that the rest of us are instructed  to live by, and it has now been forced (by a member of the public) to seek retrospective planning permission.

Together with the County Council it is spending tens of millions of pounds of “Your Money” in a bid to build yet more …retail and restaurants!

As if that is not enough…  it now intends to spend £250,000 of “Your Money” fighting Farnham residents who are spending “Their Own Money” Challenging Waverley Borough Council /Crest “Rip Off” Nicholson/Sainsbury’s at a Judicial Review on the “Blightwells”/East Street redevelopment fiasco.


They seek them here, they seek them there “Your Waverley’s” damn elusive Pimpernels?

Regular readers will no doubt have  read our critical comments about a number of “Your  Cranleigh Waverley” Borough Councillors! Read our post is “Your Waverley” Home or Away.”Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 14.05.11.png

They take on Executive roles one minute, and are either sacked or they resign from them the next! They take part in, and are responsible for, “Secret Meeting Gate” getting up close and personal with as many Wannabee developers as they can get their hands on.

They urge Cranleigh’s voting fodder to elect them to the parish council one minute and resign the next.   Throwing their toys out of the pram – because they were found wanting by their colleagues! 


Because they were plotting behind the scenes to sell off a piece of ground donated in memory of a Cranleigh resident as public open space for… yes you guessed … housing!

And, as  if that is not enough of an insult to a Cranleigh woman’s memory, same councillors and others – want to get up even closer and even more comfortable with a now “DefinitelyBe Developer”  to build on the Green Belt in the Guildford Road having just acquired their own development on land once described as “sacrosanct.’

Stinks as high as Cranleigh’s sewage doesn’t it?

But… it gets even worse because said couple having sent their comments from their Australian sun beds have clinched Crest Nicholson’s development in Horsham Road, Cranleigh – described by councillors as “A carbuncle on the Cranleigh countryside.”

Have they turned up for any meetings since their return?Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 18.49.21.png

Well one resigned (in writing) from the Licensing Committee and the other turned up for the Standards Board meeting to consider  the rules and regulations Councillors are expected to abide by! Couldn’t have found anyone more suited to the task…could they?

Did they turn up for the Full Council Meeting on 18th October? No apologies for absence given  so they must have? – However, they might have been hiding under the chamber’s desks  with embarrassment – if you can spot the councillors Stennett – please send it to the Waverley Web at

 No – they didn’t even send their Apologies they were just marked ABSENT.  Dare we suggest it is time for another couple of Cranleigh By-Elections!Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 18.43.05.png