The Berkley Bunnies are preparing to burrow into Cranleigh? But the Warren may not be what villagers expected.

Yes… you guessed, with a successful Government appeal  decision secured, Waverley is now assisting Berkeley Homes to vary the conditions of its permission for 425 homes in the heart of Cranleigh.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.11.10

And there we were at the Waverley Web thinking that it was only Crest Nicholson that had the ear of Waverley Planners, we are such silly billies?

As the Giant of the building industry prepares for takeoff to land  South of Stocklund Square, Cranleigh it wants to vary the defined Infrastructure conditions…

 No surprise there then?

In a nutshell: It wants to Phase the development so that the high end million pound+ houses are built first, leaving the denser smaller houses and the social housing, of which there is to be 40%, (maybe that will also be changed) to come later!

No guessing what the other other variation is?  Quite Simply instead of dealing with conditions concerning sewage and drainage before the homes are occupied, the BBunnies along with ever other developer, want do it after the houses are occupied! WW could have written that script months ago…Cala Homes…Crest Nicholson…Bekeley Homes…whose next to join Cranleigh’s very own SH**gate!

And: In its letter to the planning officers there is a sentence which says: “thank you for your help in preparing this!”

That’s what we want hear – Waverley helping all the developers that they have been holding secret meetings with for the past two years, with those oh! so  helpful  Cranleigh borough councillor duo’s  Brian and Patricia Ellis and Stewart and Jeannette Stennett. Is that the same Ms Stennett that said she didn’t want Cranleigh villagers wallowing in sewage! 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 19.06.02.png


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 19.14.43.png

We hope the parish councillors over there in the East of the borough aren’t just sitting back and enjoying the Cappuccinos over there in the East of the borough that Councillor Ellis has re-named the  Coffee Shop Capital of Surrey!

Now that the Stennett and Ellis duo’s, minus one, have resigned from the parish council perhaps Councillor Mary Foryszewski better call this one in to the committee otherwise those crafty old officers led by Liz the Biz might just push this one through under their delegated powers and then…

Cranleigh really will be swimming in effluent – just like a Cranleigh councillor predicted at the Joint `planning Committee last Wednesday and it might not get all those affordable homes the BB promised.

After all there is no through route from the Upmarket properties to the downmarket properties. They go out into Knowle Lane, where it floods. The rabble go out into Alfold Road – where it floods. Perish the thought that ever the twain should meet

If you want to read the application to vary the conditions you can find it on the Waverley planning portal. WA/2016/1625.

Here are comments from three  of the locals.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 19.07.33.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-25 at 19.08.11.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-25 at 19.08.45.png

Unauthorised developers – here comes The Enforcer?

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 21.41.16.png

Waverley Planners are not impressed  that unauthorised development in “Your Waverley” has doubled in the past few months.  There are currently 152 cases on the council’s books!

Although members of the Eastern Area Planning Committee were…not amused  at the increase, explaining  why the figure was increasing brought   a giggle from the planning officer. “Better weather, more people about and people cutting vegetation back and then everything becomes more visible” she chuckled.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 21.38.03.png

One thing that is certain – ‘Your Waverley” continues to either ignore, or is over-ruled by Inspectors on  the unauthorised development of one section of the community, who are regularly buying up land and putting up new mobile homes, lodges, sheds, playrooms, garden rooms and more, in and around the leafy lanes of Waverley.

Perhaps local residents have decided to take a leaf out of their book?

Recent Appeal Allowed. ~Mr T Giles. Land West of Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.GU6 8JW. Use of Land for one gipsy pitch. Stationing of two Caravans for residential purposes, and erection of a Day Room together with Ancillary works.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 22.21.52.png

Perhaps it’s time to call Clint Eastwood  in? 

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 21.35.50.png

Our Jeremy’s not too busy trying to sort out the NHS to dip his nose into Farnham then?

You see Farnham – Surrey County Council does not have the cash to spend on road improvements – however it does have enough of “Your Money” all 50 odd millions of it, to play property developers  with “Your Waverley” on the Brightwells/East Street Scheme – funny old world isn’t it!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 18.56.00.pngAs reported here in the Farnham Herald – what a great paper that is – the highway wallah’s in Kingston have ruled out a mini-roundabout at the junction of Union Road, Long Bridge and Downing Street that was promoted as being part of “Our Jeremy’s” proposals for pedestrianising Farnham. Why? Because it would be “prohibitively expensive” as well as causing congestion south of the town centre. Now there’s a surprise?

Now there is to be a “remodelling exercise” which will be unveiled in the Autumn. Perhaps it will include a plan to pick Farnham up, put it into a great big paper bag, give it a good shake, and see what drops out first.Perhaps, we could do the same with some of our local politicians?


Shop till you drop. Or,Maybe not?

Perhaps “Your Waverley” has taken all these comments into account?

Or perhaps the action taken by a group of Farnham Residents to call for a Judicial Review may, give Farnham a second chance?  WW will watch and wait for Farnham’s sake.

But we doubt any heads will roll as a result!  No heads have rolled at Waverley since  the demise of Mrs MOP. But there again, there are  new councillors about to join Waverley’s ranks who may  haunt them for the sake of Farnham.The new broom, that was just an old broom, that followed the MOP must be quaking  in his shoes?

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 19.47.22


Is the Royal Surrey County Hospital being tight lipped over pay… because it is just a little bit ashamed?

Apparently the man tasked with turning around an £11m deficit at the Guildford Hospital – which serves “Your Waverley” was paid £60,000 a month for turning around a hospital in his last job. Wonder if he’s earning a nice little earner here.

According to a hospital spokesman, Stephen Leivers is highly experienced in turning around and transforming hospitals.

So we can all feel confident that an annual salary of around £700,000/£800,000 a year is a true reflection of what the man is worth… well it must be, mustn’t it?

So why then is the hospital board so shy about saying exactly how much it is paying Mr Leivers, who is working alongside the executive leadership to spearhead the trust’s recovery plan? Perhaps because even it believes that this vulgar sum is a tad too much?

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 16.07.47

In addition to looking at the huge deficit, NHS Improvements stepped in due to the trust missing national targets, including A & E waiting times . Its  agency staff bill of £18,53m last year went “slightly” over its  target of less than £5.65m.

The hospital’s financial situation halted a proposed merger with Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital and halted a new urology centre, which was part funded by the Prostate Project. Lots of local people heaved a huge sigh of relief at that news – they had all heard about the trolley waits there that stretch as far as the eye can see! 

The Trust has to make savings of £22.5m this financial year.  Well it could take a leaf out of the book of Ashford & St Peter’s – leave old  folk languishing in nursing homes awaiting ambulance pick-ups and chucking them out in the middle of the night, telling them they are safer in their own homes! After all if you didn’t treat patients, then you could save a bomb – couldn’t you?

But don’t worry according  to Waverley’s Daft Local Housing Plan, there is a new hospital on the cards for Cranleigh?




Wow all this is going Cranleigh’s way – isn’t it?

A new £1.5m bridge, a new £8 leisure centre (wonder what’s wrong with the old one – asks one of our followers over there in the beleaguered East?) A new Cranleigh Towers to rival  Waverley Towers £1.962m ; A new £8-£10m primary School; An Extended Secondary School £6m and a new hospital with no figure but ( TBC) – is that the same hospital the East of the borough has been waiting for… how many years? 10..15…20..answers on a postcard please to: mail to:

The prize for the correct answer is:Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 08.54.00.png

All this bunce  is part of Waverley’s Daft Local Infrastructure Delivery Plan which presumably has been drummed up at the “secret meetings” councillors in the East of the borough have been having with anyone willing and up for dumping  over 40% of the borough’s housing on little old Cranleigh.  The parish council, knows nothing about the proposal to demolish its  buildings. 

WW wonders what is  coming Farnham’s way other than, the other half of the boroughs housing?

Think themselves lucky, one of the cunning little plans that isn’t on the list and thought up by  Cranleigh Parish Council Chairman Brain Ellis –  before he threw his toys out of the pram and resigned…

Was to …

concrete over the Beryl Harvey Memorial field and to build a new huge shopping arcade  over a new car park in Village Way! He even invited developers into one of his “secret meetings” where no doubt everyone was warned if they did make notes they must chew them up and swallow them whole with a double gin and tonic!

No doubt with a new Waverley Towers – or as described in the report: A Multi Agency Centre? It would need a new Town Mayor – wouldn’t it?

What’s missing? car parks, re-opening of a railway on the Downs Link? Another GP surgery? Road improvements?

The plans are part of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which identifies the improvements needed for the 9,861 new homes by 2032 proposed in Waverley Borough Council’s draft local plan .

The draft plan proposes 2,600 homes at Dunsfold Aerodrome and 2,300 homes on greenfield land. The IDP also states that: “Whilst some improvements to infrastructure will be required, the evidence indicates that there are no fundamental issues arising from the growth planned in Waverley, such that development must be directed away from certain parts of the Borough”.

There would also be Improvements to the  bridge  over the Wey and Arun Canal in Elmbridge and concerns were raised by locals this year that despite work beginning to fill in the large cracks in the 150-year-old Elm bridge over the old railway line, the mortar being used for the job would not be strong enough to prevent further damage.However, there are no plans to reopen the railway line, which used to connect Guildford and Horsham, either as rail route, a bus route or and extended cycle path.

Cranleigh Village Hospital is in the plan and would be backed by Royal Surrey County Hospital, despite Royal Surrey’s financial woes.Other plans include expanding Cranleigh Leisure Centre or building a new one for £8m, and having a multi agency centre in Village Way to accommodate the parish council, Citizens Advice Bureau, youth centre, police and rooms and for public hire – costing £2m to build.

The new plans by Surrey County Council for the new school in Cranleigh
Proposed road improvements are a traffic management scheme between Cranleigh and Shere on Barhatch Lane and Hound House Road, and to Alfold Road adjacent to Little Mead Industrial Estate.

Cranleigh High Street will see ‘environmental improvements’ and a study to review on and off-street car parking in the village centre.
A six week consultation has begun on Waverley’s daft local plan.Until Monday October 3, residents, organisations and businesses can comment on the plans.The document sets out the key policies and an overall strategy for managing and directing development in Waverley, until 2032.

The plan can be viewed on the borough council’s website and hard copies are available at the council offices in Godalming, public libraries in the borough and the Farnham Locality Office. Send representations at, email, or write to Planning Policy, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1 HR



Here comes Crest Nicholson’s answer to – Chamber Pots for Cranleigh?

Just in case you did not know what a Chamber pot is – there is a short resume under the picture!  

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 21.12.18.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 21.07.56.png

Whilst the Waverley Web is fed up of the subject – Poo was on the lips of almost every Waverley Councillor when they sat last night to consider Crest Nicholson”s  “Appalling” Detailed Scheme to build 149 flats and houses(40% of which are for housing association tenants) in Cranleigh’s Horsham Road.

 “Your Waverleys” favourite developer wants to build an “unimaginative” “poor” and “appallingly badly planned development- that was given a B minus” – councillors words not ours, on a” beautiful green field adjacent to the Downs Link.” But some  couldn’t find enough adjectives to describe the  awful scheme.

“Long after Crest has moved on everyone in Cranleigh will be left with the decision we make here tonight” said a visibly upset Councillor Patricia Ellis who claimed what had originally looked like an attractive development had now turned into: “A NIGHTMARE”

Why? Because the effluent, lets call it poo for brevity because it comes up a lot, or do we mean down! Is going into a holding tank approximately 18,000 gallons of it!  Which, claimed Councillor Ellis, could be health risk to the whole of Cranleigh. Once collected Ugh it will then be  gradually leaked  into the sewage system in Horsham Road.

Councillor Jeannette Stennett assured everyone that the capacity of the tank could serve 250 houses not just the 149 under consideration. Well… it would, wouldn’t it because there are another 100 houses proposed on adjoining land and  included in the Daft Local Plan which everyone was warned that a QC had told the council – “just this week,”  must be taken into account when decisions are made.

“Even when it is Draft’ said an incredulous Councillor Mary Foryszewski, who gave a masterful performance  claiming,  if allowed, the development was taking a step back into the Dark Ages and she was there  to determine planning applications on their individual merit – and this one had none! Parking was inadequate and in the wrong place, the one bed flats were below the acceptable standard, and said Councillor Stennett there were nowhere near enough one or two bed units and there should be lots more! OMG. By this time CNS was  going into meltdown watching their profits going into the holding tank and being flushed down the Cranleigh drains! 

“Holding Tanks, pumping stations, it’s a bit like going back to Cesspits – and Chamber pots  under the bed- we are going back in time if we allow this,”  argued MF. This development was on a massive scale and would affect the lives of a great many people living around the site – particularly in Hither wood.

After a Crest Nicholson expert kindly informed the committee that water ran downhill and not up, and every effort had been made to ensure there was no risk of flooding to either the occupants of the development or the residents of Cranleigh. Councillors said they were not satisfied that when it ran downhill it wasn’t going to run into  the homes of residents in Nightingales, who had already been flooded in 2013/14.

However, Planning officer Liz the Biz warned that it would be unwise to refuse the application when Thames Water and the flooding Authority – Surrey County Council were satisfied with the arrangements.

Well if they are satisfied and you’re  satisfied – then it must be alright then?

 When By-Pass Bramley Byham told  the committee that as clay was impermeable there was “absolutely no difference between clay and concrete.”  They were all comforted  that the Wealden clay that the site and most of the borough sits on would not cause any flooding problems. And, as for holding tanks and cesspits – he said “Well Bramley has pumping Stations.”

Well  if it’s good enough for Bramley it must be good enough for Cranleigh, Funnily enough he never mentioned the word increased traffic, which is his dogma when anyone mentions  the dirty words words “Dunsfold Park.” Funny that! He probably thinks all the Cranleigh traffic will By-Pass Byham’s Bramley! Isn’t it funny – the   President of the United States of America only gets two terms?

In a nutshell – the application was deferred by 13 votes to three and CNS have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something that Cranleigh can be proud of.

P.S. You are not kidding anyone Crest Nicholson! The houses you describe as  two and a half storey houses are exactly what one councillor said they are – Three storey houses! And..prove you own the ditch on the Northern boundary?

Will Thakeham succeed in building homes for all their “Prickly Friends” in Afold?

It’s Official. Thakeham Homes bid to double the size of Alfold will be determined by a  Government Inspector after a four day public Inquiry into its appeal to be held early next year.

Well its promise featured  below to build doors, or hedgehog holes, in the thousands of garden fences it intends to put up around over four hundred new homes on Care Ashore’s Springbok Estate may not be quite  enough to placate the locals?

Here’s what the Horsham based developer promises on  its website…

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 20.27.11.png

In July “Your Waverley”s planning officers took the bold decision to kick Thakeham’s planning appeal into touch without allowing  it to see the light of day at its Joint Planning Committee.

Under  delegated powers officers can, if they are convinced there is no merit in a particular  application, refuse it and they did. On (August 2nd) Thakeham lodged its appeal.

So … Care Ashore is not giving up the chance to make a bob or two, claiming it  needs to save the Springbok Seafarers Charity which  is in choppy waters!  It will  fight the good fight to build a shedload of houses, while improving and extending  Springbok’s facilities to provide more  accommodation for retired seafarers – and quite a lot for  its staff and their families, according to Alfold locals.

The conscience of Thakeham Homes may have been pricked by hedgehogs, but not it would appear by the howls of protest from the residents of the Surrey/Sussex village which is presently under attack from developers on all sides.

However, if  allowed at appeal the development  in the countryside on the Surrey/Sussex border could  be immediately adjacent to a new village proposed on a brownfield site at Dunsfold Park.

So are  villagers now faced with a heads we lose –  tails we lose dilemma?

Do they support the development of Dunsfold airfield? A scheme  which  proposes vital infrastructure  including – schools, shops, commercial space, power, sewerage,  road improvements and more, and 1,800 homes to be considering the Autumn?

Or … do they oppose Dunsfold Park,  already recognised in “Your Waverley” Daft Local Plan, as a brownfield /employment site capable of taking 2,600 houses over the next 15  years?

Or… do they drop their opposition to Thakeham’s cunning plan  refused on the grounds that the infrastructure to support such a huge scheme did not exist, and that it would overdevelop and destroy the rural character of a  village  which the Local Plan has earmarked for only 100 homes.

Alfold Fightback Group will no doubt be preparing itself for the fight to save Alfold’s green and pleasant land from the bulldozers  as the village  sits between a rock and an airfield – dubbed the largest brownfield site in “Your Waverley.”

To view  the complete  application go onto Waverley’s planning portal Reference WA/2015/1381.



Coming to a green field near you? And… then to another green field near you? And…?

The green, green grass of home.

Just in case Cranleigh people need to be reminded  what a green field looks like – here’s one we prepared earlier!  Now commit this picture to memory? And… the same goes for all the other Waverly town and villages particularly Farnham!Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 21.09.38.png


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 18.29.14.png


Waverley Web wonders if the very tangled web that is “Your Waverley” will be up for allowing its favourite developer (Crest Nicholson) to forge ahead with detailed planning content of its outline plans to build 149 homes in Cranleigh?

On Wednesday will Cranleigh councillors, one or two of whom have just bagged their own planning permission for development  in the Green Belt,  even notice that there are 64 letters of objection and counting, from villagers to this  unpopular  scheme?

Will anyone, anywhere take any notice of  objections, including a huge list supplied by  Cranleigh Parish Council?

No don’t be silly, why would they? As Councillor Brian Ellis said just recently  – “Cranleigh retailers need more footfall – don’t they- so go on provide them with  more footfall why don’t you. But remember your voting fodder are watching you – well they will be if the webcast is working!  

We have heard from our followers over there in the east of the borough that their elected representatives  no longer represent their views – with the exception of Councillor Mary Foryszewski  who is now a lone, but very loud, voice in the  wilderness that is “Your Waverley.”

In a nutshell here are just some of the objections:


The original outline scheme is very different to that now proposed – but that’s how CNS works – you only have to look at Farnham’s Brightwells / East Street to see what this company gets away with – or will they – Farnham people have been given leave for a Judicial Review! 

In a nutshell here are just a few  of the objections:

  •  Object to the 1 metre increase in height of dwellings on the north west of the site, contravening the Cranleigh Design Statement,
  • Extreme concern regarding the flooding potential of the site and its surroundings.
  • A Condition imposed when outline consent was granted requiring a report from Thames Water – (not submitted) Of foul drainage and storage needs.
  • Cranleigh Sewage system  at capacity – impacting on Cranleigh  Water
  • Ongoing ownership dispute of the ditch on both western side  on grounds of adverse possession.
  • Concerns over Holdhurst Brook
  • Concerns over inadequate parking provision, road access, layout, transport issues. 

and on and on…it goes

But don’t worry! The Joint Planning Committee  will hear from their planning officer “experts” that Cranleigh’s poo can be safely stored in underground poo pits in a residential site prone to flooding. 

WW wonder what will happen if the power fails or there is a repeat of the 1968/1981/1985/2013/14 floods? Not muck of a problem really, particularly when the mucky brown stuff hits the fan and  residents of the village  dubbed “poor old Cranleigh” by the very same  councillors  who are recklessly dumping half the borough’s housing allocation on Cranleigh  end up wading through the stuff!  Residents we mean, not councillors –OH  HOW WE WISH! 

Will the Hitherwood Estate be Crnleigh’s  next  flood victim?

Well if you want to see how Crest Nicholson deal with Planning  Conditions we suggest you pop across the border into neighbouring counties where it is building. Because it consistently ignores any conditions imposed on it by them by Highways, Byways or any other ways! Why? Because local authorities only take enforcement action on Waverley’s “little people.”

Oh! and by the way if you take look at the Daft Local Plan – there are another 100 plus more homes planned by Crest Nicholson on an  adjoining site -so the grass won’t be  greener on the other side of the fence for Cranleigh folk?





The David and Goliath Fight for Farnham begins!

Rock along with Rocky. 

The group that were  described by councillors as… “the small group of  Farnham people who have too much time on their hands” has  been  given leave to take “Your Waverley” to Judicial Review.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 08.37.38

Presumably the “very same small group of Farnham town and countryfolk with too much time on their hands”  have also been digging deep into their pockets to fund the fight which they will be paying for twice over. Once from their individual pockets and again through their council taxes!

A very large number of people, have given small donations, and a very small number of people have given large donations to fund the legal action that will now ensue.

Already “Your Waverley” is making every effort to bump up those costs by asking for extensions, and prevaricating at every available opportunity. Nothing new there then! Something “Your Waverley” has been doing for years, to anyone who dares to seek redress through the courts. In fact, even where costs are awarded against the Council by Government Inspectors when granting planning appeals, it is not unknown for successful applicants to wait and fight  for settlements, and often these are significantly less than those granted. 

Others who have dared to question “Your Omnipotent Waverley” have the scars to show for their audacity.  WW has many followers who have suffered, some of whom have never recovered!

So now  “Your Waverley” with “Your Money” will fight  “Your Waverley’s impudent Farnham Residents” in the High Court.

So let the major battle fronted  by the Farnham Interest Group (FIG) and supported by the Farnham Society plus many other local organisations begin.

Their objective is quite simple: To bring a halt to Crest Nicholson /Sainsbury’s East Street/Brightwells scheme to allow more appropriate re-development to be achieved – for Farnham’s sake.

So – Let Battle Commence.

You can find out more from the

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 15.27.50.png

Here are some of the letters from the Farnham Herald.




Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 08.38.07.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 08.38.41.png

More Details are included in the full leaflet below.

JR 2016 leaflet 060716-1