Oh WW of little faith … in the people of Cranleigh?

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Needless to say Waverley Borough Council has already made up its mind about its Daft Local Plan. So… is it going to take any notice of anything we say?

There we were just a day ago urging  the people of the eastern villages to wake up and take a leaf out of Farnham’s book. Read here: Isn’t it time that Cranleigh held a Town Hell meeting? and before you could say – Development... the group that does speak up for Cranleigh has put out the following call… and

They turned up at the Borough Hall, in Godalming to protest against the Daft Local Plan!

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In a nutshell Waverley’s Local Plan involves dumping 45% of their housing allocation in and around Cranleigh.

The Local Plan went  before a Full Borough  Council Council Meeting on 19th July 2016 at 7pm for approval. Once approved it will then go forward to a 6 week consultation period when you can ALL comment on the proposal.

Great timing for a Consultation, we say here at the Waverley Web – right in the middle of the Silly Season when most Cranleigh families are thinking more about new pastures than green pastures! It cannot be a coincidence – can it! that every time there is something controversial to be considered  at “Your Waverley” that the webcast breaks down, or deciton-making/consultations are held over the Christmas or Summer holidays?

Says the Cranleigh Society: It is VERY important that you submit any comments so that the Planning Inspector, who will have the final say on the Plan, can see how residents in Cranleigh and the surrounding villages really feel about this irresponsible proposal.


In order to comment you MUST register on the planning portal. Please make sure you do this if you want to have your say about the future of Cranleigh and the place where we live.

Go onto the CCS website for more information with links to register and to make comments on the Local Plan. www.cranleighsociety.org

If you have been involved in a Waverley Borough Council consultation previously you may already be registered online.

However, WW believes there should be a Town Hell meeting and Cranleigh’s borough councillors should be made to stand in front of the electorate and explain why they are backing “Your Waverley” in its efforts to create  Cranleigh New Town!

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