Have Farnham councillors betrayed their townsfolk?

Deception, disgrace, outrageous?

Just weeks after taking the momentous decision at the town council to spend around £20,000 of Farnham taxpayers money for legal advice on the £100m East Street scheme – the very same Farnham councillors have voted it through at Waverley!

Everyone except  the Farnham Residents’ Group members and the only Independent councillor, voted against the proposal during a marathon set of Waverley Borough Council Extraordinary meetings last week.



So… just weeks after  the Farnham Town Council’s Annual Meeting of Electors at the Bush Hotel where the howls of public protest could be heard around the borough, the town council  led by its Mayor Pat Frost agreed to allocate  up to £20,000 to seek  legal advice  which could challenge the legality of the proposed Brightwells scheme.

Then …

just weeks after those very same councillors – The Mayor of Farnham, Pat Frost,  was noticeable by her  absence from last week’s meeting, voted to proceed  using  “Your Money,” Waverley taxpayers – and even more of “Your Money,” Surrey County Council taxpayers, for a controversial scheme that has been batted around for more than 14 years, has blighted Fanham and  has already cost taxpayers many millions of pounds.

“Your Waverley” after receiving secret legal advice, has decided it will “robustly defend” any legal action that may be brought against it … no surprise there then. “Your Waverley” is going to use “your money” to defend a challenge by “its residents,” funded by a town council consisting of …  yes … many Waverley borough councillors!

It begs the question…

Will the Conservative controlled Farnham Town Council take legal action against the Conservative controlled borough count, for a scheme funded by the Conservative controlled county council,  – THAT IS THE QUESTION?

Just a thought! Perhaps, the town council should hand the funds over to Farnham Residents’ Group to seek a truly independent legal opinion?

Now … 

Surrey residents,  you should  be made aware, that If you pay Council Tax to Surrey County Council via your Borough Council, that same Surrey County Council is providing approximately £58m to support the very risky and controversial East Street/ Brightwells redevelopment.

If you would like to add your name to the following letter trying to establish why Surrey County Council feels that this is a good investment, particularly at a time when services are being drastically cut, please let   richard.sandars@web-hq.com (note surname has two As but no E!) Who  will then type in your name on the letter below. 

Letter to Leader SCC 25.5.16

But with … SCC actively assisting  Crest Nicholson in the creation and long term cover up of their falsified 2008 Transport Assessment perhaps there should be an investigation into that tangled web being woven by head honcho Councillor Peter Martin who is cosily tucked up in the Surrey Enterprise Partnership bed with ?

…Non other than  Crest Nicholson’s head honcho Chris Tinker ? 


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