Not enough brownfield sites in Guildford to save the countryside! Welcome to Waverley.

No doubt you will have heard about the amazing On-line news service called –

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Recently Guildford Borough Council Leader Paul Spooner bemoaned  the fact that the Town doesn’t have enough brown field sites – hence the uproar that ensued in the council chamber last week when the Draft Local Plan was nodded through to the next stage of its public consultation. At one stage  officers even threatened to clear the Chamber due to the outburst from angry protestors.

Is there a lesson here for  Waverley Borough Council that appears hell bent on delaying  its Local Plan as long as possible? In the meantime it allows developments  to go ahead in the countryside around Farnham and Cranleigh. It appears complacent about leaving decisions  to various  Government Inspectors to grant at appeal, blaming   its  –  own Conservative Masters for imposing unrealistic housing numbers  on everyone.

What do the boroughs of Woking and Guildford lust after…? 

Something  that Waverley possesses in abundance – brown field sites!

What have the numpty’s  at Waverley already done with one of them at the Hewitts Industrial Estate in Cranleigh…

refused an application by Threadneedle for over 120 houses preferring to grant 75 houses on a green field at Little Meadow nearby – and why?…

Because … it wants to allow the same developer of Little Meadow to build an  industrial estate in which, “Your Waverley” intends to have a stake, with £1m of “your money,” on  the Green Belt in Guildford Road, Cranleigh. And… guess who will be granting the planning permission ? – You couldn’t make it up could you?

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Read The Full asrticle in The Guildford Dragon here:


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