Not enough brownfield sites in Guildford to save the countryside! Welcome to Waverley.

No doubt you will have heard about the amazing On-line news service called –

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Recently Guildford Borough Council Leader Paul Spooner bemoaned  the fact that the Town doesn’t have enough brown field sites – hence the uproar that ensued in the council chamber last week when the Draft Local Plan was nodded through to the next stage of its public consultation. At one stage  officers even threatened to clear the Chamber due to the outburst from angry protestors.

Is there a lesson here for  Waverley Borough Council that appears hell bent on delaying  its Local Plan as long as possible? In the meantime it allows developments  to go ahead in the countryside around Farnham and Cranleigh. It appears complacent about leaving decisions  to various  Government Inspectors to grant at appeal, blaming   its  –  own Conservative Masters for imposing unrealistic housing numbers  on everyone.

What do the boroughs of Woking and Guildford lust after…? 

Something  that Waverley possesses in abundance – brown field sites!

What have the numpty’s  at Waverley already done with one of them at the Hewitts Industrial Estate in Cranleigh…

refused an application by Threadneedle for over 120 houses preferring to grant 75 houses on a green field at Little Meadow nearby – and why?…

Because … it wants to allow the same developer of Little Meadow to build an  industrial estate in which, “Your Waverley” intends to have a stake, with £1m of “your money,” on  the Green Belt in Guildford Road, Cranleigh. And… guess who will be granting the planning permission ? – You couldn’t make it up could you?

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Read The Full asrticle in The Guildford Dragon here:


The WW word is spreading…

Just months after posting its first blog the Waverley Web is receiving an increasing   number of comments and e-mails every day. Many of them  to some on the comments blob at the top of the Post page.

Some residents are calling for protest marches on the borough council offices at The Burys, some much stronger suggestions have also been made!

With over 30,000 hits – many more if you count the  numerous postings on Face book and other social media, and Civic and Town Society sites.  We are hearing from former Waverley residents around the World. To name a  few Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, America, Throughout the European Union, Canada and two from Russia! Some followers are asking us to increase the number of posts to at least two each day as we cover more issues. So readers may need to check alerts more frequently in future.

We stand by our right to scrutinise and comment on the behaviour of Waverley Council and the other parish and town councils. WW has been applauded by many of you for having the guts to call others to account,  whilst at the same time  bringing a little humour and musical accompaniment to our posts.

We are not journalists, just a group of ordinary residents  eager to spell out the truth which sometimes hurts.  Our blogs,  come from contributors inside Waverley Council and from residents around the borough. They  are intended to inform, and in part, do the job that a strong opposition once performed within  Waverley Council. However, we are not criticising the one Independent and the two Farnham Residents’ councillors who are doing their best – but, most of the time they are shut up before they can even speak! But the more opposition there is , the less they can be silenced! 

Even Waverley’s Conservatives agree that having very little opposition is a bad thing – in fact it is bad for them and for us! Officers are forced to kow-tow to an ever powerful Executive tail, which continues to Wag the council dog.. Read this post if you want to hear what Waverley’s own members think of the administration … TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING?


Some of you have suggested our posts are split into separate Town areas, and we are considering ways to make it easier for you to access your area. However, this blog is about “Your Waverley” and we believe this blog is the only medium where you can hear of, and read about, what is going on – all over the borough. Farnham’s problems to-day can be Godalming’s tomorrow.

The council is  presently caught between a government that is imposing ever increasing pressure on council budgets, without relieving them of any responsibilities. At  the same time, it  demands Local Plans with high housing targets, unpopular with many, perhaps even most voters, many of whom believe we are solving London’s, and not our local housing problems, whilst multi-million pound properties are sold in the City  as buy to leave for foreign investors.  

Who could blame councillors if they feel that the world is against them? And should we be surprised if they get angry and want o shoot  the messengers of discontent, including the WW.

The former leader of “Your Waverley”  Robert Knowles has not contacted us once, though he has come in for a great deal of criticism. If he feels he has been unfairly treated he should say so. If the council he once led has made mistakes, covering up the fraud for one, he should apologise. We all make mistakes. Here at the WW we correct ours – publicly.

Waverley  Council does some things well. None of the good things happen by accident, and there are some very good hardworking staff and councillors within Waverley’s walls – we know because we hear from them! 

But, and it is a big but, it is absolutely right for those who govern us to be subject to constant scrutiny. It comes with the job.  It is also natural  that scrutiny  focuses on perceived failures and controversy.If we want things to improve it is right that it should. For far too long the secrets, lies , and wrongdoings  perpetrated by WBC have been ignored or  hidden.

Where one party has such a dominant position, scrutiny is especially important. Councillors themselves  admit their own scrutiny process has not worked  and must change. Isn’t it  time our councillors challenged their “masters?

W W cannot dictate the nature of comments we receive; however, we  strive for balance and if we receive a comment  in favour of the council it will be published.

Through moderation we  delete comments felt to be  inappropriate and tone down others to make them less personal, vitriolic and repetitive.  W W’s objective   is to encourage engagement with local politics. Sadly, the level remains very poor. If you are reading this you are almost certainly in a minority of people who are  interested, most can’t even be bothered to vote in local elections, let alone take an active interest. What goes on at   Waverley Council is important and deserves our attention.

W Web is, independent and apolitical, and is proud that it is  providing  another platform for more debate on local politics  giving more people a chance to have their say and scrutinise those who govern us. There is now a new Leader in place, we do not want more of the same! Do we?

We hope  WW will help lead to greater involvement in local politics from across the whole political spectrum and will encourage our local politicians to remain mindful of properly expressed views, however inconvenient they might be.

Politicians, all politicians, are elected to represent us and if it is felt they are not doing so the criticism is likely to increase.


All about Baked Beans from the has Beans at Waverley.

Don’t bother to try and view the webcast of Waverley’s  Joint Planning Committee Meeting of 17 of May 2016 to watch  two important planning applications.

You know the sort of application that affects people lives, their environment, their safety, air quality, roads, etc…

One was to  to build what  Councillor David Else described as a “dull, unimaginative and boring development” of 65 Bewley Homes  and then presumably voted for it, by the time the vote was taken everything had stopped! So your guess is as good as ours. All on  the A325 a congested road in Wrecclesham,  Farnham. This adds  another couple of hundred cars to the existing 14,000 that go past this site  every day, adding to the 35,000 on the A31  adding even  more cars to the 45,000 that use Hinckleys Corner in Farnham ever day!  All of which makes the vehicles using the A281 Guildford/Horsham Road, that everyone keeps banging on about,  look like a country lane.

The other application was  for another 75 houses added to over 800 already granted in a year in Cranleigh. Little Meadow is  on another green field on a narrow country lane in Alfold Road Cranleigh, adjacent to another access to the 425 Berkeley homes  granted on appeal nearby. 

All you will get is the first  part of the debate on the Farnham application – just enough to determine that Farnham’s roads are set to become even more congested …. and this for the rest of Waverley’s webcast… Yes…this is Waverley Joint Planning Committee at its best – nodding through hundreds of houses whilst the rest of us count beans! Can this useless, inefficient; crass bunch of individuals get a webcast that actually works, and for that matter a planning committee that actually works for the people it was elected to represent in the in the borough? 

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.39.33.png

This is part of Waverley Borough Council’s recycling video which replaced the JPC meeting – oh well, what more can you expect. 

For God’s sake Waverley start acting like a professional outfit – or hand it over to some one who CAN! – sorry about the pun WW

Has Cranleigh’s “digger driver” dug himself into a big hole?

That is the question many Cranleigh folk are asking following the sudden resignation of the Stennett duo – Stewart and Jeannette from their parish council seats a few days ago. And,  by the way – this is the second time he has resigned as a parish councillor!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 22.19.03It all began two weeks ago when Councillor Stennett  declared an interest in the Knowle Park Initiative Planning application for 265 houses in Alfold Road, Cranleigh. The borough councillor for Cranleigh East declared his “pecuniary interest” in the Flying Dutchman’s scheme – and so did his parish and borough Councillor mate – Brian Ellis.

However, a row ensued a few days later when Brian Ellis  decided his was not a “pecuniary interest” as reported by a councillor officer, but a “prejudicial interest,”  and ticked off the Waverley clerk responsible for the mistake. As we post – Councillor Ellis too – has resigned his parish council seat!

Then just days later – both Councillors Stennetts and Brian Ellis spoke passionately in favour of another planning application for  75 house application opposite the Flying D’s little property venture, at Little Meadow, Alfold Road. Neither declaring any interest – either pecuniary or prejudicial!

Three days later – both  Stennetts resigned from the parish council giving no reason WHY?

Perhaps this little Minute of a “secret meeting” held behind Waverley’s closed doors in September last year with Councillor Brian Ellis in the chair en famille , and with the Stennetts, in tow – will help make a very muddy pond clearer.  For most the plot  the plot thickens!

Please read, digest, but do not hold your peace. And may the force be with you all in Cranleigh as you attempt to work out just what are the people you entrusted with your vote just one year ago up to?  Cranleigh Deveopers – meeting notes 15 September 2


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.10.59.png

Wasn’t a housing application turned down by Waverley Borough Council on this brownfield site before this meeting took place, and hasn’t the owner – Threadneedle been forced to go to a costly appeal? 

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.10.32.png

Ah! but you didn’t stand down from the Joint Planning Committee did you? And… not only did you vote for an application without declaring any prejudicial interest – you did not declare that you had been working with Hamish Robbie of Crownhall Estates (the applicant for Little Meadow) together with  WBC on a joint scheme to build an industrial estate on the Green Belt in Guidford Road, Cranleigh with £1m of the council taxpayers money! A decision  made in secret by the Full Council!

and.. why were only certain developers chosen to take part in your, oh so secret meeting/s?

Only one Question now remains? … Are these people who ride roughshod over the good people who voted for them over there in Cranleigh going to resign their borough council seats too… and soon?

Is elder abuse alive and well in Waverley.

Most definitely  say the borough’s elderly who are corresponding with us at WW!

They are angry that services provided by Age Concern Waverley (AGEUK) disappeared without  notice,  despite assurances from Waverley’s PR spinners who claim all is sweetness and light  for old people – Well WW  and the elderly know…

 it isn’t!

It is quite surprising, how,  with the benefit of anonymity, how  brave older people become. By the way, We hold their contact details, if ,”Your Waverley” needs them?

Said one old,  disabled, and practically demented, homeowner going through a  housing nightmare of mega proportions in Farnham and who claims he is being  ignored by “Your Waverley,” councillors and officers alike!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 17.32.57.png“Well WBC is  never going to help me as  “I  own my own  home, despite the fact that it is their tenants who are making my life hell.” His home has been devalued by the neighbours from hell, and is now unsaleable and he feels unsafe in his own home? 

The disabled amputee said: “Waverley B.C. should put a health warning on their website to potential complainants against doing so. It,  should read as follows:- Any complaint about our tenants will be ignored as we will not take any action whatsoever against them no matter how anti-social they are nor will we take part in any sort of honest discussion about what action we will take or the lack thereof.”

He continues: Meanwhile the noise, aggravation, intimidation, shouting and general nuisance will continue unabated till you go away, die or end up in an institution. We are God (Waverley) Amen.
This is all smill fry to you WW as I see almost every day the level of corruption & sheer incompetence  you are exposing in your blogs – so keep up the good work & good luck. 

Absolutely nobody is hearing me any more over in Godalming.  

Environmental (Julie) says I can’t complain about the XXXXX family anymore because of the type of order they have against them and  she won’t tell me anything about that order due to client confidentiality issues.
Neal Deans claims that the XXXXXX’s “bid for XX ?? XXXXXX  Road was dealt with legitimately  as  they were placed there by the welfare services, and  until they find a suitable alternative  property for them to bid for  they will remain in the current flat as there are “currently no properties available.

WW Well that’s alright then, isn’t it Waverley. You have no obligation to a homeowner whose life is made intolerable one of your tenants who was told to “move” by your officers!    He can no longer turn to Age Concern for help – perhaps someone from the Farnham Citizens’ Advice organisation could give the poor devil a call. If they contact us directly, with his permission,  we will pass on his contact details. Or… perhaps everyone can  procrastinate and wait for some sort of tragedy to occur?

His last words – but not ours: 

The only thing I can do is to cash my pension in,  to continue soundproofing work.
Meanwhile they continue to create as much noise, abuse & general nusaince as they want and  I just have to deal with it the only way I can.
All in all, a hopeless situation.
I just don’t have the fight in me to take them on anymore, any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated.

Another e-mail…

Hi WW Just like your recent posts telling of the don’t care attitude that WBC has towards anyone who dares to be over 60, well I realy hope that none of them have to grow old or become disabled! I could not agree more about WBC being a shower I would say you are being too polite!

Another said : “The first I heard of the closure of Age Concern (AUK) was when my cheque for my gardening subscription bounced and was returned by the bank, I have heard it has happened to many other people?   I rang the office in Cranleigh, and a recorded message told me it had closed for good. It was a wonderful organisation, we don’t know how we will manage without it, what on earth is the council thinking of at a time when so many of us need its help!”

Read the article here:  The Orchard Club negotiations not bearing fruit?

Well everyone – this is Councillor Jenny Else the Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing in Waverley. Let’s see what she can do to make life more tolerable for Waverley’s elderly, including those mentioned  above! After all, she constantly spins the web how much “Your Waverley” do for the elderly. And… perhaps her mate Carole King could shake the housing department up – before it  commits another BIG MISTAKE!  Let’s hear  less words and see more  action from Waverley’s ladies? Here is a man who needs your help – NOW!

Listen to people like Elaine Maggs from Haslemere who has been delivering Meals on Wheels there for more than 30 years, says about the move by Waverley Council which may threaten the service. “I know that those who receive meals are the most vulnerable. Those who are ill, frail, prone to falls or with failing eyesight who cannot go out and buy and then stand to preapre the meals themselves. Often their family live a distance away or abroad.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.45.01.png

However, be careful would-be complainants – Councillor Jenny Else Portfolio Holder for Health & Wellbeing doesn’t like “aggression,”  just power!


The curtain has gone up on “Your Waverley’s” latest theatrical production.


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 19.55.34.png

Roll up, for  “Your Waverley’s” production of the Farnham Regeneration Show . Sadly there were no shouts for an encore because Farnham’s audience  wore  their gags !  after being told there would be no questions as it was an “Extraordinary Executive Meeting” and extraordinary it most definitely was!

“Your Waverley’s” Executive has now nodded through the Farnham Brightwells £100m Re-generation scheme that according to one councilloralmost, everyone in Farnham has been waiting for. 

That is  they claimed  

except for Farnham’s  “vociferous minority ” that have too much time on their hands and have formed themselves into Protest Groups?

Councillor Jenny Else said she was confident that the “exciting” scheme would draw people into Farnham from all over the borough. “I live in Elstead and we shall all be going to Farnham – Godalming ought to be worried.”

Well, that’s all right then isn’t it – put the boot in on Godalming – the home of Waverley Council, why don’t you Councillor – what Else can you put your foot in every time you open your mouth?

As for residents’ concerns about losing the Redgrave Theatre, well Councillor Liz Wheatley blamed Farnham people for not supporting it  and then said enough taxpayers money had been wasted by “Your Waverley” bailing it out to the tune of £1.3m. So she said they could  go to the Cinema instead. She failed to mention the  rents WBC pulled in, from the theatres restaurant, or the huge subsidies that Waverley’s preferred alternative venue , The Maltings, has been receiving for years. 

Well the Council’s Executive Meeting this week would have made a first class production for the poor old Redgrave’s stage, but then of course, silly old us, it isn’t there any more!

Every councillor – except two – had read their perfectly scripted lines,  were well rehearsed and directed. Some performances were better than others – and not all were word perfect – perhaps the dress rehearsal should have had another hour or two when it was held behind closed doors earlier and then…

Of course the real debate (what are we talking about there was no real debate. The only people who had the audacity to oppose the scheme  were the Farnham Residents’ councillors and Independent, Councillor Andy MacLeod, and even he was told to shut up as he was out of time!

Did anyone mention how much it has cost “us” to get this  far  over 14 years? No, of course not – but the figure of £5.9m already spent,  actually exceeds the £2.8m (the premium WBC for one quarter of Farnham less the 1.5m of public funds being spent on relocating the Gostrey Centre to the Memorial Hall, added to  the £1.5m cost of the CPO enquiry on the Marlborough Head pub and even then only taking into account a small part of the officers’ time!

Should we really be selling a one quarter of Farnham for 1.3m!? Well that is what Potty’s bunch has just done!

WW cannot believe someone somewhere in the Tory ranks didn’t have just a few niggling little doubts about the Waverley Production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream? Unless…

they spoke up when it went  into  Exempt…

yes, you guessed behind closed doors due to  “commercial sensitivity.”

WW didn’t wait for the decision – because we had already written the script. There may have been a standing ovation for Gone to Potts – who achieved what… Waverley’s very own Mrs MOP – the plumply salaried – golden booted former CEO couldn’t achieve … the deal! 

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 19.47.22.png

Waverley’s Mrs MOP’s role – Gone to Potts!

So now,  councillors boast, we  can all rest easily in our beds because all the young people of Fanham who want “affordable” homes are going to get them – all the young people of Farnham who want “an evening economy” in the restaurants and cinema – are going to get them. There will be more jobs for all and lots of jobs for the construction workers employed by Crest Nicholson.

Now  the final act. “Your Waverley”  says it will get £2.8m  + 800/900 p.a. Surrey County Council will make a return on its ??? circa £58m – and CNS will make a bob or two. Councillor Kevin Deanus is thrilled because he predicts more car park income and fines!  Nobody  told him there will be fewer spaces in future, did they?

So there you are then – as the curtain went down on one of the best productions we have seen since Brian Rix played to packed houses  on  stage at the Whitehall Theatre has there been such a slick, well rehearsed production… We are however, left with just one final thought ?

It ain’t over   – until the Fat Lady sings?

You can’t pull the wool over my eyes!

sing-along with the WW…You can’t pull the wool over my eyes

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 18.21.14

and that includes Waverley Council!

This is a letter sent to every Waverley Borough Councillor concerning a fraud cover-up that occurred within “Your Waverley.” An incident that would never have been revealed had it not been for a whistleblower inside the council. When you have read this letter written by a  resident of Waverley who is blind – but, who can see more than most! Just read the response to his complaint.

Who do YOU believe?

Dear Councillor

Re: Institutional Corporate Cover Up.

You are all aware, at least since October 2015 that Waverley BC was the victim of an attempted fraud of around £350,000. You are probably not aware that the work practices and safeguards that the Council should have  to protect us from this fraud were not in place. Because those responsible ensuring the protection were ashamed of their omissions they concocted one of the most incompetent institutional corporate cover ups that this Borough has ever experienced.

Those officers responsible for this cock up, or who colluded with the cover up, must be dismissed without pension, they are: Paul Wenham, Graeme Clark, Damian Roberts, Robin Taylor and Daniel Bainbridge. The 19 Members of the Executive and Audit Committee have various levels of culpability but those who were most verbal in the defence of the cover up were: Robert Knowles, Julia Potts, Mike Band and Jim Edwards and they must be impeached.

The 19 Councillors, although they had nothing to do with the incompetent mismanagement that resulted in the fraud, agreed to collude in the cover up because they feared that they may be under a political disadvantage at the Borough Council elections on 7th May 2015. I have asked Robin Pellow to investigate, with a view to interviewing the 19 Members, to assess their individual culpability.

The evidence for my allegations can clearly be read in the enclosed documents which were generated as arguments for a request to Grant Thornton for a Public Interest Report. The documents were written by Hugo Alexander dated 25th April, by myself dated 26th April and by my wife Rosaleen on 28th April, all of which should help you to come to your own conclusion regarding this corrupt episode.

Whatever you decide, something must be done to halt this creeping paralysis of Waverley’s administration. It would of course be far better for all of us if you, as Members, deal with the problem rather than to have Government Inspectors installed.

What has happened should not be political even if so far it has been treated as such. It is up to every honest Councillor to act on his or her own conscience in this matter as this is something that is extremely urgent and must be properly dealt with by those that have the power to do so. You have the power to do so.

Brian Egan

Waverley’s response to : Brian Egan

So no problem there then – nobody at the top of “Your Waverley” takes responsibility for anything…OK?



The temperature’s rising in Farnham!

Sing-a-long with Elvis?

The temperature is going off the richter scale in Farnham this week-end so   incensed are the residents of “Your Waverley”at the indecent haste with which Gone to Potts is racing “Top Gear” style  into  bed with developers.

One man who has watched, documented and poked his finger  into Waverley’s eye  for more than decade sums up his reasons  in the link below, almost too many to get your head around. Jerry Hyman explains  exactly  why this scheme must  be challenged – before its too damned late.

Sadly  Waverley Web did not exist when “Your Waverley” Council, aided and abetted by  (Borough and County Councillor Denise Le Gal) who is responsible for the County’s Pension Fund, – persuaded her county colleagues to dig Waverley out of the great big hole it had dug itself into. And,  despite its Herculean  attempts, it failed to attract commercial  investors to back the East Street development. However, WW  did, figuratively speaking, lob a hand grenade into Farnham when we  revealed SCC’s part  in funding a scheme, of which not even all county councillors were aware. You could not make it up – could you?

The whole sorry story goes back  years. It was  Waverley’s very own “Mrs MOP,  CEO Mary Orton Pett who provided  a Government  Inspector – with  “a secret letter” giving   details  of the ‘non-existent funder’  in a bid   to obtain the vital Compulsory Purchase Order of  the Marlborough Head Pub which  unlocked  the door to the Brightwells development. She  subsequently resigned with a huge payoff of  “our money.”

Over £200,000 was paid to five employees in October2013, needless to say she had the Lions share,  for reasons, still undisclosed in public. Councillors were warned not to divulge the reasons, due to the damage it would cause  the council, and she agreed to a gagging clause! Oh what a tangled web they weave?
Mrs MOP, who earned around £130,000 a year, was given her ‘golden handshake’ by the Tory-led council .
Announcing Mrs Pett’s departure just one hour before councillors agreed to withdraw the ill-fated Local Plan planning blueprint, Waverley leader Robert Knowless said it would “save a senior post and a significant amount of money” while allowing Mrs Pett to ‘concentrate on developing her career”.
Following this news, the day-to-day running of the council passed to Waverley’s then-deputy chief executive Paul Wenham and strategic director Damien Roberts, who was himself given a £50,000 pay-out from his previous job at Croydon Council in 2012. Where one of his colleagues committed suicide due to “bullying.”

So there we are then! We watch and wait for  Waverley  councillors, many of whom are new, and have no connection or interest in Farnham to bite the bullet, turn a blind eye to the devious, dirty business that has been perpetrated by a  duplicitous group of people. Or …

will the tail  surprise us and start wagging the Waverley dog? Don’t hold your breath.

Read Jerry Hyman’s letter to the Farnham Herald here  : Jerry



Are the bulldozers revving up to move into Farnham?

Remember Crest Nicholson if you Lie down with dogs you get fleas!


Spot the fleas on the Waverley Dog pictured here.

 A Members Briefing on Brightwells will be held on Monday  followed a day later by a Special Executive meeting and an  Extraordinary Council Meeting.  All  arranged with  indecent haste  by the new Leader  who two weeks ago was  hailed by The Mayor of Farnham Pat Frost as… “the woman who gets things done”   to  railroad through the £100m redevelopment of East Street, Farnham.

 Julia Potts intends  to head off  any possible legal challenges from campaigners before they can get their legal act together for what many Farnham residents  predict will be the  ruination of their   historic medieval town.

So rushing it through makes good sense then – doesn’t it? 

And.. how much is she  selling Farnham out for?…30 pieces of silver ? Well not much more – about £3.19 m  less stamp duty of “our money” for a 150 year lease to Crest Nicholson  of “our land”, with Surrey County Council backing it to the tune of £58m  of “our money.”And, Farnham people would not have even known that SCC was the funder if it had not been revealed here by the Waverley Web!

Read all about it in the Farnham Herald featured here:

 Gone to Potts,  aided and abetted by her predecessors; Robert Knowless; Adam Taylor-Smith and David Munroe – ye Gods now Surrey’s Crime and Police Commissioner! intends to whip all her lily livered Conservative Councillors into line   in her bid to give Farnham away to developers. Don’t be complacent Godalming, Halemere; or Cranleigh – it could be your turn next to be sacrificed on the developers’ alter!  In fact she already has plans in place to use another £1m of “our money” to build on Cranleigh’s GREEN BELT aided and abetted by Cranleigh Councillors’ Stennett and Ellis!

Not since Mellors and Lady Chatterley has a group been more  in bed together than Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Crest Nicholson. In fact they are playing with the town’s assets  like a 2016 game of Monopoly except they are not collecting money every time they pass GO! 


£3.19 million pounds, less tax for four hectares at Brightwells – the whole of the South East corner of Farnham Town Centre, The Redgrave Theatre; The Riverside (worth £2m) The Gostrey Centre; The Bowls Club; The Memorial Hall, and more… ye Gods it must be buy one get one free!

With most of the debate held “in secret” siting  commercial sensitivity  – Your Waverley is about to commence  the destruction of one of our most treasured towns. Even Henry VIII, did less damage to the cause of democracy than our Tory masters.  WW will Bet Fred  and ED that the cry of “foul” from the Independent, and two Farnham Residents’ Councillors next week on  will be trodden under foot to cries of “sit down and shut up.”

We  can watch the bits Potts wants  us to see on the webcast, if it’s working, as the council’s Chief Executive Wen-am-I leaving and the Council Solicitor Daniel Bainbridge give Counsel’s legal opinion on how they can bat off any possible challenges that may be made.  No problem there then, because after all Waverley councillors have our money to pay the piper?

Challenges, challenges, when and from whom?  Farnham’s Conservative Town Council (full of Waverley councillors) taking on WBC’s Conservative  controlled borough Council for a development which is being funded by the Conservative  controlled Surrey County Council, backed by the Secretary of State for Health and a Conservative  Government – on behalf of Farnham people – No Way Jose! It just ain’t going to happen – is it?

There is so much that could  be challenged in this toxic illegal development, but will justice for Farnham ever be achieved? Not unless the Opposition work together as a cohesive group, give the legal beavers the material and the money with which to wage   a David and Goliath fight. Because we all know what this is about don’t we guys and gals ….this is about Waverleys ego trip, and a determination to forge ahead and impose Crest’s impractical  over development on Farnham regardless of the costs, risks and sacrifices, that Farnham and Waverleys tax payers are suffering for a developers’ benefit.

Farnham is  a pawn in a game devised by the nasty party – Do we hear an Injunction/Judicial Review Coming On?

Let  the fight   commence  for our Town – because “Your Waverley” is actually “Their Waverley,” and they are going to the dogs?


Another three bite the dust or “let’s all go and live in “poor old Cranleigh.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 17.22.10.png

WW writes:  It was Cranleigh’s turn again this week to put the smile back on the face of  Waverley planning officers after a bit of a disappointment  last week when councillors turned down 265 homes on another site in the village. But after giving councillors a good slap – an early bedtime and one hundred lines “I must not over-rule Planning Officer, Elizabeth Simms – they  made up for the previous indiscretion and let another 75 houses  go through. – Cranleigh New Town Here We come.

And – who does Cranleigh have to thank for another swathe of houses across Cranleigh’s countryside – yes – you guessed – Cranleigh Councillors Brian Ellis; Stewart Stennett, and Jeanette Stennett (who has now personally notched up more than 200 hundred to date- it was her casting vote that clinched 149 houses for Crest Nicholson In Horsham Road.) Oops! WW forgot – the Stennets are wannabe developers themselves, eager to  build houses on land they own in Guildford Road, so it may soon be more?

But let’s digress for just a moment because – The Stennett duo + Former parish council Chairman David Gill have all thrown their toys out of the Cranleigh Parish perambulator … and RESIGNED! Presumably hoping the wheels will fall off?

Cllr Gill because he just couldn’t hack the girl power – particularly now the “mag hag” has been elected. So he  is moving out to the green, green grass of Oxfordshire, as Cranleigh’s fields are diminishing fast!  But the Stennetts gave no reasons, except, WW understands from our Cranleigh moles with  which the Surrey hills are now alive, that they fear their future in the political arena may soon be over, because after a year of working with developers together with  Brian Ellis they  urged their Waverley Joint Planning Committee colleagues to grant permission for the development above, without declaring an interest?

Once again Councillor Mary Foryszewski pitched into battle to try to save Cranleigh’s day but this time, failed. So now there is only one developer who hasn’t got a ticket to the Cranleigh Development party – the Flying Dutchman who is probably over with the Cloggies kicking up the tulips! But don’t worry he won’t give up he’ll be sticking in an Appeal, or putting in another planning application to build next to Little Meadow before you can say…tomatoes! He didn’t get where he is to-day by smelling the roses!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.22.39


The Cranleigh Society put up another stirling effort on Cranleigh’s behalf yet again…siting enough technical information for a blog post of its own…read it here soon. Or go onto the Cranleigh Society’s brilliant  Website by clicking on the link below.

Before the debate was underway Councillor Ellis wanted to correct everyone that his interest in the KPI application for 265 homes refused last week  was “not pecuniary.” “just prejudicial.”

If we actually believe that for the past 20 years Councillor Ellis has been having and chairing `secret” meetings with the Cloggie because of his interest in the land exchange of Cranleigh Hospital – which happened nearly 20 years ago – then  we all need to go into rehab?

And it is now common knowledge, not that Waverley is admitting it and the former Leader Knowless-  knows he lied about it stumping up £1m of “our money” to join forces with Hamish Robbie on a nice little earner by developing land on the Green Belt in Guildford Road.  Who was it who worked up the industrial estate scheme with our Hamish, and went up to London with him no less?  yes, you guessed our Stewart – who pleaded with his planning colleagues for Hamish’s other little scheme at Little Meadow to go ahead this week.  No prejudicial or pecuniary interest there then for the Cranleigh Digger Driver whose reputation in Cranleigh is sinking lower than his diggers can dig – we hear! And who has now resigned from the parish – WW wonders will he and his wife resign from Waverley next? Watch this space!

We also hear from the very tangled web that is Cranleigh these days that so incensed was our Hamish to learn of the disclosure of all the confidential documents about his little venture with WBC re: Manfield Park, and yes WW has copies, kindly sent to us by one of the few decent officers still inside Waverley Towers -that he sent a letter to WBC making accusations of a personal nature against a councillor he believed had leaked the information, and which could scupper his cunning plan.


So there you have it… an application passed in the full knowledge that no water quality assessment has been carried out and that Waverley Council will bear the risk and liability of this decision. It is not “Your Waverley” that takes the risk and who pays up it is us – the local taxpayers!