Local Democracy at work?


Here is a clip of the meeting to which Mrs Egan refers: Watch from 11..31 to hear how “Your Mayor” of “Your Waverley treats one of “Your elected Councillors.”


Do you remember the days when even if we disagreed with our politicians – we agreed to differ because they had earned our respect?

Please note: the Mayor stands up to tell Councillor Williams to sit down! Then look at his smug smile when the Farnham Residents’ representative is outvoted, when all he wanted was an open democratic debate. And there were we at WW thinking that the office of Mayor was to be non-political and fair! Let’s hope the next Tory Mayor will do better Councillor Band, and follow in the footsteps of those fit to hold the office, like: Gillian Beal; John Savage; Michael Blower; Danny Denningberg; to name but a few who held the honour of the Mayoral role with the pride and the respect it deserved.

This is a message we received from an observer at the Full Council Meeting on Tuesday.

Having attended the Council meeting last night I was so disgusted at the braying mass of Tory illiterates I sent the attached letter to Farnham/Haslemere Herald, sadly sympathetic as they are, I don’t think they will publish it.
Well – if they don’t we certainly will – as we could hear the rabid bunch from over here in South Farnham! One councillor has already told us that he was “ashamed to be a part of the proceedings,” WW says” Well for God’s sake stand up and be counted – and earn the confidence which we, the electorate, bestowed upon you all?

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 22.29.39.png

Dear Waverley Web,

How do you differentiate between Councillors and teenagers? You can’t – when their lips are moving they are lying.

At the Council meeting this evening the sheep baaa’d and followed the lead of the Deputy soon to be leader Julia Potts as she denied the Council had done anything wrong as far as the fraud was concerned .

Councillor John Williamson wished to make a suggestion following the Council’s Constitution rules, but before he could get two words out they were baying for him to stop speaking telling him to sit down, they are so scared of being found out that they tried to stop him speaking before he could make his point. All he wanted was to request that they debate the fraud, and the way the Council has dealt with it, at the next Executive meeting. When they finally condescended to let him speak they were made to look foolish for their over reaction. Needless to say they voted against his request.

The people of Waverley have got what they deserve, they would vote Tory if a sheepdog stood and what they have got is a flock of sheep following the iniquitous lead of Knowles, Band and Potts. These people have behaved disgracefully and appear to think that they ae untouchable because of the apathy of the voters.

Well Waverley taxpayers – you got what you voted for; self aggrandising twats who think they are better than us. Enjoy the results of your vote, you have them for another 3 years!
Rosaleen Egan
The culture of dishonesty that is eating away the soul of the Tory party is alive and well in Waverley and it is helping the national party, which earned the name for being the nasty party, become even nastier.

We now know that Waverley was in good company when it covered up a fraud to prevent its 2015 election chances being damaged.

Now the police are considering whether to prosecute the Conservative Party for breaching the strict expenditure limits during the General Election. Some of the costs sending emergency teams of canvassers into key areas where Tory candidates faced a serious challenge, particularly from UKIP, was not declared to the Electoral commission, which polices election spending. A criminal offence punishable by a fine or even a jail term.

Perhaps the Police should take a look at “Your Waverley” – with a Bobby in Charge?

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    1. We must not let this rabble protect themselves by having a conservative Police and Crime Commissioner particularly their SCC and WBC mate,David Munro

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