Berkeley Decision shock.

Sing-a-long but it may make you cry because the green, green grass will soon be disappearing !


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We are extremely disappointed to confirm that the Planning Inspectorate has upheld the Appeal submitted by Berkeley Homes for 425 dwellings on green fields South of Cranleigh High Street.

The main reason cited is that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and yet again as Waverley do not have the required 5-year housing supply our village and our green fields have absolutely no protection.

We again have been advised that Waverley’s Local Plan has suffered yet another delay, meaning that Cranleigh and the surrounding villages remain the dumping ground for housing for the Entire Borough for the foreseeable future.

Building on the Berkeley’s site must commence within 2 years. we can’t wait to see what Thames Water are going to do with their sewage in that time as their system is already at capacity.

WW says: Our advice to people over there in Cranleigh is either – dig your own cesspits out in the back garden, or join the Civic Society and pray.


Isn’t it time the man in the CRANLEIGH street woke up to the reality of it  becoming one great big building site for the foreseeable future.


Perhaps it is time to drag the leader of Waverley Borough Council Robert Knowless before  a Public Meeting before he bu*****s off into the wild blue yonder -and ask him to bring his newly appointed Chief Planning Officer with him! The other one has already gone off to the wide blue yonder because he just could not stand Waverley Borough Council’s political Cr*p any longer – his words not ours!

WW understands that some Cranleigh shopkeepers headed by the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce are supporting huge development. Some say they want to appeal to the “London crowd,” – well they may soon be doing just that sooner than they think.

If you would like to read the full details of the Appeal Decision please click on the link below.

Appeal Decision 3129019

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