Don’t mention the Fraud!

 Is Waverley Borough Council our Totalitarian Dictatorial Local Government?

March along with “Your Waverley” and then watch the video to show how local democracy works when someone dares to ask for a perfectly sensible debate on a matter of public interest  : Farnham resident Jerry Hyman speaks first and then wait for Councillor John Williams to be shouted down! Local Democracy at work?

These are the sentiments of a Milford couple – sick of being fobbed off by “Your Waverley.”

The one Party Borough of Waverley proved recently  its lack of understanding that other people can have a different point of view of the way things should be run, but they may, just may be starting to address it, because even councillors are getting worried, very worried?

Said the resident:

 Just as a matter of interest, WW understands this gentleman is blind! but it would appear he has his eyes wide open and has great vision.

 There is no-one as blind – as those who do not wish to see!

“During a recent conversation with Robin Pellow, Monitoring Officer for WBC, he admitted to me that Waverley had made many mistakes and agreed with me that proper working practices had not been carried out by officers which resulted in the fraud that took place in April 2014. It should also be obvious to our Julia that had any work practices been put in place and carried out the fraud could not have taken place. Yet last night, at a full Council meeting, in answer to questions about the fraud from Hugo Alexander and Jerry Hyman, Julia Potts denied any wrong doing by the Council or that any cover up took place and furthermore the Council had an extremely good reputation for financial management. Can she be that naive or is she just simply a liar?

Jolly good job you are on your way to retirement Mr Pellow – or you would be getting the jack-boot!

When John Williamson stood up to request that the fraud be debated at the next Executive meeting, Mayor Mike Band shouted to him to “sit down” and within seconds a flock of sheep repeated the demand with intervening noises of “shame.” After the kerfuffle subsided John Williamson pointed out to Mike Band that he was not trying to debate the matter right now he just wanted a resolution as to whether or not this debate could take place in the future. Of course he lost the vote as he was outvoted by the one party machine of our unfair version of local democracy.

The cover up continues!

I am beginning to think Julia Potts will make a “good” Leader of the Council because of her prerequisite ability to ignore the truth.

Does anybody know of any non-violent means of getting rid of these obstructive, inclusive Members and officers, such as impeachment or do we have to suffer this abominable Council for another 3 years!

Yours Sincerely

Brian Egan




So says the deluded Councillor “Patsy” Frost who has headed up a working group to look at ways of “improving” the role of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and make it more effective. Well done Councillor Frost the penny has finally dropped!

sing-along with Our Bob – Times they are a changing

Well and there we were thinking that Politics is what Waverley council is all about and there’s no room for any opposition – from within the ruling party or from any opposition! Silly old us!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 09.56.55CAPTION.
We don’t want any aggression, we don’t like aggression – Waverley is a team, said Councillor Jenny Else’I’ll give you a smack!


At last could there could be a glimmer of light permeating through ‘WBC’s corridors? We can live in hope because here are just a few of the comments about the way Waverley Council doesn’t work from a few very brave councillors?

Watch this and judge for yourselves? This comes with a local government health warning : It is difficult to watch Councillor Carole Cockburn as she speaks because Councillor Michael Goodridge is so riveted by her comments that he is fast asleep and… guess what – he was elected into the Wonersh seat unopposed!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.29.30

Hush-a-by baby sleep like….

listen here: starts at 28.50

One member said” “Waverley Council is run like an Old Boys Club” another said...”as a new member I couldn’t believe the expression on colleagues’ faces when I dared to ask a

question”…another…hearing Councillors’ jeering John Williams at the Full Council last week was disgraceful “

…another there is a real problem with the culture of this council”

…another… “I have been here longer than most councillors but if I want to know what is going on here I read it on Social Media or in the Farnham Herald.” another. “Drastic action is required if we want to restore public confidence in this council” 

Another: it was difficult to find councillors willing to serve on the Overview & Scrutiny Committee…”because the Executive don’t listen or care what it has to say.”

Another..most things here are decided by the Executive behind closed doors”

another – “the more experienced I become- the less I am able to contribute it’s a crying shame! We need a complete change of mindset here.” “All you have to do here is turn up and nod, because no-one listens to a word we say.” Another: “we are not trusted with information.”

WW Yes, Councillor Carole Cockburn (Con Farnham Bourne ) – it’s is a crying shame that you and all your colleagues appear unable to stand up for the people of Waverley. So stop turning up and nodding and if, as you claim, you are really quite bright – stand up and shine for what you believes is right for this borough of ours, before it is too late !

Here’s what an anonymous councillor said about the Executive’s role – that is the group of (9) that effectively make all the decisions at Waverley Council, in response to the group set up to scrutinise the Scrutiny Panel that is supposed to scrutinise decisions, and call the Executive to account,- not just rubber stamp decisions through…if you get what we mean?

And there were we at WW and most of our followers All ye of little faith thinking they were all a bunch of sycophantic dummies who follow the Leader…

Step forward Executive Member No 3 you brave and honest soul! Your time could soon be up – that is if your identity is ever revealed! 

Executive Member (3) says about the Executive group of which he is a member!

 Being on the Executive is like being on a treadmill, and there is no time to pause and reflect on how the process is working;
 There is a culture of paranoia within the Executive, and complacency about the size of the political majority, which means that there is a perception that no effort needs to be made to be transparent;
 All meetings seem to be a race against the clock, including Executive meetings;

The Executive should show more respect to those who ask questions of it,whether they be members of the council or the public: they are all Waverley residents and deserve better than a petty response;
 Public perception of the Council is not good, and that is a problem that needs to be collectively owned and addressed by Members and officers;

There doesn’t seem to have been one trigger for the current situation; it’s developed over a period of time; but some new members are already feeling disillusioned and disenfranchised; everyone needs to take responsibility for failings, otherwise we can’t move forward;

he continues…

 Feedback from OS to the Executive lacks context, so it is difficult to understand how comments were arrived at; they need to be communicated better;
 Collectively the council needs to be more transparent, more open, more coherent, and shouldn’t be so defensive and risk averse; there needs to be more of a ‘can do’ culture;

Waverley is working for the same residents as our Town and Parish councils, and the County Council; we need to get better at communicating and working together for the benefit of our residents.

Say the council …
6.5 This testimony is disheartening, but it emphasises the importance of the review being undertaken and of there being an appetite for positive changes in the culture and practices of governance

Well – there you are then – Waverley Council is not Good – Councillor Frost but rather than aiming for the impossible  – just aim to be Good.
Perhaps you should tell your Mate on the left Jenny Else that just because you received some constructive criticism from both old and new councillors you must learn (a) not to insult them and (b) not to claim they are being aggressive as aggression is not required at Waverley – because you are a team! Bunkum Councillor Else they were not aggressive they were telling it as it is – Waverley’s reputation in the community and beyond, and the way it does its business now, is lower than a snakes belly!


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.19.20

Your Waverley Councillors refused the KPI application for 265 houses at West Cranleigh Nurseries by 12 votes to 7. And – only one of  Your Cranleigh Councillors recommended refusal because the other two  Brian Ellis and Stewart Stennett “declared a pecuniary interest!

Over 100 people turned out to hear Waverley’s  Joint Planning Committee refuse the KPI application to build 265 houses at West Cranleigh Nurseries despite a Herculean attempt, during a two and a half hour debate by the Council’s new Chief Planning Officer, to persuade them otherwise!

Another application for 75 houses nearby was deferred to a later  date.

Cranleigh Councillor Mary Foryszewski fought like a tiger to persuade her colleagues to join her in opposing  the scheme claiming its  accumulative effect, following a spate of   recent permissions for 800 homes, would “ruin” Cranleigh’s character.

 Brian Freestone said the parish council objected because  the location was remote, unsustainable and the Country Park could become  a burden on the ratepayers – a responsibility, which he warned, it,   would definitely not  pick up.

The Cranleigh Civic Society spokesman Liz Townsend, provided  some highly technical reasons why the application should be refused siting very serious issues with Cranleigh’s water and sewage systems should any more development be allowed. All of  which had been recognised by Thames Water and the Environment Agency. “Every day – two Olympic size swimming pools of effluent are discharged into the Cranleigh Waters” and the system would  not cope.

Unfortunately, due to technical problems with the microphone, Martin Bamford for the KPI Trust – could not be heard  and neither could the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce President Richard Graham – except to say Cranleigh  definitely “needed” more homes.

However Councillor Foryszewski didn’t need a microphone, she made her voice heard by everyone in the Chamber and in the extra room set aside to hold the huge crowd of villagers who turned out to opposed the scheme.

She congratulated  the developer on a “first-class marketing campaign” but I am very disappointed at the lengths that  some people went to to prevent  me from being here this evening which I find quite disgraceful !”

“But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to recognise – Cranleigh cannot cope – this application is wrong and if you allow it you will be letting the people of Cranleigh down!  She said she would not sit back and watch Cranleigh robbed of – yet more green fields.

And I want to assure everyone here – I was not one of the Cranleigh Ward members that worked  with the officers to bring forward  this application”

She warned officers and colleagues they were putting the cart before the horse  by not ensuring that Infrastructure – water; drainage; transport issues; congestion; and the fact that Cranleigh had a poor road network was taken into account.

Planning expert Liz Sims claimed the officers were not drainage experts – “neither are we expected to be. and members should trust the statutory authorities.” However, when she introduced the application at the outset she said: “It is this council’s  strong preference and  generally acceptable to build houses on Brown Field sites.”

Members said it just didn’t wash that they could rely on Thames Water  siting  how many times they had been letdown by them.

Michael Goodridge (Wonersh) and Maurice Byham (Bramley) were satisfied all the sewage/water problems could be overcome by imposing conditions. Not a word was spoken by By-Pass Byham or Goodridge on traffic congestion on local roads or the A281!

Nick Holder (Witley) said “come hell or high water” either Thames Water or the developer should be forced  to pay for sewage treatment improvements.

But it was Councillor Pat Frost (Farnham) who argued the development, a mile from the village, was too remote , “who’s going to walk with buggies and bags of shopping into the high street?” This application is detrimental to the countryside and the residents nearby. I don’t like the design,or  inadequate parking, so I am voting against.”

Farnham councillor Andy McLeod said Cranleigh was being asked to take too many houses, and would end up as “one great big building site” for the forseable future. His colleague John William argued the Environmental Impact Assessment was not adequate, and the impact of yet more development on Cranleigh people would be “huge.”

Said Councillor Cristiaan Hesse (Hindhead ). “Cranleigh will end up looking like Poland in 1939 – if we allow this we will  fundamentally  change the character of this village for ever more.” Others said they felt “sorry for Cranleigh” which was under siege. Another claimed he  certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

The Application was refused after two and a half hours of heated debate by 12 votes to seven.

Oh dear! The Cranleigh Chamber Pot is leaking…

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 09.38.16.png

The Cranleigh Chamber Pot – is leaking not speaking!

Seems the Waverley Web just might have hit a sore point with more traders than we realised when we issued  yesterday’s post To be a Village – Town – or City – that is the question?

According to our growing band of followers/hits – (we hit our first 25,000 this week) – that the previous Chamber of Commerce Committee resigned almost en-bloc following a little dispute about backing Cranleigh new – Town – City…

Apparently the former Chamber Pot Chairman – a local mag owner – was unceremoniously ousted after being told to either get out or a rival chamber would be created! Why? Because she was not prepared to back wholesale development on Cranleigh’s green fields  and had refused a series of paid advertising in her magazine from the Flying Dutchman. The Cloggie wanted to buy costly editorial pages  trumpeting his development called the Knowle Park Initiative  which goes before Waverley Planners tonight Wednesday, and she didn’t want any part of it. Somebody turning down money – never, not really! Now she has put herself up for election for a vacant parish council seat, saying she wants brown fields built on before the countryside.  

One follower  told  us:

“I used to be a member of the committee of the Cranleigh Chamber of Trade & Commerce and we resigned en masse (apart from one) as all certain people ever wanted to do was talk about houses being built and why the Chamber should support it.

The new committee, headed by Richard Graham, is stuffed full of pro-development people.”

Another says:

Too right about the so called “Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce” and that Batty Bamford” corrupt the lot of them. I have tried reasoning with a number of local businesses and am so fed up with their “we can’t halt progress” attitude that I’m taking my custom out of Cranleigh for some things.”

And there’s more about the dodgy dealing inside the leaking Chamber Pot. Apparently one  local developer has been offering all sorts of “incentives” to people/organisations/shops/local politicians/ and possibly  more,  that we don’t know about,  to get involved in or back his his little venture into the property business!

This is a message to villagers which went out today from the Cranleigh Civic Society.
Dear members and friends

Now is the time to stand up and be counted!

Please come to the Waverley Borough Council offices at 18:30 this Wednesday
27th April, to stand with the Cranleigh Civic Society team as we oppose
another 340 new homes being built behind the 425 just recently approved off
Cranleigh high street.

Waverley Borough Council planners have waved the applications from the
Knowle Park Initiative (265 homes) and Little Meadow (75 homes) through just
days after the Berkeley Homes appeal (425 homes) was successful. Despite
parish council objections, the Berkeley’s application was driven through
against the wishes of local people and we fear that the subsequent
applications will fall like dominoes unless we make a stand.

The soul of our village is at stake here. Be in no doubt that this is a
pivotal moment in the village’s history, perhaps the time when unfettered,
inappropriate development destroys its very character forever.

Please be there. Please make your voice heard! As the famous quote says ‘The
only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’

Jane Price
Membership Secretary
Cranleigh Civic Society

To be a Village – Town – or City – that is the question?

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.17.08.png

 The Surrey Ad this week?

Makes no odds to the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce – because it claims nothing can detract from Cranleigh’s unique character? Can it? Read the Surrey Advertiser Article by clicking here …


The WW has been contacted by a number of traders/ businesses and individuals all of whom  are member of the Chamber Pot over there,  claiming they have never been consulted by the outfit that claims to speak up for them. Many say they welcome shoppers/clients to their individual businesses but have a very real concerns about the lack of, and introduction of, expensive parking; the variety and quality of the shopping environment – with far too many charity/betting shops,  and now major banks moving out forcing customers  to go to Horsham and Guildford. They are concerned about the living environment – loss of green countryside, local employment sites, and poor infrastructure – particularly sewage treatment!

Our inbox is full of irate “villagers” who claim that it might not worry the spokesman for the Chamber of Commerce – who is the spokesman by the way? Who says. “Whether Cranleigh is officially defined as a village, a town or city makes no difference to its unique and special character.”

We wonder if it is the same spokesman who is on the Trust which will operate Knowle Park on behalf of the Knowle Park Initiative. It is set  to build 265 houses on a horticultural site, with another 75 opposite . Could it be the same spokesman, who urged all the traders and villagers in a house-to-house leaflet to support the scheme,  and who posted recently on Twitter opposing the Civic Society’s concerns on Cranleigh’s worsening sewage problems saying  that it only spoke for the minority  and suggested they = Play with Poo!

read: Twit or Tweet?

So there we are then – The Chamber of Trade at least is out of the closet – it doesn’t care whether Cranleigh remains a village a town, or a City as long as their tills are filled?

However, Anne Milton the local MP over there says “Cranleigh will stay a village in my mind, It is a community in a rural location.” Perhaps she should pass her comments on to her Conservative colleagues at “Your Waverley” who are doing their damnedest to ensure it doesn’t!

Another who is seriously worried is Councillor Mary Foryszewski – Chairman of Cranleigh Parish Council, who expects to be challenged  at the May chairmanship election by the man who wants to be Cranleigh’s First Town/City `Mayor – yes you guessed Councillor Brian Ellis the developers’ champion! After all he has only been Mayor/Mayoress twice.

The WW has just received this call to arms from the Cranleigh Civic Society.

Dear members and friends

Now is the time to stand up and be counted!

Please come to the Waverley Borough Council offices at 18:30 this Wednesday
27th April, to stand with the Cranleigh Civic Society team as we oppose
another 340 new homes being built behind the 425 just recently approved off
Cranleigh high street.

Waverley Borough Council planners have waved the applications from the
Knowle Park Initiative (265 homes) and Little Meadow (75 homes) through just
days after the Berkeley Homes appeal (425 homes) was successful. Despite
parish council objections, the Berkeley’s application was driven through
against the wishes of local people and we fear that the subsequent
applications will fall like dominoes unless we make a stand.

The soul of our village is at stake here. Be in no doubt that this is a
pivotal moment in the village’s history, perhaps the time when unfettered,
inappropriate development destroys its very character forever.

Please be there. Please make your voice heard! As the famous quote says ‘The
only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’

Jane Price
Membership Secretary
Cranleigh Civic Society

Local Democracy at work?


Here is a clip of the meeting to which Mrs Egan refers: Watch from 11..31 to hear how “Your Mayor” of “Your Waverley treats one of “Your elected Councillors.”

Do you remember the days when even if we disagreed with our politicians – we agreed to differ because they had earned our respect?

Please note: the Mayor stands up to tell Councillor Williams to sit down! Then look at his smug smile when the Farnham Residents’ representative is outvoted, when all he wanted was an open democratic debate. And there were we at WW thinking that the office of Mayor was to be non-political and fair! Let’s hope the next Tory Mayor will do better Councillor Band, and follow in the footsteps of those fit to hold the office, like: Gillian Beal; John Savage; Michael Blower; Danny Denningberg; to name but a few who held the honour of the Mayoral role with the pride and the respect it deserved.

This is a message we received from an observer at the Full Council Meeting on Tuesday.

Having attended the Council meeting last night I was so disgusted at the braying mass of Tory illiterates I sent the attached letter to Farnham/Haslemere Herald, sadly sympathetic as they are, I don’t think they will publish it.
Well – if they don’t we certainly will – as we could hear the rabid bunch from over here in South Farnham! One councillor has already told us that he was “ashamed to be a part of the proceedings,” WW says” Well for God’s sake stand up and be counted – and earn the confidence which we, the electorate, bestowed upon you all?

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 22.29.39.png

Dear Waverley Web,

How do you differentiate between Councillors and teenagers? You can’t – when their lips are moving they are lying.

At the Council meeting this evening the sheep baaa’d and followed the lead of the Deputy soon to be leader Julia Potts as she denied the Council had done anything wrong as far as the fraud was concerned .

Councillor John Williamson wished to make a suggestion following the Council’s Constitution rules, but before he could get two words out they were baying for him to stop speaking telling him to sit down, they are so scared of being found out that they tried to stop him speaking before he could make his point. All he wanted was to request that they debate the fraud, and the way the Council has dealt with it, at the next Executive meeting. When they finally condescended to let him speak they were made to look foolish for their over reaction. Needless to say they voted against his request.

The people of Waverley have got what they deserve, they would vote Tory if a sheepdog stood and what they have got is a flock of sheep following the iniquitous lead of Knowles, Band and Potts. These people have behaved disgracefully and appear to think that they ae untouchable because of the apathy of the voters.

Well Waverley taxpayers – you got what you voted for; self aggrandising twats who think they are better than us. Enjoy the results of your vote, you have them for another 3 years!
Rosaleen Egan
The culture of dishonesty that is eating away the soul of the Tory party is alive and well in Waverley and it is helping the national party, which earned the name for being the nasty party, become even nastier.

We now know that Waverley was in good company when it covered up a fraud to prevent its 2015 election chances being damaged.

Now the police are considering whether to prosecute the Conservative Party for breaching the strict expenditure limits during the General Election. Some of the costs sending emergency teams of canvassers into key areas where Tory candidates faced a serious challenge, particularly from UKIP, was not declared to the Electoral commission, which polices election spending. A criminal offence punishable by a fine or even a jail term.

Perhaps the Police should take a look at “Your Waverley” – with a Bobby in Charge?

Fear not – Constable Chaos is in charge!

Well chaps – “Your Waverley’s very own Plod pictured here is on his last lap. Having  beaten up any opposition during his draconian rule of Waverley Council.

Our very own boy in Blue is not wasting his last weeks of control before handing over to Gone to Potts.Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 18.28.04.png

Chaos is reigning all over the borough and the sound of angry residents’ can be heard across hills and heathland, towns and villages from Hale to Hascombe, Hindhead  to Hurtmore.

PC Know-less is whipping his backbenchers into line in a bid to destroy open fields and countryside – changing the face of Waverley for all time and his Lady in Waiting has picked up his truncheon and is already following in Plod’s footsteps.

Whilst his partner in crime Councillor  Brian – “I want to be Cranleigh New Town’s first Mayor”  has failed miserably in his attempt to wrestle the Beryl Harvey Memorial fields from the locals for yet another housing development – Constable Chaos is having considerably more success in Farnham.


13076757_10154131278246613_2079359491135430346_nYes Mr Westott – where are Farnham’s lawyers? Why isn’t someone getting in touch with The Bar Pro Bono Unit, 48 Chancery Lane,  in London, WC2  and taking on a David and Goliath type fight for the Memorial Hall its grounds and Farnham’s future?

Waverley’s actions are flying in the face of the Deed of Covenant, the wishes the people of Farnham, the spirit of Covenants set up as a Memorial to those who died in the First World War – fighting for freedom – democracy and everything that Waverley now ignores.  Waverley  Borough Council is riding roughshod over the three Independent Farnham councillors and over the dead and the living! This has to stop!

POW! Gives Waverley Council a good drubbing?

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.00.21.png

They act more like Laurel and Hardy every day!


The Protect Our Waverley Group was out this week giving Waverley Borough Council a smack around the head saying its Daft Delayed Local Plan was leaving the whole borough naked and vulnerable.

Oh Dear Waverley Council – you have now managed to get the East of the borough as mad as the West – and there we were thinking no-one could get as mad as our Farnham residents.

Willie the Web has a cunning plan – perhaps if everyone in Waverley gets really, really mad and they combine forces – they could actually do something about this inept, dishonest, undemocratic, bunch that is turning our borough into a concrete factory? Just a thought.

In the meantime – the group that set out to stop Dunsfold New Town and now Cranleigh New Town – has begun to realise that new towns are a’coming to the East whether they like it or not.

A member of POW  contacted us to  say that Alfold Parish Council Chairman Nick Pidgeon (who by the way is making a quick getaway out of Alfold to live in the quiet of the West country, sensible man!) told the public at a parish council meeting this week that Dunsfold Park’s , 1,850 houses, are being included in the Local Plan.

Gasp! Shock! horror! and there were we at the Waverley Web thinking that we have been saying since this blog was born/hatched/erupted/ a few months back that it was pretty obvious Waverley want to concentrate most of  its housing in Cranleigh and the surrounding villages to make CRANLEIGH NEW TOWN because there are far more houses proposed in Cranleigh  & DUNSFOLD NEW VILLAGE. 

The public and the POW group agreed Waverley Council has – no Vision! Well there’s a surprise – when did they  discovere that little pearl!

That there are no checks or balances there – because it is Tory controlled – and even the tory backbenchers can’t  challenge their master, in public,  because they are a bunch of wimps?

At the public meeting villagers heard that  Surrey County Council Highway Authority – or Councillor Alan Young – has convinced everyone that all Cranleigh New Towns’ traffic will be going through Shere, and Shamley Green/Wonersh.

Lies. They have already persuaded developers’ “at secret meetings” to agree to make road improvements to ensure safer access onto the A281 at Nanhurst Crossways – but everyone over there knows they will travel on the country lanes – Wildwood Lane and Alfold Road onto the A281 at guess where? Dunsfold Park of course – who will then presumably have to make all the very expensive highway improvements to the A281! Should be fun for motorists dicing with death as HGV’s pound through the lanes – one every nine minutes for the next 5 years on their way to Cranleigh Brick and Tile!

What is POW going to do? They hope to …Work with Waverley,” oh well – that’s alright then! If they succeed it will be a first. The only people that work with Waverley are… you guessed…developers!

Ask for another public Consultation.    Asked the Secretary of State to Call the appliation in,  he says – “he will consider it.”

Ask people to oppose Dunsfold Park – why?  Because it is the only site that can – build schools – it already has the Jigsaw School operating from the site – deals with its own SHITE – provide its own power – through its solar farm – and can provide as much infrastructure as is required  on an existing employment/brown field  site that will soon have a Bio Digester we hear. Councillor Ames – shame on you for lying through your teeth- you told the public there were no shops, no schools, no infrastructure and even no parking. WW is not ageist but really you must go back to your knitting, and knit yourselves balaclava! 

Did the POW group convince the public? – there were only a handful of Alfold people there – all the rest were from Dunsfold/Hascombe/Loxwood around 25 – so we’re  told by Alfold villagers? Quite simply No – but one thing everyone did agree  on…

 Not having a Local Plan has paved the way for the East of Waverley to become a housing dumping ground! and surprise-surprise! WBC has no vision; has fostered the division of  the whole borough; – has no Plan B; is covering the borough with planning blight; ignores its own planning consultation procedures; – is waiting for guidance on highway issue concerning the A3 – whilst allowing developers – to pass GO pick up their planning approvals and laugh all the way to the Bank with their Monopoly money!

and even they … won’t be able to use Cranleigh’s HSBC Bank – because its closing down!

It’s official – the lunatics have taken over the Waverley Asylum.

Willy the Web is going slightly mad!

The men in white coats really are on their way to Waverley Towers – or will they be beaten by the men in grey coats?

read here:Are Waverley Planners going stark staring mad?

We urge everyone to watch the webcast of Waverley’s  Joint Planning Committee next  Wednesday  particularly if you live in the East of the borough in Cranleigh. Then you will see this disreputable council at work. Better still – go along and watch?

The same madness that has been going on in Farnham regarding East Street and Brightwells is spreading like a disease across the borough!

 Click on the music above to get yourselves in the mood

You can watch “your Cranleigh Borough Councillors” Brian Ellis, and Stuart Stennett go along with all the other JPC members,  (though from past experience we doubt that will include Mary Foryszewski,)  from other parts of the borough, grant permission for another 340 houses in the Alfold Road at Cranleigh.

Perhaps Councillor Stennett will  declare an interest and leave the chamber – as he’s a chump  of the applicant – but WW is not holding his breath! Councillor Ellis called the planning application in and has been working together with Mr Stennett and the council officers for years at secret meetings with wannabe developers,  Knowle Park Initiative included. After all, according to our followers – Councillor Ellis wants to be Cranleigh New Towns’ first Mayor. Don’t buy your tricorn hat yet Cllr E!

But perhaps – just perhaps, the Dummies on the JPC should read this little missive from Cranleigh resident Adrian Clarke who has  more than a passing interest in poo! This could leave them all slightly flushed. Because – quite simply The Environment Agency say it is “technically infeasible” to upgrade the Cranleigh sewage works to meet the housing already granted, – let alone more… Why? Because the technology doesn’t exist – just read it for yourselves.

One more piece of the jigsaw though, and it’s the “elephant in the room” no one wants to talk about. In the last 3 years, Cranleigh Waters (the stream Cranleigh Sewage Works discharges into) has become ephemeral. This means it flows OK in winter as it always has done, but in summer it flows much less, and at times it stops flowing altogether. (The Environment Agency told us it is because of low aquifers, increasing water abstraction upstream, global warming and increasing population density).

The Environment Agency said a few weeks ago that it is currently “technically infeasible” (their words) for Thames Water to upgrade the sewage works in Cranleigh to meet growing housing developments because the technology doesn’t exist to upgrade the plant in Cranleigh to give a clean enough discharge into the stream. Cranleigh Society explained this to Elizabeth Sims at Waverley in December (I know because I was at that meeting) and she and the other planners are simply ignoring this, hoping the problem will magically go away. The Environment Agency is well aware of the problem, and we’ve sent them photos of a dry stream bed on the 6th October last year, but they are too weak to do anything about it, as much of their power has been stripped by Government in the last 2 years. Take a look at –

I just thought you should know this critical piece of information, as I think that it has has become the single biggest problem for new housing schemes in Cranleigh. It’s “Catch 22”. Waverley are pushing their allocation onto Cranleigh as we don’t have any Greenbelt Protection. The Environment Agency knows about the ephemeral nature of the stream but they are keeping quiet about it. Waverley are keeping quite about it saying that if the Environment Agency doesn’t properly object, then what’s the problem? And Thames Water blithely look on as the Environment Agency hasn’t updated their Permit to Discharge for Cranleigh since 2009, so they don’t have to actually DO anything! The perfect storm of bungling caused by Waverley sticking their heads in the sand on this.

And against this background, I find it incredible that Waverley are recommending that KPI and Little Meadow go through at the JPC meeting on the 27th.



However, Mr Clarke sadly we don’t find it incredible.  We think Waverley planning officers and  your borough councillors over there have been planning this for years! Remember all those secret meetings?

The Council is finally losing the plot! They will sacrifice the Green Belt next! Why doesn’t everyone in Cranleigh wake up and smell the poo- and get over there next Wednesday in their droves, and tell them – enough is enough and if you do not stop this madness we will challenge you in the Courts?

Real doctors – not spin doctors were out in force in Farnham.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 19.54.04.png

Pictured here last Saturday

With only days to go before our junior doctors embark on the most damaging all out strike in the country’s history, isn’t it time our MP Jeremy Hunt started to jaw jaw before war,war takes place in our overstretched hospital A & E Departments?

Says Dr Louise Irvine – the woman who stood against Mr Hunt in the General Election and who spoke at the Farnham rally..

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 19.53.13.png

and…we here at the Waverley Web agree wholeheartedly. Why? because bullying our junior doctors is no way to win friends and influence people. Also this situation could have seriously damaging effects on the medical profession for many years to come. The Waverley Web knows of doctors/nurses/and many health professionals who feel as though they are trudging through treacle to keep services going, and are looking at ways of getting out – leaving the country, which inevitably leads to more foreign doctors and more foreign nurses!  Next week’s action is their way of demonstrating their frustration with Jeremy Hunt’s handling of “our health service.” More pictures click here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 20.06.23.png

Our hospitals Mr Hunt are in crisis – so is our 111 system and our GP surgeries. 

Jeremy Hunt is under mounting pressure over his handling of the junior doctors’ dispute after he unexpectedly abandoned his repeated threat to impose a new contract on them – a move that has led to four strikes by doctors so far.

Hunt’s change of tack, which comes as a high court legal challenge to him over the dispute begins today, has led Labour to claim that he may have misled parliament over the contract imposition because he has spoken of the threat repeatedly in front of MPs in the House of Commons.

Junior doctors are due to strike for a fifth time on 26 and 27 April, this time opting out of all care, including emergency treatment.

The health secretary has retreated from his claim that he has the right to exercise what he called the “nuclear option” of imposition. His U-turn is revealed in a letter from the government’s lawyers that was seen by the Guardian and confirmed by his own Department of Health.

Hunt’s insistence now that he is merely “introducing” the contract has prompted questions about his negotiating tactics during the seven-month dispute and whether he has been in breach of his powers by using the threat. He regularly outlined in Commons debates, speeches and interviews the government’s intention to compel junior doctors to accept changes that have provoked anxiety across the medical profession and NHS.
“The reason why this is so significant is that junior doctors have entered into a period of unprecedented industrial action off the back of his decision to impose the contract. If Jeremy Hunt is now claiming he isn’t imposing the contract, then this also raises the prospect that he has misled parliament.”

Norman Lamb, a Liberal Democrat health minister under Hunt until last May, said: “It appears that this is now in a state of shambles and that the secretary of state is in a hole and can’t move forward on this. The government’s latest legal position seems to show that Jeremy Hunt had no power to impose [the contract] all along.

“This is quite a dramatic change from the assumption that people have had that the health secretary is able to force junior doctors to abide by this contract. If he’s changed the language from ‘imposing’ to ‘introducing’, it may be that there’s no way the government can continue to try to get this contract implemented. It looks like the contract is dead in the water, that it has no life in it, like the dead parrot in Monty Python,” said Lamb, who was an employment lawyer before becoming an MP.

The fact that Hunt is no longer claiming to be imposing the contract is outlined in a five-page letter sent last Friday by the Government Legal Department to Bindmans, the solicitors acting for a company called Justice for Health, formed by five junior doctors. They are going to the high court on Monday to formally initiate a judicial review of the lawfulness of Hunt’s right to impose the contract, which will make Saturday part of a trainee medic’s usual working week for the first time.

In the letter, government solicitors state that Hunt has decided to “proceed with the introduction of a new contract” and that he is legally entitled to do so under the NHS Act 2006. It does not mention “imposition” at any point or cite any of Hunt’s countless uses of that threat. The letter dismisses the junior doctors’ lawsuit as “simply misconceived”.

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