Are the skeletons surfacing in Waverley’s backyard?

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Since March 2013 an amazing 85 skeletons have been excavated from a building site in Godalming where 14 ‘affordable homes’ are to be built by Waverley Council.

So far the cost of excavating the site, on what is believed be a ninth century burial ground, is estimated at £227,000, approximately £16,000 per home. This has been approved by the council, and takes the cost of the homes thus far to £2,257,000.

So, how affordable will these homes actually be?

According to the authority it  will take a ‘sensible approach’ to dealing with the bones – WW wonders what ‘sensible’ actually means?

The site is near Godalming Station and is being excavated by the Surrey Archeological Unit.

Neighbours of the site reported seeing bones as recently as last October despite reports  that they had already been taken to the Surrey History Centre to be examined in June. So…what’s going on down in deepest Godalming?



When you are in a hole Waverley, stop digging!

When Waverley Adds Two and Two together – does it make five? that’s what one Farnham resident thinks.


Just in case you hadn’t noticed, former Waverley councillor Adam Smith, Farnham’s Riverside car park has flooded again!  You you may recall the former Waverley councillor was adamant that it never would! At least he didn’t seek re-election so we have something to be thankful for.

Read David Wylde’s letter here:16.01.14 – A hole Waverley Council will find very hard to fill

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For more news read the Farnham Herald


More than 12,000 hits and growing!

Some good advice below  for the mounting number of followers logging onto the borough’s ‘very own’ Waverley Web.  We are proud that in just three months WW has notched up…

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Well over  12,000 hits  We are also aware our posts are being shared on other social media/e-mails /twitter etc right across the borough and beyond. We have heard from Waverley ex-pats from as far afield as  Australia, Canada, South Africa, and beyond.

 So don’t be shy – subscribe to our posts. We treat your details with the same privacy as we treat our own. This blog is not about boasting about our success – more about thanking the huge number of people that are feeding us with information.  Both insiders and outsiders! We are enormously  grateful for the contributions, comments, photographs and compliments – even the two complaints! We cannot always get it right, but if we make a mistake we will always apologise and make a correction.

To all those people who have asked who is Waverley Web and why was it was founded? Please read the About page.

To those who have hazard a guess that it is: (a) The Farnham Society; (b) the Cranleigh Civic Society; (c) a particular Cranleigh parish/Farnham councillor; (d) a former Surrey Advertiser/Farnham Herald/ Haslemere Herald journalist and (e) a former WBC councillor and former WBC employees. Sorry, but you are all wrong… but do please keep guessing… We also understand that Waverley Borough Council now has a team of people trying to identify us – why we wonder? What does it have to be afraid of? If it is as open and transparent, as efficient and robust as it claims- then what does it have to fear?

P.S Waverley Web is not, (unlike WBC,) a large group – it is just a handful of very committed  residents who care a great deal more about the borough, its future character,  and its prosperity than they do!

It also concerns us that one part of the borough does not know what is going on in another – in other words is a little too parochial. If WBC  wants to comment it can at any time contact@waverlyweb. org or it could just ignore us – and take the same view  it did recently with the Surrey Ad – and claim, “that few people read it anyway.”

Another little calamity?

Well you probably won’t be meeting him now Mr Shearn, that is, unless you have something going on over there in Basingstoke?

We have been contacted by  followers asking us to investigate the numerous enforcement actions that have, and are increasingly, being taken by Waverley’s planning department – some of which sound overzealous in the extreme.


We understand  there are well tried and tested planning rules  it would be sensible for everyone to live by – but…we’ve  heard from many Waverley residents’ who believe there is one rule for some in the borough – but not for others. WW asks Why?

Residents claim their planning applications have initially not been dealt with properly, and then unnecessary enforcement  action  is taken. Appeals have been dismissed by Inspectors but the unnecessary stress and expense has caused enormous problems. In many cases if a little pragmatism and common sense had  prevailed considerable  time, stress and money could have been saved by all. Enforcement action  was taken against one resident who built an island in the middle of his  lake in Wonersh. He won his appeal and  costs of £18,000 were awarded against the council  – did WBC pay up? Not bl**** likely. They  offered him £8,000, which he refused,  and only after months of legal wrangling did he finally settle for more.

Another resident built a stable six inches higher than permitted due to a  builder’s mistake. Rather than allow a retrospective correction (easily achieved by popping in a planning application) WBC served an enforcement notice, then put lots of additional conditions on the building. No-one could see the stables adjacent to woods. However, there are numerous incidents of others building stables wherever they like in the borough.

One Rule for Them

 When Waverley’s contractors were busy wiping out every amphibian on the Farnham Riverside site in order to build their car park and tennis courts, Waverley refused to enforce the condition required under “the reptiles relocation programme.” Well why would they? After all  why should it obey the rules it expects us dummies to live by!

It  also built the new pavilion  six  inches lower than the level stipulated to avoid flooding. Again no action taken.

And then of course there are the Farnham residents who have written to WW who were not even given the opportunity to comment on proposed development adjacent to their homes in Farnham – Planning references were changed… and so it goes on…

Another for us?
Said a follower: ” I was in the planning office  and a Chinese man in his 70’s was there in tears. WBC had given planning consent for someone to build a house overlooking his home and his adjoining courtyard. 

WBC gave approval for new windows in the home that overlooked  the Chinese Family’s home and the  courtyard  where he had planted a tree in memory of his daughter. so they lost the enjoyment of their courtyard.

 The man was upset because WBC gave consent for the tree to be removed, in his courtyard, because the developer had complained it blocked the light into the window of his new home….. tragic.or what!”

We have had numerous incidences of planning inconsistencies reported to WW- too many to mention.  Double standards appear to be the order of the day. with any issues you have?

One down two to go?

 The name Ellis is on the lips of many Cranleigh villagers who, say our WW followers, are “fuming” at the husband and wife duo’s latest underhand antics. Now we hear that although they were backed in their nasty little sleight of hand by the casting vote of  Parish Council Chairman David Gill   he… has now Resigned.

No wonder he is saying he no longer wants the job of chairman, who  would after realising the mistake he made in contributing to the Ellis’s latest round of duplicitous behaviour!

Brian and Patricia Ellis, aided and abetted by Chairman Gill, successfully pulled off a dastardly coup against their parish council colleagues by overturning a decision, taken in their absence before Christmas. It was agreed to create a Trust which would protect the future of the Beryl Harvey memorial field and ensure it would remain in perpetuity for the purpose the donor intended. At the January meeting  a counter-decision,  taken, in the absence of three councillors, overturned the previous decision. This now flies in the face of public opinion and lengthy debate in December, during which Councillor Mary Foryszewski apologised to the people of Cranleigh for a proposition  made by Councillor Ellis to sell the memorial field and allotments to Waverley for a housing development. A proposal which,  she said,  should never have been made.     Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.50.59

This week Planning Committee Chairman, Councillor Mary Foryszewski, was tight-lipped about the coup, simply expressing her bitter disappointment at the decision. Meanwhile, Councillor Patricia Ellis who was up to her grey locks in the dastardly deed, sat there looking as if butter wouldn’t melt!

However, members of the public were not fooled and were told as they stood in small groups chatting after the meeting that the name Ellis was on everyones’ lips in conjunction with the words ‘concreting over our green fields,’ and ‘turning Cranleigh into a concrete jungle’. Yes, it would seem local people are beginning to wake up to the danger the Ellis duo now pose to their village. Could this be the first stirrings of mutiny in the community? … watch out Brian & Patricia, local voters are beginning to realise that you’re not as harmless and well-meaning as you would like them to believe. You claim that the BH field does not have an earth shattering impact on Cranleigh’s 12,000 residents, but you know what, the effect of your actions, will ensure that no future benefactors will ever again trust Cranleigh Parish Council!

Now the chairman’s seat is empty again – no doubt the man known locally as “Bully Boy Ellis” will have his b** back on the seat before it is cold, even though he says that after 15 years in the role he won’t be seeking election.

Not Seeking election! What he should be doing is seeking the forgiveness of his colleagues and the people of Cranleigh for both his, and his wife’s,  duplicity – and then he should do the decent thing and follow his Chairman’s decent example and resign!

Wake up Cranleigh Parish Councillors – two of your colleagues have recently resigned   and now your  chairman too has resigned. Find someone who commands the  respect of the residents of Cranleigh and someone who can restore villagers’ faith in the local political system. Or a vote of no confidence in Cranleigh Parish Council may  be sought? 








Perhaps, it is time for change in Godalming?

Tory domination in  the now highly politicised parish and  town councils around the Borough could soon be challenged in Godalming.

Once, and some would say the good old days,  public spirited folk  joined councils’ ranks to do the right thing by the people they sought to represent. All that changed just a few years ago when Politics with a great big P became the name of the game!

However, the people of Godalming are striking back. They have called a by-election to prevent the Tories from co-opting another of their party to fill a vacancy prompted by the resignation of a disenchanted Tory councillor. Joy Woodham threw in the towel due to “irreconcilable differences” with her Conservative colleagues. Well – there’s a surprise then! Because from what WW is hearing around the Waverley Borough there are so many Tories with irreconcilable differences that you couldn’t find a room big enough to shove them all in.

This is what we heard from a follower of WW…

Re your article dated Dec 31. This is just to let you know that Godalming and Haslemere Labour mobilised and managed to gather the signatures required to force a by-election in Godalming Central and Ockford. Labour has an excellent candidate, Lewis Curtis, currently a student at Godalming College. The Lib Dems and the Conservatives are also putting candidates forward. Whatever the result, at least it won’t be the Tory shoe-in everyone expected and given the narrow margins in this ward in May 2015 we may even end up with a lone non-Conservative voice in the Town Council, which is a marked improvement on none at all.


Well done Godalming! Sock it to em and good luck!


WW found this little gem on the widely read on-line newspaper which has over 97,000 hits per month and which now covers the Waverley Borough. Do read it because  Alan Young the Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst, who was kicked out as chairman of the Guildford  Conservative Association has now been de-selected for the Surrey County Council seat. But he  could  now be on his way to us – in Farnham.


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 09.54.18.png

Alan Young and is wife Victoria are moving over to  Jeremy Hunt’s patch having incurred the wrath of the Guildford Conservative Assocation  who make no secret of the fact that Young and his predecessor Andew Povey (former Chairman of SCC) are not top of its Christmas Card list!

Guildford Conservatives took a vote of no confidence in Chairman Young. But as we all know Tories don’t wash their dirty linen in the public wash-house, so they issued bland statements to the media as the knives were withdrawn!

Taken from The Dragon article:

Last Wednesday, Mrs Milton, when asked to confirm news of the vote of no confidence in Mr Young said: “Conservative association affairs are private, not for the outside world. It is a private matter.”

In the past infighting in political parties took second place to the real issues that affect voters’ everyday lives…dream on!  What about openness and transparency? 

Compare this with a statement from her party leader, David Cameron, in the Daily Telegraph, July 6, 2011: “We are creating a new era of transparency.”

So there we are then:  

Guildford’s gain could be our loss over here in the Farnham South West Surrey constituency area. Off goes Munro to the Police Commissioners job, after all he is sure to  obtain that role and in comes the Young duo? Or maybe not?

When the Farnham Herald and the Hslemere Herald pick this up off the Waverley Web – as they surely will – they may warn voters and pose these questions:

  • Do they want another Conservative Association’s cast off?
  • Do they want this man who has been rumoured to have been up to all sorts of tricks including:
  1. Holding secret meetings with developers in an attempt to create a new town in Cranleigh
  2. Telephoning developers to ask them to work together to  get the show on the road.
  3. buying a property from the chairman of Ewhurst Parish Council who sought pre-application advice from Waverley Planners and then sold the property to …guess who? Mr and Mrs Young just in case they might want to become developers?  read post:
  4. The man who saved another disgraced Tory Councillor from being kicked out of the Association for the second time, by withdrawing his evidence from Tory Central Office at the 11th hour. The very same woman who prompted the, then Chairman of the Guildford Conservative Association to say – “I wonder after hearing evidence here this evening why any young person would ever want to be a part of this organisation. I am so ashamed.”
  5. The man whose reputation went before him and was turned down by Horsham Conservatives as its Parliamentary Candidate!

We could go on, but we won’t in the interest of our readers’ boredom threshold!



Bridge over Troubled Waters!

Are cracks appearing on more than just Elm Bridge in poor old Cranleigh.

The West of the borough is coming under pressure from all angles – developers – political spats and now a bridge on the B 2130 on one of the village’s  important l roads is cracking up.

WW hears the old railway bridge across the Downlink which leads from the High Street at Cranleigh Common  onto Elmbridge Road feeding  onto the A281 is cracking up along with its  parish council! In other words turmoil all around.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 09.01.41

Surrey Advertiser and Cranleigh Society

The fissure now regarded as ” serious” by highway experts was spotted by an eagle eyed member of the Cranleigh Civic Society.  One of the most valuable additions to enter the Cranleigh scene for many years.

The Society, formed to protect Cranleigh’s green fields from an onslaught of developers   is determined to protect everything that is good about the place. It certainly did a good job when it discovered sewage polluting Craneigh’s ditches and now CCS member Adrian Clark has discovered the crack in the bridge.

The society reported the issue to Surrey County Council some time back but now claims the crack is getting worse. “Having not heard back from them, we revisited the bridge four weeks later, and we believe that in the meantime the crack has got worse. Isn’t there a serious safety issue here? “Right now, if there was a heavy lorry stuck in slow moving traffic on top of the bridge, we wouldn’t want to be riding in it. However, a spokesman for the county council has said: “we are aware of the issues and are currently looking at what repairs can be made to make it as safe for our residents as possible”

Well that fills us all with confidence – doesn’t it?

What is also worrying the CCS is that the bridge straddles the Downs Link which is extensively used by pedestrians, dog walkers, cyclists, running groups, and horse riders so it is not only vehicles that appear to be at risk.”

At the same time, an even bigger  crack has  appeared within Cranleigh Parish Council’s ranks  over a memorial field and allotments that some councillors are hell bent on wresting away from villagers to cover with concrete.

One WW follower commented – “It would appear poor old Cranleigh is getting it from all angles at the moment – we  feel like we are under siege – in particular the area around Elmbridge with developers champing at the bit to build as many  houses as they can (around 800) – Now Elm Bridge really is, a bridge over troubled waters.”


The mucky brown stuff hits the fan!

According to a villager there was a SEWAGE FLOOD ALERT over in Alfold recently. Properties on the East Side of Loxwood Road near The Crossways reported, ‘The Dobba’ alarm sounding (Sewer Full) and sewage already overflowing.”

Thames Water was so overloaded with calls, that no direct calls were being answered.

Beverley Weddell, ( Clerk of Alfold Parish Council) was told but said: she had, ” her own pressing matters to resolve,” advising residents to take pictures of any flooded areas.

In other words, provide us with – poo pictures ? Great!

Said a villager “A Thames Water tanker arrived at my home at 10.30 a.m. The driver was re-directed to the marked location for extraction. Two hours later a full tanker departed to discharge the sewage ‘elsewhere, leaving pipes behind. At 15.45, the tanker returned for further extraction from the Loxwood Rd chamber. The Chamber was close to overflowing again last night, the first time, to our knowledge, that this has occurred. More important, the base of this extraction point appears to be higher than the sewer junction in the property of Cleve End – so does Thames Water expect sewage to flow uphill. Clever trick – must have a direct line to the Almighty!!

Another villager said: “been wondering where the dirty water in my bath was coming from. Could this be the reason? Others reported toilets overflowing.

Said a local: “In essence, Thames Water is CORPORATELY NEGLIGENT, and Waverley Borough Council hasn’t a clue what’s going on. MP Anne Milton is doing as good a job as she can, but is being let down by her incompetent ‘supporters’.I fail to see what an Ex-Police Superintendent, now WB Councillor Kevin Deanus, knows about Sewage.”  He said a recent Flood Forum held in the village had attracted no Alfold parish councillors, which showed how concerned they were about Alfold’s dire situation!

Some say one is so busy racing around the village drumming up opposition to the Dunsfold planning application she couldn’t attend. 

A village said, “I have previously labelled Alfold as “The Village that Surrey Forgot” although after 20 years some road signs have been cleaned! I was planning to put photos on the Village Facebook Page but I suspect that Victoria Young (Alfold’s Surrey County Councillor) got ‘wind’ of my plans! Little had been done about flooding by TW for some time, and residents’ now believe it hopes (Thakeham Homes) who want to build 500 dwellings, will pick up the bill. Letting TW off the hook!

Ye Gods -let’s hope they put in new sewers, or they will all be wallowing in the mucky brown stuff?

All hell breaking out in Cranleigh!



Does the arrogance of  Cranleigh Parish Councillors Brian Ellis, Patricia Ellis and Chairman Brian Gill have no bounds?

Flying in the face of their colleagues, the public, and the Harvey family who donated land, they took advantage of the absence of Councillers Stuart and Jeanette Stennett to ambush their fellow Parish Councillors Mary Foryszewski, Dominique McAll and Liz Townsend and overturn a democratic decision taken in public in December. A  decision to protect the Beryl Harvey fields from future development was followed by a public apology for even considering going against villagers’ wishes. It met with applause and relief from a packed public gallery.  A pledge followed to protect it for the future  by  forming  a Charitable Trust. Now, just weeks later, thanks to  Ellis’s  outrageous behaviour and his determination not to loosen his powerful grip on the council he has dominated for decades, even that is in doubt!

Councillor Brian Ellis who, in recent years, has been dogged by rumours that he is ‘in the pocket’ of would-be local developers, is thought to have led the charge not to follow through on the decision taken by his fellow Councillors in his absence. Now  the future of the Beryl Harvey field is in doubt once again and vulnerable to potential development.

With the Parish Council evenly divided over the way forward, Chairman Gill used his casting vote to support the Ellises and force the vote through. This in the teeth of previously expressed opposition from allotment holders on Beryl Harvey field, local residents and Councillors Foryszewski, McAll and Townsend, who had all spoken eloquently and passionately, at the last meeting, about their desire to protect and maintain the field in perpetuity

Councillor Foryszewski was so incensed at the underhand behaviour of Councillor Brian Ellis – who has been accused of bullying behaviour in the past by other blogs – and his cohorts – his wife, Councillor Patricia Ellis and Chairman Gill – that we are told she walked out of the meeting; although at the time of going to press we are still trying to verify this particular nugget. If anyone can verify this please drop us a line!

The rumour on Cranleigh High Street today is that the three formidable female Councillors – whom many believe have more integrity in their little fingers than the other three put together – will now focus their efforts on trying to ensure that the heartfelt promises they made at the earlier meeting, to protect the allotments and the rural tranquillity of the Beryl Harvey fields, and the benefactor’s expressed wish are honoured.

In the meantime, allotment holders, who knew nothing of the triumvirate’s intentions to scupper the earlier decision and were, therefore, not present at the meeting, are incandescent with rage and are calling for an investigation into what is driving the determination of Councillors Brian & Patricia Ellis to concrete over yet more of Cranleigh’s precious green space. Questions are being asked about whether Brian Ellis is simply the ‘Village-Bully’, set on getting his own way and re-designing Cranleigh to suit his own warped image of the market town he wants it to become, or whether he is dancing to the tune of would-be developers. Rumour has it a certain Dutchman has been spotted stalking the Beryl Harvey field …and offering space on other donated land nearby.

One thing, though, is very certain, allotment holders and local residents will hold the Ellises and Chairman Gill to account for their outrageous refusal to accept the will of the people and the elected Councillors who supported their wishes.  Many are already calling for the man formerly known as Bully-Boy-Ellis and his fatuous supporter chairman Gill to resign after their outrageous coup.

As for the courageous lady Councillors, Foryszewski, McAll and Townsend, WW  has one piece of advice: Go get ‘em, girls! The readers of Waverley Web and the majority of Cranleigh residents have had enough of these elderly, pompous, self-opinionated, out-of-touch bullies riding roughshod over what they want and if that means calling for a vote of no confidence in them and kicking them off the Parish Council, we’re right behind you!

Read: December decision here: