WW’s New Year Honour’s List.

Telling porkies is becoming such a habit for  Waverley Borough Councillors that we have done some investigation to reveal just some of the inaccuracies, avoidance of the truth and downright lies perpetrated by some…

Including Farnham’s  Potty One tipped as the next Leader to take the helm from Haslemere’s Robert Knowless. That is of course if the new former Bobby  doesn’t beat her to it.

Cllr Potts’ the Elephant In The Room, re Waverley’s Local Plan (Council 15.12.15)



Deputy Leader Cllr Julia Potts (Con., Upper Hale Farnham) states Waverley Leadership’s position on the draft Local Plan saying,  we shouldn’t necessarily assume that just 1800 homes at Dunsfold will be acceptable, and that they’re trying to get the Secretary of State to allow them to ignore the determining constraints by allowing a two-stage Local Plan. 

As she did at the Executive meeting two weeks earlier, Cllr Potts again forgot to mention that of the two crucial Reports awaited to evidence the direction being taken in the Spatial Strategy, the determining Natural England (NE) Report on the heathland Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and the efficacy of ‘Suitable Assessible Natural Greenspace (SANGs), has been delayed.  As it has since 2007. 

Since the disastrous news from the November 2015 Joint Strategic Partnership Board (JSPB) Meeting the NE Report has become the elephant in the room, and being as keen as Cllr Brian Ellis to stuff the borough full of new housing and cause the extinction of endangered species with impunity, the Council’s Leadership simply have to lie, pretend and plough on regardless, to another costly and inevitable failure of its Daft Local Plan.    

However, Cllr Potts  is not alone, and WW felt now was the time to reminisce – after all, it is the time of year for looking back over another year without a Local Plan and shortly to be without a Chief planning Officer to see it through! However, in view of the fact that few councillors  listened to his advice perhaps the Knowless One will head up the planning department! God help us!

Several other borough councillors have been misleading us all over the £200,000 fraud.  Who told who, when and how, but not why.

Elstead Cllr Jenny Else  confused everyone on the joint planning committee – read Confused.com – no on second thoughts don’t – at least not so soon after a Christmas hangover.

In Cranleigh, borough councillors have been so busy having secret meetings with developers they haven’t had much time for anything else.  WW is sorry to hear from its followers over there that Brian Ellis  is ill and we wish him a speedy recovery because the developers’ over there need the Ellis duo to get their developments’  through.

If you’re sitting on the sofa, surrounded by the detritus of Christmas past and there is nothing much on the telly – page down the posts to…The Cranleigh Warbler…   In a nutshell – he thinks the combination of  Global Warming, and exit from the European Union, the protected areas of Farnham could be ditched, saving Cranleigh from development.  The same  councillor who has had more secret meetings with developers to create Cranleigh New Town than the elderly have had Meals on Wheels. Hypocrisy or what…

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 21.02.51

He and his colleagues have even stabbed Cranleigh Parish Councillor Mary Foryszewski in the back bringing WBC’s Monitoring Officer into the parish proceedings to rap her over the knuckles for not allowing the Stennett husband and wife duo to work together, despite Mr Stennett not being a member of the planning committee. They have had enough of Mrs Foryszewski ruling the planning committee roost, so Stennett and Ellis are joining their wives on the planning committee – that will teach her, and the other two powerful women, to get above themselves.

Godalming Town Council hasn’t been sweetness and light either. Councillor Joy Woodham resigned before her bottom warmed the seat due to “irreconcilable differences with her Conservative colleagues.” WW hopes there will be a By-election but no doubt another Con councillor will be co-opted. That’s  how it normally works.

Two parish councillors have also  resigned at Cranleigh. One because he hardly ever turns up (yet another paper candidate put up to keep out a Lib Dem) the other moving to Guildford – too far to travel? WW has heard they want to co-opt the Big Cheese back.

Once in Royal Robert’s Waverley.

WW received  this from a former Waverley resident who now lives in Dorset saying “Happy New Year  to everyone in Waverley.

Once in lovely leafy Godalming,

Not forgetting Farnham too,

Came a band of scheming planners,                                Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.20.20.png

secret meetings they ensued,

Ignoring flood plains at their peril,

Councillors rubbing hands with glee,

Leader Know-less strutting smugly,

lots of homes is all they see;


Lets ignore the voters’  wishes,

Cover the borough with property,

Ban the old folk from their centre;         Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.20.20.png

move them from their loved Gostrey,

Now the leaders on his way;

No more worries, no more pay,

Whose the one to come what may,

All we can do is kneel and PRAY.



Is Good Ship Waverley sinking…fast?

We knew it was getting bad – but not quite this bad!

In the middle of one of the most critical periods in its “Direction of Travel”  –  Waverley’s words not ours, of the Daft Local Plan,the Captain has abandoned ship.

After seven…long…hard…years Chief Planning Officer Matthew Evans has resigned. Why? Well according to our “insiders” he says:

 “I can’t take any more of the political c*** that goes on in Waverley.” 

and a Happy Christmas to one and all in this Season of Goodwill! or not!

WW could theorise  as to all the reasons why the head of planning is going. Our best effort is that he doesn’t want to be in charge of their Local Plan (WBC’s blueprint for how the borough will develop over the nest 13 years)  fails for the third time.  Particularly if it means the council ends up in special measures, which is looking more likely by the minute.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 22.11.54.png

Last one out is a ninney.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 20.38.46.png

The Evans Opening for Matthew New head of Planning.

This is the new ship it is believed he is jumping aboard.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 20.32.08


Let’s hope over there they hold lots and lots of “secret” meetings with developers as they prepare their Local Plan (2011-2029.) The Hampshire councils’  Local Plan  is out to consultation with the public until 8th February 2016. WW  bet poor Graham is as sick as a parrot about being left holding the Waverley baby.



1996 – 2016 – 20 years on and still no East Street!


Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.20.20.pngThis letter was sent recently to the Farnham Herald and  WW believes everyone around the borough should read it.


Clocking up million upon millions of pounds of our taxpayers’ money is Waverley’s nemesis called East Street, Farnham.. The Crest Nicholson Town Centre Redevelopment, which appears to be going nowhere fast!

In fact – a 20 years  go slow- during which much has happened in that great big wide world out there.


These are the Council’s Two Corporate Priorities – 


Mr Wylde, bless him, claims WBC has spent  £8m on East Street. WW knows from those “inside WBC” that it is very much more, because it does not account, properly for officers’ time, or the thousands of hours spent by councillors on jaw jaw and almost war war on Crest Nicholson’s worst nightmare.  WW is well aware that CN is fed up to the back teeth of WBC too!

Don’t let them off the hook Mr Wylde, WW and its followers across the borough are watching with you!

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.21.41.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.21.17.png

Openness is ‘not the way’ that WBC does things (Council 15.12.15)



Asked whether WBC’s representative would give an update on the problems with Natural England’s long-awaited evidence, upon which Waverley’s Spatial Strategy and Local Plan depend, Cllr Knowles didn’t even know  that Cllr Peter Isherwood is the representative on the Thames Basin Heaths Joints Strategic Partnership Board (TBHSPA JSPB). 

As the video shows, allowing a Councillor to give an honest and unrehearsed response, and updating Members on the main issue determining the Local Plan, is “Not the way we’ll do [things]” at Waverley.      


WW’s Christmas Ditty


Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 18.30.42.png

Good King Know-less last looked out of The Bury’s Window,

Heart so full of festive  Cheer, cos he won’t be Leader next year,

Potty One may take his place, can she do much better?

Will she sort the East Street out and reveal the secret  le..t..ter?


Let the aged  sink or swim  while they are supping  gruel

Meals on wheels have had their day, councillors’ are so cruel,

Gostrey’s off to pastures new – Farncombe’s lease amended.

Matthews off to Basingstoke… Waverley is up…e..eended…


Hither builders stand by us – if though knowest telling; flood and tempest they may come;

The Inspector  wants more  dwellings;

Third and Final Local Plan could it  hit the buffers?

If it  fails   yet again –   here comes  Special Mea..s..ures. 


Mary had a little lamb…


Guess whose sooty foot has become embroiled in the row over the Beryl Harvey field in Cranleigh…yup you guessed ..THE Flying Dutchman.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 15.32.07.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 15.32.49.png

It certainly was a  night  to remember at the December Parish Council meeting  in Cranleigh. A part of the borough  currently   immersed in controversy.

According to a follower of WW, the acting chairman gave apologies of absence for most of the council either sick, or absent, and two who had resigned that night! Trouble at mill or what!

But more important. She made a heartfelt apology to the people of Cranleigh on behalf of the council. Wow …must be a first!

Nearly a hundred people turned out to hear Mary Foryweski  explain why the controversial issue of the Beryl Harvey Memorial field was on the agenda.  Before the public had their say, she wanted them to hear from councillors.

Every  one said  they would never, no never, contemplate allow land given by Gordon Harvey as a memorial to his wife, for use as allotments and a nature reserve – to be handed to Waverley, or anyone, for housing.

Chairman David Gill wisely stayed away, along with some of his colleagues, as their colleagues listed all the reasons why the land was valuable green space, and with the aid of a soon to be prepared Deed of Trust, would ensure the land remained safe for the purpose intended by the donor.

The visually moved, acting chairman,  said she could not understand how or why the suggestion had ever been made by the outgoing chairman prior to the May election. She promised it had never been debated, and paid tribute to former councillors Ken and Ruth Reed for preventing a recommendation from the chairman to sell the land  for housing,from being agreed at the April meeting.

New councillor Liz Townsend, of Cranleigh Civic Society, which pledges to guard the village’s green space, paid tribute to the Conservation Volunteers and the Allotment Society for their community spirit, and care of such a valuable asset. Cllr Dominic McCall said in 1972 a previous parish council  had failed to ensure the land was put into a Charitable Trust, thus protecting its future and it had passed to WBC by default in 1974. This was now being rectified.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.50.59.png

Mary Foryszewski Cranleigh East

Councillor Mary said:  “This should never have happened and we owe the public an apology for the anxiety, uncertainty and concern this has caused you all.  On my behalf, and on behalf of Cranleigh Parish Council, I would like to say SORRY to the people of Cranleigh and to the Harvey family.”

Residents applauded her for her humility in apologising. Saying such a ludicrous scheme, should never have been suggested. A  villager asked why in the recommendation put before the April PC meeting it had been suggested the allotments be moved onto the Bruce McKenzie Memorial Field which was part of the Cranleigh Village Hospital’s  land swap with the council? She said this was  an” outrageous suggestion.” The land was exchanged specifically for sports use to replace a sports field formerly owned by the parish.

Afterwards a Knowle Lane resident said she had been told by a former parish councillor that the  suggestion to build on the BHF had come from? Answers on a postcard to contact@waverleyweb.org …

This was the recommendation for the new parish council prepared by the former. Perhaps someone should be saying a very big Thank you” to the former Councillor Ruth and Ken Reed or might WW suggest, asking them to come back? They served Cranleigh well.

What is the derivation of the word community  – the latin word. Cum meaning (together) – munus meaning (gift).

There we were thinking community is something more  about place and a line on a map when what it really means is togetherness.

What better gift can anyone give the community than that which is rightfully theirs. WW doubts villagers will ever forget the last meeting of CPC 2016!

WW believes it is unlikely any wannabe developers will try to pull a fast one like this in the future!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 23.34.52







Lies, damn lies… and statistics

Get Surrey readers will have been surprised to note that the A281 Horsham to Guildford Road didn’t even make it onto the list of the top ten busiest roads in the county of Surrey.


photo via Get Surrey

Perhaps someone should tell Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Planning too – because Cllr Brian Adams (Con Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford) has spouted statistics that are not borne out in fact. These inaccuracies are then reported and become the ‘Gospel According to the Press’.  Published statistics state, the average commute time during the morning rush hour was  22.5 mph across Surrey.

However, what Get Surrey didn’t tell its readers, is that according to the Department of Transport (yes, we bothered to delve into the DoT statistics to determine the true position) is that the average speed of traffic on the A281 is above 25 mph.

Cllr ‘By Pass’ Byham is right.  There is a bottleneck in Bramley – mainly caused by delivery lorries,  the same in  most other High Streets in the borough and beyond. However, he surely understand that with the Horsham Local Plan for 16,000 homes now approved, others being prepared on the Hampshire border and in Guildford, it is ineviteble – the traffic can only increase. Waverley is not an island!

An Inspector calls.

Yes Mr Edge – when are Waverley Councillors going to stand up to the Conservative Executive? It is a question posed so often by our WW followers.

When is it going to assess the implications of building the additional houses on the borough’s green fields – particularly in Farnham, Cranleigh  and the villages around. We all know they are talking in secret with developers and SCC’s Alan Young, in a bid to  persuade them to come up with enough dosh to provide the vital Infrastructure required. However, according to our informants they aren’t having too much luck. Why…because Developers, develop to make money, don’t they, and if they provide too much infrastructure small sites become unprofitable ? Got it!

Fear not Mr Edge there’s a Big Bogey man hovering over Waverley Borough Council and he is called  – The Inspector.

15.12.17 - Public opinion just being brushed asideScreen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.02.34.png

How to make friends and influence people!

Or how not to…in Waverley’s case.

So busy was the Council defending its decision to increase car parking charges across the borough by 7.5 % that it turned on…would you believe…yup

The good old Surrey Advertiser – for putting up “banner headlines.” Or as it is called in some quarters – reporting the facts.

Even  Mayor –  Rubber Band waded in – hasn’t anyone told him to shut up and put up over controversial matters and open fetes  whilst he is  part of the elite Chain gang! Its called etiquette.

There they were at the Full – almost empty Council meeting – on Tuesday congratulating themselves on their efforts to persuade motorists from shopping in all the major town and village car parks in Waverley. So they put  up charges so even more people will go on line.

However, one councillor said he would like to see “a more enlightened policy”in future, to help retailers – “not commuters, though they are, he admitted, a “useful part of the community.”  One or two hours could be provided to shoppers – “free” on occasions. Sorry couldn’t name him the webcast wasn’t working – again…and thank you for calling us commuters  who battle in the traffic and try to find a seat on the train “useful.”

Then Cllr Tom Martin  chipped in with a tirade. (Shoot the Messenger we think its called) – in this case, the Surrey Ad – who, he said, had only just increased its own cover charge by 5 pence to £1.  Up shot the Mayor with his five pennorth – “not the first increase in the past few months either.” he called.

Not being one to sit idly by and not give his opinion, (obviously hadn’t heard the adage – “better to be silent and thought to be a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt,)”  Council Leader Robert Knowless said “the Surrey Ad needs to look at its own charging policy – now maybe even less people will read it.” 

Oh dear Bobby Knowless – time to go back on the beat WWethinks..might find yourself on the front page next week. By the way, the public has “choice” whether or not it buys the Surrey Ad, motorists however have no choice but to use the car parks!