What about ‘Harrierhurst’ for Dunsfold’s proposed new village.. and now extended BusinessPark?

It was, after all, the home of the Harrier – so why not ‘Harrierhurst’ for Waverley’s proposed new village on a brownfield site, or maybe Hawkhurst? Or perhaps the dunces out there who would rather it became a massive employment site with artics thundering through the borough’s country lanes, Artic Ally or Pantechnicon Park perhaps?

Judging by the decision made by Waverley Planners last night – the new Dunsfold Business Park will soon be upon us. Let’s hope that common sense prevails and it becomes a work/home environment to cut down on the heavy traffic.

Planners agreed to 10,000 square metres of extra business space at the borough’s largest business site – a 20% increase on the existing space after planning officers told them it was a line with the Government’s Growth Agenda and  support the borough’s economic growth.

Despite objections from every parish council – including Bramley, Hascombe, Alfold, Busbridge etc, WW didn’t notice Cranleigh objecting perhaps it is in line with their new philosophy for Cranleigh New Town– the other parish councils concerns over traffic generation was outweighed by the need for units, which according to the owners, had already been pre-let.

Around 160 new jobs would be generated and the expansion was necessary on a site  86% of which the Secretary of State had accepted was previously developed land. There would be 269 car parking spaces provided, 18 disabled bays and 40 cycle spaces. Previous objections by the Highway Authority were “revised” but conditions are imposed on the developers to provide a footpath alone the Dunsfold Road from the Compasses entrance to the Cossways junction with the A281.

However, some of our WW contributors and readers have told us they are worried. Why? Because, the dummies at Waverley Borough Council might just do again what they did a few weeks ago with another brownfield site at the Hewitt’s Industrial Estate and turn Dunsfold down for housing.

They wouldn’t would they? They would have to be “plane stupid” to turn down the redevelopment of the largest brownfield site in the borough  “Surely not, when more than 80% of the boroughs residents chose it as their favoured option for new development in the expensive consultation exercise they conducted, with our money. Oh yes they would!

Oh, no they wouldn’t… Oh yes, they would…

Some of those deadbeats will oppose anything on that site – including planes, air ambulances, police helicopters, cars – in fact anything other than bats, bunnies, birds and blackberries.

WW has little faith in the Waverley Wallies – however – maybe times they are a’changing and WBC could break the habit of a lifetime and surprise us with their vision, but don’t hold your breath.  Anyway, much better all those homes come to a green field near you…

If you choose our name – will we get a prize Scottie?           Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 20.28.25

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 20.28.56

The Hoppa Bus will be departing shortly for the latest of Waverley’s ‘Not-So-Secret’ Secret Meetings


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 17.11.44

Roll up, roll up… to jump on the Waverley development wagon… So upset are some parish councillors in Cranleigh, that they have demanded to be included in any future meetings with wannabe developers, eager to concrete over Cranleigh. What about Alfold Parish Council, some them want to develop there?

They don’t want the future of their village decided by the few – the Ellis’s,one of whom chairs the meeting, the Stennetts.  In the driving seat is Surrey County Councillor Alan Young, who is beginning to make his predecessor, Councillor Andrew Povey, look like Mary Poppins.

“It’s almost laughable,” one  ‘insider” told WW, on contact@waverleyweb.org, the borough council will soon have to use the Council Chamber, as there will be so many people there. Now some developers say they want to hold a separate secret meeting among themselves and other interested parties – rather than at a secret meeting that everyone can attend that will no longer be secret.”

Is the ‘secret’ secret out? Will we now have to find someone who will tell us about the REAL, secret meeting.

P.S The usual crowd will be there – Thakeham Homes; Berkeley’s; Knowle Park Initiative; Crown Hall Estates- perhaps, or perhaps not, Threadneedle who want to develop the Hewitt’s Industrial Estate but have had their application turned down, because it is too close to the KPI site, – oops – did WW make a mistake, turned down because the Chamber of Trade didn’t want to lose an employment site?

When’s the next bus leaving – lets hope the whole disingenuous greedy bunch are on it.